Latest Q Poll: GOP\’s Tom Foley Leads Gov. Malloy By 43 Percent To 40 Percent in 2014 Rematch; Q Poll Calls Him \’Mid-40s Malloy\’

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Republican gubernatorial challenger Tom Foley leads incumbent Gov. Dannel P. Malloy by 43 percent to 40 percent in the latest Quinnipiac Poll released on Wednesday morning as the two rivals prepare for a rematch.

Foley, a Greenwich millionaire and prominent Republican fundraiser who served as the U.S. ambassador to Ireland, narrowly lost to Malloy in 2010 in the closest gubernatorial election in Connecticut in more than 50 years. Foley won 128 cities and towns, while Malloy won 41, including large cities like Bridgeport that proved to be the margin of victory.

Foley has repeatedly said that he is seeking a rematch in November 2014, which is 17 months away. Polls can vary widely as the election approaches, and politicians routinely say that early polls are simply a snapshot in time.

In other matters, voters surveyed by Hamden-based Quinnipiac are opposed to the approved proposal for legalizing keno gambling in the same way that they have been opposed in the past. Keno was included in the state budget at the last minute recently with no public hearing, and it was approved by the Democratic-controlled legislature in a two-year budget that was written with Malloy\’s negotiators. Democrats blasted two similar proposals by Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell in 2009 and 2010, and a previous poll by Quinnipiac at that time showed that 70 percent of voters were opposed.

The poll also shows that voters favor the state\’s new gun-control laws, which were signed into law by Malloy following the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The approval of those laws was 57 percent to 37 percent.

Dr. Douglas Schwartz, the poll\’s longtime director, says that Malloy gets a \”lukewarm job approval rating\’\’ that has continued from the past.

“Since he has been governor, he has struggled with tepid job approval ratings, never rising above 50 percent,\’\’ Schwartz said. \”So it is not surprising that in our first poll on the 2014 gubernatorial election, ‘Mid-40s Malloy’ runs neck and neck with his 2010 opponent, Tom Foley.  Foley gave him a run for his money in 2010, losing by less than one percentage point.”

In a potential Republican primary, Foley leads all of his potential challengers – largely because his name recognition is high after his narrow defeat to Malloy in 2010.The poll shows Foley with 36 percent in a primary, compared to 11 percent for Senate Republican leader John McKinney of Fairfield and 8 percent for Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. House Republican leader Larry Cafero, who along with McKinney has been a major critic of Malloy, trails with 4 percent. Among Republican voters, 37 percent are undecided over a potential primary.

“On the plus side for Malloy, Connecticut voters say 57 – 38 percent he has strong leadership qualities, no doubt due to his response to various crises in the state from Hurricane Sandy to the Newtown shootings,” Schwartz said in a statement released Wednesday morning. “Foley leads among independent voters, a key swing group, by 21 points.  The reason this race is close is because Democrats outnumber Republicans in Connecticut.”

The poll showed that Foley has a favorable rating of 35 to 18 percent, while 46 percent said they had not yet heard enough about him. Schwartz noted that the other Republicans in a potential primary in August 2014 have even lower name recognition as those who say they do not know enough about those candidates ranges from 75 percent to a high of 84 percent.

But state Democratic chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said it is too early to make any judgments.

\”Polls this far in advance of an election are rarely predictive of actual election outcomes, but since the Republicans are crowing about today’s Quinnipiac poll, I thought I’d offer a few thoughts on Tom Foley,\’\’ DiNardo said in a statement. \”Once Connecticut residents are reminded of his opposition to the common sense gun safety bill Governor Malloy signed into law, and once people are reminded that he spent a career getting rich off destroying jobs and people’s financial security, and once people are reminded that he’s never done anything remotely close to guiding a state through crisis after crisis, his poll numbers will crater and voters will reject him just as they did in 2010.  But let’s also remember that he’s not the nominee of the Republican Party yet, and the last few wealthy Republicans who tried to buy state offices failed.”

