Larson\’s Passionate Rant on the Floor of the House: \”Stand Up For Your Country!\”

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As the clock wound toward a government shutdown late Monday night, U.S. Rep. John Larson took to the House floor. In a passionate screed, a red-faced Larson implored his fellow members to engage in talks to avoid a shutdown.

(via Politico)

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29 thoughts on “Larson\’s Passionate Rant on the Floor of the House: \”Stand Up For Your Country!\”

  1. Johngaltwhereru

    Negotiate with yourselves House Republicans!

    Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid have made it clear they will not negotiate,then blame you for being obstinate.

    1. Mr Bill

      Yep. You understand politics, Galt. Exactly what the other side would do. I will repeat. We, this nation, the constitution, is the very imperfect bastard child of English origins. We should have developed a Parliament form of government. This one does not work.

      It’s members are owned by special interests and campaigning is now through the term. It is all broken. Any time either side has a chance to plan the other’s demise, they do.

      Now, it is the democrats time to indeed, place the blame on Republicans. And the longer this gridlock gos on for, the more damage the Republicans will be damaged. So I don’t mind this lasting for a long time. I really feel this way. How dare the tea radicals demand to change an act that has become law and sustained by the Court.

      I want Tea to be buried in an unmarked grave. Remember when Clinton was cross examined until she lost it with one misplaced remark? Well, the republicans are now burying themselves and I am joyful right about now.

      Lastly, the call to throw all the bums out. No, they are only the monsters that the system has made. It is not them. It is us by reason of special interests.

      1. Tim

        Do you mean more of a dictatorship? I remember when the Tea Party were hailed as hero’s because of their acts which helped bring on the freedom of our country in my grammar school class. Now people want to outlaw them! This is why socialism is threatening to destroy this country! Our freedom’s are at stake.

        1. The Conn-servative

          Pretty much what I’ve been thinking. The lamestream media in kahoots with the radical left known entirely as the democrat party has basically made tea party and any derivative of it, a four letter word. When the repeadedly lie, eventually people will believe it as truth.
          The real obstructionists are at 1600 Penn. Ave and ALL of the democrats across this hard land.Period.

  2. pete

    Why didn’t one of the main architects of barrycare buying into barrycare. He got our clown governor DANNY BOY to give his wife a $100K/year ghost job with the state of CT so HE can get insurance through the state of CT and pay NO PREMIUMS. Typical ‘RAT. One thing for the peons but not the elitists like LARSON

    1. Honest Republican

      “Barrycare” and “Danny Boy” – 2 ethnic and racial slurs that demonstrate the kind of ignorant person you are. $100K/year ghost job with the state of CT – get your facts straight, imbecile. She is the CEO of The Greater Hartford Arts Council, which does receive some state funds, but is not a state agency. The governor doesn’t get free insurance premiums because of his wife’s job.

      1. enness

        Look in a mirror, will you? You think anybody takes you seriously with this “racial and ethnic slur” nonsense?

        1. Mr Bill

          Honest Republican is correct. The ethnics lures weaken and kind of argument Pete is trying to make.

  3. Herbie

    You have unbelievable nerve. You and all the other career politicians have put this country in the present position it is in today, with all your out of control spending.

  4. YankeeI

    Hey Johnny Boy, they did stand up for the general public, when will you? Still a phony after all these years!

  5. Quinte West

    What a complete and total embarrassment to the State of Ct– a career politician with absolutely no moral compass or sense of what the working men and women of this country endure every single day. Platitudes, posturing and a holier than thou sense of entitlement.

  6. John Asher

    “Fairness” woulng voting would be voting ALL of these incompetents out office and starting all over again. Remember, all their experience is what hast gotten the country into this mess in the first place..
    Also, thet still get paid while hundreds of thousands of “everyones” lose their income.

  7. DON886

    If I were a Democrat in Congress, I would not associate myself with Obama’s behavior. There are very many voters thoroughly disgusted with Obama now for doing this.

  8. Daily Caller

    17 trillion in debt and with no way of paying it. A law that gives Obama’s cronies waivers from it. A bill passed with no republican support and pages and pages added to the bill after it was passed.
    Every agency in the government has been caught with corruption, lies and deceit. IRS can’t find 67 million dollars given to them for Obamacare and you want to talk about standing up for the country.

  9. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Well the sky did not fall this morning as predicted by the Dems because the government shutdown. Time the people realized the spending train has to stop and today is the first step in regaining fiscal sanity in this country. Yes some in the government will be delayed in their pays but all must sacrifice to stop the spending spree. Amazing what these Representatives with backbone can do when they have the courage of their convictions.

  10. Kim

    Exterminate the Tea movement like you would with a roach infestation and we can begin the national dialogue.

  11. enness

    What’s there to talk about when your values and priorities are practically 180-degree opposite.

  12. pete

    Hey honest republican. I was talking about the ghost job DANNY BOY gave Larsen’s wife and DANNY BOY’S wife has a $175K do nothing ghost job with the Arts Council. The arts council big business pays to curry favor with DANNY BOY. What are her qualifications for this ghost job. And exactly what insurance premiums does DANNY BOY and other state workers pay

  13. Daily Caller

    There is a reason why the democrats never passed a budget for the past 3 years. They know there is not enough revenue in a budget to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment Benefits, Boondoggle Projects and Giveaways. Adding Obamacare is just another revenue killer. If they passed a budget it would show the American people that’s it unsustainable and eventually a monetary collapse has to occur. I find it incredulous for you Mr Larson to tell us to “‘stand up for our country” after what the Democrats have done in the past 5 years.

  14. Will

    Dems want the shut down. They will blame it for the economy and repubs will be blamed. It is because the uninformed actually are that ignorant. You know the slowing recovery. Yeah the recovery – you don’t see it, but it’s there.

  15. Will

    This congress – going back to 2006 – will have done more damage to the US than anything since it was founded whaen it’s all said and done. At least some are trying to slow it down.

  16. snafubar

    Hey Larson,

    The fat, bloated, (like you) out- of- control government is not “the country”.

    I think what you meant to say was “stand up for our out-of-control, bloated, Federal bureaucracy.

    No thanks.

  17. Dennis

    Will someone with some logic, money, and power to sustain, please lead the charge on term limits for Congress. If this Congress doesn’t justify it now, it never will. Then maybe without the rule of making it a career in Congress, it can go back to being a service for the people instead of the party. Wait a minute… wasn’t there a country that was more interested about “The Party” more than their people. How did that work out?

  18. Disgusted Former Democrat

    Currently the Democratic Party is 17 million in debt and near bankruptcy. Obama has not only bankrupted the country but his party. Larsen and this grandstanding for cameras is more fitting of Semper Lie Blumenthal. Shame on Harry Ried and Barack Hussein Onama they will talk with the Iranian Republican Guard and not the Republican Party.

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