Malloy\’s spokesman, Andrew Doba, said, \”We have tried to be consistent in not saying much about polls because … what\’s there to say? Polls come and go, numbers go up and down. The Governor always does what he thinks is best for the state and the right thing to do.\’\’

Voters in the poll were asked about a variety of issues and how Malloy handled them. He scored best on his handling of gun policy following the December 14, 2012 shooting deaths of 20 children and six female educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School by shooter Adam Lanza.

Regarding gun policy, Malloy has an approval rating of 47 percent to 44 percent. They were also divided, 43 percent to 43 percent, on Malloy\’s handling of education. Quinnipiac released the following ratings below: 

  • 55 – 35 percent disapprove of Malloy\’s actions on the two-year, $44 billion state budget;
  • 63 – 29 percent disapprove on taxes;
  • 57 – 35 percent disapprove on the state\’s economy.

Regarding the controversial issue of keno, those surveyed said that the gambling game should not be allowed in bars, restaurants, and convenience stores by 59 percent to 35 percent. Women are particularly against the legalization of keno by 65 percent to 28 percent.

Malloy has defended the gambling game, saying it is legal in the surrounding states of New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, as well as Maryland and others.


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99 thoughts on “Latest Q Poll: GOP\’s Tom Foley Leads Gov. Malloy By 43 Percent To 40 Percent in 2014 Rematch; Q Poll Calls Him \’Mid-40s Malloy\’

  1. Joe Visconti

    Those numbers will change after my campaign for Republican Governor (I registered April 4th with the Secretary of The State) goes public. Stay Tuned, Foley is.

    1. MoronMalloy

      Malloy is a disgrace. Connecticut has had NEGATIVE economic growth for 2 years straight. The 2 years hes been in charge. LAST in the nation. End of story. Instead of attacking gun owners for months he should of been working on our economy not driving gun manufacturers out of state.

  2. Dan

    I’m in the lead. These are all Republican based lies. I control, I command and I will be victoriuos. These little plebes, who do they think they are. This is a Democrat state.

    1. Common_Tator

      Besides, no poll is COMPLETE unless they get the people who filled out the ballots for the BAGS of votes we found in Bridgeport last time! And pollsters don’t know where to find those people!

    2. pat

      I control, I command. who the heck does he think he’s kidding. he spends more time traveling out of state and blowing smoke up the taxpayers’ butt than anything else. no one bothered to check his record in Stamford and went ahead and voted for him anyway. they got what they voted for. at this point Donald Duck would be doing a better job. But there are still some people out there who think he’s great. you wonder what they’re thinking.

      1. Truth

        what are they thinking? “who will continue giving me handouts”, that’s what they’re thinking.

        Recipients aren’t smart enough to see past clever speechmaking and cute personalities, to the actual records of those they vote for other than whether or not they will continue with the handouts.

        And, sadly, many black people vote for Obama just because he is black. Disgusting, and it furthers prejudice towards their race by making people think they aren’t smart enough to do what’s right and best for the country. All their complaints of racism are voided by this single act of racism that is destroying this country. And their so-called ‘leaders’ encourage this.

        And Dannel is a wannabe Obama.

        1. LastOne1

          Wow, “Truth”! What a racist and thoroughly ignorant thing to say. First of all, since blacks are a minority, they couldn’t have been the only ones who voted for the President. I wouldn’t vote for ANYONE you support because of your incredibly ignorant mindset. If someone doesn’t vote the way you see fit, they are not smart? The last I looked, people have the right to think the way they want. No one has to think or agree with you. Maybe what you think is the “right thing” is not what others think is the right thing. How about all of the white people who DIDN’T vote for President Obama because he IS black? I guess that’s okay.

          1. Truth

            LastOne (I hope): There is nothing racist about calling blacks, black. If I recall, there was widespread preference for this term amongst blacks (as opposed to Negor and African-American).

            You should reread my statement without your ingrained bias. I never said they were the ‘only’ ones who voted for the Obamanation, nor that they weren’t ‘smart’. Nor did I discount possible and likely white racism for reasons some whites didn’t vote for Obama. But over 90% of black voters voted for Obama – even your one-sided thinking process should be able to see the implications of that.

            All I’m saying is that we are constantly subjected to black-based charges of continuing racism and demands to be treated like equals while blacks are acting like racists themselves. They want special treatment (like affirmative action) which is racist at it’s core, for example.

            The fact that they voted for Obama because he’s black instead of because of any talent, honesty, or patriotic ideals is the least of our concerns in my opinion. What if they also carry such hatred of whites that their ultimate goal is to vote black just for black sake in order to gain as much political power as possible to ‘get back at whitey’? Just a thought for your little brain to smoulder over.

          1. Truth

            right lastone, white voters were racist, NOT against Obama because they looked at his record and found it lacking, along with his experience and political views. THERE is YOUR racism

    3. admiralbrown

      That would be Dannel, not Dan. Dan Malloy was elected Governor of Connecticut, his name was on the ballot. Some guy named Dannel sits in the Governor’s office.

  3. Joe Visconti

    Hey when will Foley, McKinney, Boughton and Cafero enter the Governors race legally??? Right now Im the only one all in, come on in boys the waters warm…..

    1. TrueRepublican

      Yeah announced April 4th as a candidate & wasn’t included in the poll, that about tells you all you need to know with this guy.

      Just another publicity stunt for a guy who’s looking for attention & win the approval of the Martha Dean Lunatic faction of the GOP.

  4. pete

    BIG DEAL. If DANNY BOY stays around to run- that is if barry doesn’t give him the federal judgeship he has been lobbying for DANNY BOY and his union pals will just rig this election like the last one – have 100,000 ILLEGALS in the inner cities vote for DANNY BOY. After all they owe him – reduced tuition at the state colleges and drivers licenses.

  5. Dave

    The Courant hasn’t done their hatchet job on the Republican and endorsed Malloy yet.

    That should help the liberal cause.

  6. Cromwell Democrat

    Yes, Malloy has his problems yet the Republicans have many more and far more serious. How many of them were involved in the Donovan Caper. Then there are all thos billions of dollars that disappeared while Foley ran the show in Iraq.

    Is there anyone else running?

    1. Just Curious

      There were ZERO republicans in the “Donovan Caper.” But plenty of democrats – you need to learn how to count on non-partisan fingers.

      1. Cromwell Democrat

        Your the one who should be reading the news. Two of the Republicans did meet with the briber.

        Lets not ignore those billions that disappeared in Iraq, ohh you didn’t mention that.

    2. Palin Smith

      Prepare yourself for a Governor Foley. Is there anyone else running in the Democrat Party? CT Democrats should be terrified of going down big time following Dannel 88.

      Perhaps John McKinney might be enticed to run as a Democrat. He is despised within the Republican Party. Perfect match up. If a retired state cop can shake up Malloy like this, he’s finished!

  7. Lastmate

    Malloy will be re-elected, trust me. When it happens (not if) remember you read it here.

    1. dc

      that depends, is susan bycewicz ready and available to produce another ballot shortage and find bags and bags of votes for malloy again?

  8. sue

    Wasn’t it Foley’s wife who ran for congress last year and they “hired” johnny boy as a consultant. Hey I would vote for foley – get serious. The RINOS better get someone other than foley or the socialist mckinney

    1. Just Curious

      Lisa Wilson-Foley is not Tom Foley’s wife. They are not related in any way except by the mere chance of sharing the same last name.

    2. Palin Smith

      Lisa Wilson-Foley is not related. She is not a Republican. She is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. There are lots of double agents out there, but that is being handled.

  9. Paul

    Lets be honest Joe, your posturing, you being in the race will serve no purpose than the sypher off a few thousand votes. What a hack

  10. DR

    I just can’t see how ANYONE, liberal or conservative or moderate, could vote for Malloy.

    Under his leadership, CT has the WORST economy in the country and we continue to fall further and further behind.

  11. ctisbroke

    The unions pressured the union workers into voting for Malloy by telling them it would be terrible for them under Foley – they Malloy crucified the state workers in the press. Now he is going after teachers. I’d rather have someone fix the state, then just vote for a union crony. If the state economy ever improves its better for everyone. Don’t forget the retroactive and highest tax hike ever that we are all still suffering under. What did it do for us? 0

    1. Kim

      if he crucified them in the press, he glorified them in the ‘negotiations’ and handed the state over to them

  12. Ant

    It’s scary that people still support this guy. Dem or republicans how the hell can someone screw up at your job and still have people support you. It’s disgusting and disgraceful for mankind to even consider Malloy as an ok governor. He has failed at everything he has done and after this loss he should be the guy who cleans up people’s trash on the buses from new Britain to Hartford

      1. Truth

        His failures have been pointed out repeatedly Cromwell. You’re failure to acknowledge them is the problem – there is no enlightening those who refuse to open their eyes to the truth

  13. Peter

    All of the union leaders are in Malloy’s pocket, and they’ve been told what to do. In exchange there’s been NO layoff’s, and they continue to hire. The members know what they have to do to keep their jobs. Or else, no padded pensions or life time medical.

    1. ctisbroke

      Actually Peter, the newbies in the union have not been gifted with padded pensions or lifetime medical. In fact we are paying for the retirees medical by a 3% surcharge on our paychecks. Something the new union employees will probably never see. So there is hope. Some of us likely just took cover with a state job when we could to ride out the recession, but us new union members are a different breed than the lifers. So I don’t think the union bosses can count on everyone -they pretty much sold the new employees down the river.

      1. Kim

        tell us, newbie, what is your copay for prescription or doctor visit? Then we’ll discuss how badly off you newbies are.

        That’s for starters

      2. Truth

        ctisbrok says: ‘they pretty much sold the new employeed down the river.’

        You’re not a different breed at all – you’re just temporarily deprived of everything you THINK you deserve. The resentment in your words is obvious.

        It is precisely that ‘sold-down-the-river’ attitude on the part of state and federal union workers that makes them so despised by taxpayers, and rightly so. You want taxpayers to pay for percs, benefits, and work conditions that none of them have in the private sector. That ‘want’ is then turned into political power through your political masters, to control the politicians in order to get what you want. You call it ‘collective bargaining’ and ‘fair play'; I call it something that should be prosecuted under RICO laws.

        You will continue to vote the union way even if it means voting in new union reps. You’ll never stand up and do the right, fair thing for all taxpayers.

        Please, prove me wrong. I won’t hold my breathe

        1. ctisbroke

          No I’ve never voted union and I’m not a resentful person. I’ve worked in the private sector for almost all of my life. I just want respect from my management – which is what most everyone wants. I don’t want anything else additional from the taxpayers(I’m a taxpayer) – in fact its likely I will go back to the private sector very soon as I don’t fit in with the union thinking and management style. You don’t want to hear what I am saying and that is that I don’t feel that I am alone. Many of the newer employees are leaving for private sector jobs. That’s why I say there is hope – as evidenced by this poll. Take off the blinders that makes you think all state workers agree with the union bosses.

          1. Truth

            Let’s all pretend that ctisbroke answered a simple, straightforward question about copays.

            Let’s pretend that you’re a taxpayer like the private sector taxpayers, who don’t get COLA and other regular raises to cover increase costs such as taxes.

            I hear what you’re saying – you don’t seem to recognize yourself in your own words.

      3. jschmidt

        If you don’t pay 15,000 per year for insurance as I do for family group coverage, I don’t want to hear it.

  14. steve

    The union guys and gals will vote for DANNY BOY since HE GAVE THEM EVERYTHING THEY WANTED. Remember shared sacrifice. Shared sacrifice is the new liberal word for MASSIVE TAX INCREASES. Jim Vicevich has CT UNION LEADERS ON TAPE BRAGGING TO OTHER UNIONS ABOUT HOW THEY ROLLED THE CT TAXPAYER. The UNIONS love DANNY BOY

  15. westiejohn

    have to factor 3% margin of error

    and 3% margin for cheating like lat election that malloy stole

  16. admiralbrown

    I am amazed that Governor Malloy was able to poll 40% of the voters. How bad do things have to get in the state before he loses support, or how glazed over are the eyes of his followers that they can’t see the problems with a runaway budget. After the largest tax increase in state history we are still borrowing money to meet expenses. Please let me have a governor that would not approve a bloated project like the Busway. Let me have a governor that would actually use GAP accounting and not just say he would use it.

    1. Kim

      as long as recipients (those who live off private sector taxpayer money) continue to outnumber the taxpayers at the polls, business as usual will continue and freebie-giving Democrats/liberals will be elected

  17. Felix Merante

    When Dan Malloy became governor, CT was in financially dire straits. The previous governor (Republican) left the state
    with unprecedented debt. It is utterly unfair to blame Gov.
    Malloy for this pathetic state of affairs. It is also necessary to add to this disaster the paralyzing drag of
    a morally bankrupt obstructionist (Republican controlled) House at the federal level. Regrettably, under these oppressive circumstances, economic progress will take time.

    1. Kim

      Felix: How convenient that you should forget that the Democrats had ABSOLUTE CONTROL of BOTH houses in the first two years of Obama’s first term. nothing will ever change as long as deniers and enablers like you refuse to acknowledge the truth.

    2. Ant

      Felix under that republican governor you speak of was a democratic controlled house and senate . Please come back down to earth

      1. Cromwell Democrat

        Then how can it be Malloy’s fault? The state debt is lower and uemployment is down.

        1. The Conn-servative

          Moody’s has lowered our bond rating under this jackass. You people will go to the ends of the earth to defend him.You mustn’t have the ability to weened from the government’s nipple.

          1. The Conn-servative

            Unemployment is most likely down because people are coming off of unemployment and they are not counted.There’s no private sector job growth here.Whatever jobs his administration touts as gaining,it’s because of the carrot Danny is holding out in front of the company’s ceo’s.

          2. fred

            Conn, only one agency downgraded CT. The other 2 major agencies did not downgrade CT. This is simply the opinion of one rating company.

          3. Kim

            ‘unemployment continues to move lower’. Wow, .1% over 5 years – now THAT’S progress

          4. fred

            The trend is clear in that chart for both the USA and CT over the last 3 years since the Bush crash of 2008. Unemployment is going down. Also notice the slope of the curve over the last 3 years. The slope, that is the rate of change, is about the same or better than other recoveries (downward moving sections) shown on that chart.

          5. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Fred, you’re beginning to sound like Bagdad Bob in your defense of this Governor. Negative GDP, stagnant job growth, growing dependent class, increased taxes, unsustainable state Government, and many dubious economic honors for this state and you keep singing the praises of our socialist politburo.

            Keep up the great work!

          6. fred

            Drain Man, I guess you don’t like facts intruding on your fantasy story line. You really want to run with a 0.1% decline and declare that to be a troubling GDP loss? Are you a fool? That is effectively flat GDP given the accuracy and frequent revisions of that statistic. Ouch. Truth hurts. A flat GDP means we are holding steady, with no drain in sight.

            Taxes a little higher. Stop whining. I paid more for cat food last year than I paid in extra taxes. So it does not bother ME much. Get over it. Taxes went up. The grown-ups had to right the ship after years of Rell neglect.

            Growing dependent class? Link to evidence, please.

            By dubious honors, you mean ranking on lists? Lists don’t mean a thing. You have to discuss the factors cited, because just being on a list affects nothing in the real world. Facts, not lists.

            Socialist Politburo – strong argument you have there.

          7. Truth

            for someone who likes to mouth off about facts, Fred, you sure don’t seem to provide any but don’t mind asking others to.

            You seem to have selective memory as well (typical liberal trait). When someone mentions Dodd and Frank in the same breath, a rational person might think of the law named after them.

            A rational person might also agree that even if a law doesn’t specifically say that if you don’t lend to risky borrowers you’ll be breaking the law, that the implication is enough to make lenders change their practices. The government has shown that it has no problem flexing it’s muscles through regulation and lawsuits, and when they ‘recommend’ you do something in the name of equal opportunity (such as home ownership), then the smart businessman goes along with them.

            Of course you’ll twaddle on about how the words of the laws are not implicit in this regard. You’ll completely ignore the implications of non-compliance. You’ll attempt to spin things around a little. But it all amounts to the same thing: Democratic lawmakers, a Democratic president, and democratic-sponsored laws FORCED lenders into risky lending practices. It blew up into the mess that you and those like you continue to try to blame on Bush just because he was in office when the crap hit the fan.

            Facts, son. They’re a powerful tool for those who have their eyes open and their zealotry under check

        2. Truth

          fred, ‘the bush crash’? Do you mean the crash that occurred based on Democratic-sponsored lending laws that forced lenders to give loans to unqualified people. Can you say Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Bill Clinton? That crash?

          1. fred

            Well, you nitwit conservatards criticize Democrats for blaming Bush who left office 4.5 years ago. But then you go and reach back over 8 years to blame Bill Clinton for the crash that happened on George W. Bush’s watch in 2008. I see, I see. Tell me more stories.

          2. Truth

            like you said Fred – facts hurt don’t they. History is exactly that. Nice to see you didn’t bother to dispute the REAL cause of the crisis, just tried to spin something that isn’t there.

            Rell neglect? You mean when Democrats were in control of the entire state, you still want to blame a Republican governor? You’re starting to sound desperate, which happens to all libs when their logic turns out NOT to be

          3. fred

            Truth, exactly what law, specifically “forced lenders to give loans to unqualified people” and I would point your attention to the word FORCED.

            Specific law that forces and how exactly was this “force” applied so that bank did as the law demanded. Especially since they have mostly dodged reparation laws that would cost them money.

            “Jawboning” by an elected official does not count.

        3. Truth

          wrong location – let’s try again:

          or someone who likes to mouth off about facts, Fred, you sure don’t seem to provide any but don’t mind asking others to.

          You seem to have selective memory as well (typical liberal trait). When someone mentions Dodd and Frank in the same breath, a rational person might think of the law named after them.

          A rational person might also agree that even if a law doesn’t specifically say that if you don’t lend to risky borrowers you’ll be breaking the law, that the implication is enough to make lenders change their practices. The government has shown that it has no problem flexing it’s muscles through regulation and lawsuits, and when they ‘recommend’ you do something in the name of equal opportunity (such as home ownership), then the smart businessman goes along with them.

          Of course you’ll twaddle on about how the words of the laws are not implicit in this regard. You’ll completely ignore the implications of non-compliance. You’ll attempt to spin things around a little. But it all amounts to the same thing: Democratic lawmakers, a Democratic president, and democratic-sponsored laws FORCED lenders into risky lending practices. It blew up into the mess that you and those like you continue to try to blame on Bush just because he was in office when the crap hit the fan.

          Facts, son. They’re a powerful tool for those who have their eyes open and their zealotry under check

          Why don’t you address any of the points others have made countering your posts? I think we know why

          1. fred

            The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub.L. 111–203, H.R. 4173) was signed into federal law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010.

            Well after the 2008 Bush crash.

            Do you mean some other law?

          2. Truth

            oops, I meant the Community Redevelopment Act (a Carter-era law) that Clinton beefed up. This created the opportunity for risky subprime loans.

            Bush and a few congressman tried to overhaul the operations of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and were blocked by Dems (the ones who now call these loans ‘predatory’).

            If lenders didn’t finance homes in high risk markets per the Clinton formula they faced very large fines, resulting in relaxed standards.

            Fannie Mae funds top receivers: Chris Dodd/Barack Obama/John Kerry.

            You can feel confident now calling it the Clinton crash (but of course you won’t – liberals never admit to being wrong. Even when FACTS prove them to be).

            Numbers, son. Facts, son.

          3. fred

            You sure you got it right this time?
            Seems your memory not so good. Please don’t waste my time again.

            I remember the 2012 Republican Convention. I was watching every night hoping to hear George W. Bush share his wisdom with the world. But he was not there. Maybe you can tell me why. Very unusual.

            Maybe it was not the Bush Crash. It might have been the half-trillion dollar debt from 6 years of tax cuts. Or one of the trillion dollar wars. But you geniuses said not a peep about the debt back them.

            Say, shouldn’t those Bush tax-cut jobs be kicking in right about now? I bet there’s a lot of rich guys planning new jobs as we speak.

          4. Truth

            thanks for yet another non-response, Fred. I think we’ve settled this particular subject quite nicely. Of course providing facts to back up your liberal nonsense WOULD be a waste of time (not only for you but for all the readers )- and quite fruitless to boot. ‘Proof’ is not in the liberal lexicon. Neither is ‘truth’.

            Rest assured – you will get called out every time on these threads when you try to spin the truth or, in your case, distort it completely.

          5. fred

            Truth, did the government force lenders into “no income verification” and “liar” loans? Nope.

            If Obama had been president during the worst economic disaster since the great depression you guys would be all over him with blame no matter who ‘s fault it was. As things stand you fault him for not recovering quickly enough from the Bush Nightmare of 2008.

            Someone who uses the word “obamanation” is obviously a zealot. It’s especially funny since only the nutso-right uses that word and it has probably never appeared on any rational news source.

            In Obama’s case, on ObamaCare and other issues, you hold him responsible for a medical crash that has not even happened, and may never happen.

            Care to explain?

          6. Truth

            no more ‘explanations’ Fred, as long as you continue to dance around the issues and make up nonsense in your attempt to portray yourself as right in this argument. I’ve responded to your questions and gotten nothing but meaningless blather in a vacuum from you in response.

            It’s clear when someone ‘borrows’ my own terms (like ‘zealot’), that they’ve reached the point of desperation. When they start using ridiculous statements like ‘Obama being faulted for not recovering fast enough from the Bush nightmare’ (in the face of solid arguments pointing to Clinton as the culprit), when Democrats were in charge of both houses for the first two years of his term and NOTHING changed for the better, then it only compounds that sense of desperation.

            I invented the word ‘Obamacare’ so it’s no surprise that it’s not used by any ‘rational’ news source, though it would be enlightening to know what you consider ‘rational’ (never mind, we know. It’s the majority of the media that worships at the altar of Obama and holds him blameless even when he pees on his own shoes).

            The jury is still out on Obamacare but even some of your ‘rational’ news sources are already decrying it’s monumental increase in costs and decrease in inefficiency (find your own facts for this – I’m done spoon-feeding you: you only spit nutritious food out and gain nothing from it).

            It’s easy to see why you are such a zealot for liberalism and Obamanation: the mistaken notion that you can’t be held responsibile for anything that goes wrong, and will be considered responsible for everything that works. According to your words, you can afford new taxes but also are not responsible for your financial status – the Democrats handed it to you.

            Care to explain?

    3. jschmidt

      Malloy increased the budget his first year adding to the debt. His first five program is a failure. ESPN aggreed to hire 200 people over 5 years and a just laid off more than that. Giving money to a hedge fund? Not responsible. He makes a deal with unions to not reduce employment which is what is needed. He’s raised taxes on everyone.Malloy is irresponsible with the taxpayers money.We are at the bottom for the recovery, highest gas tax in the country, loss of jobs, tells firearms makers he doesn’t care if the leave. A total mess as a leader and the Dems have destroyed the state.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Right on! I only wish we could keep the firearm’s jobs and let about 10k state employees be enticed by Texas and South Carolina.That might slightly right the ship.
        It’s amazing how just two years ago ,when Danny was pressed about state employee layoffs,he said that having that many more people on unemployment would be detrimental to our economy.But now that 2-3,000 private sector firearms jobs are on the line,it won’t be a detriment to our economy.That means that each one of us private sector employees will collectively have to offset most of that lost payroll tax and that’s just the firearm’s industry jobs,never mind other business sectors. In addition to imbecile’s 10% budget increase!

        1. fred

          Gun jobs that have left so far: zero

          Some of the 45 jobs at PTR are leaving someday if they ever stop telling us about it and actually leave.

          1. The Conn-servative

            Someone like yourself should apply,if you are already not receiving,SSDI because you are in clear need of a checkup from the neckup.

          2. fred

            Yeah, drainman, I know, tough when facts get in the way of your fantasy storyline. Maybe you can use your ObamaCare to talk to a professional. Mental healthcare is a covered.

          3. Truth

            obamacare may or may not cover mental health, Fred, but it’s a good bet that it won’t be offered through quality professionals at affordable rates. The good stuff will be available only through private plans thanks to the Obamanation.

  18. America Is Dying

    The Poll is BS. Foley has a bigger lead than that. Every person I’ve spoken with says Malloy is all done and he’s been the worse governor in CT’s history!

  19. Megel

    This is Megel again. Us undocumented workers like a Malloy and the Democratos party. They give a us free a cell phones, rent, food a stampos and welafare money. We a live like a kings in CT, and my a wife says a more babies and we get a more a money. You a have so much, and don’t a mind paying more. You a like sheep here in CT. We a come and you a pay. Ha, ha, ha.

  20. Larrym14169

    It was such a tragedy that Malloy beat Foley. I don’t believe 43 to 40 for a second. There so many people today that wished they never voted for Malloy. Malloy must feel great being within the top 5 worst Governors in the nation. Look it up at the Cato Institute and see for yourself.

  21. baborn3

    Foley won the last election but for Tom-foolery by the Unions, ACORN chameleons and certain elected Liberal Democrat officials which saw that Malloy was “selected”.
    IF the next election could be kept honest Foley would not only win again but this time be seated as Governor.

  22. Disco

    There are enough union losers, welfare moochers and Greenwich elitists in this sorry BLUE state to all but guarantee the re-election of the “Wizard of Uhhhhh’s”

  23. jschmidt

    Even if Foley wins he could have a Democrat controlled legislature which would stall everything. So we need a complete change of control people.

  24. The Conn-servative

    Quick Dan-O,get to ballot stuffing.That’s got to be worth 4% to pull you over the top!It’s not like you haven’t done it before.


    I do not even know how I stopped up right here, however I
    thought this post was once good. I do not recognise who you
    might be but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already.


  26. Mac

    Malloy is a douchebag liberal. Foley is gonna kick his ass in the polls next year as long as Malloy’s crew doesn’t find another way to cheat again with making mysterious ballots appear in the trunk of cars at the last minute on election night. Half of these polls are done by liberals to try and make it look like Malloy is acceptable. Notice the BS poll done on the gun control support? Nobody I’ve talked to supports it, which explains why Malloy had to illegally use the e-cert to shove it through pretending it was some kind of emergency so the public couldn’t see what was in it before the liberals rammed it through.

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