Gun Control Hearing At State Capitol

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A legislative hearing on 11 new gun control proposals drew hundreds of people to the state Capitol Thursday morning, including busloads of workers from Colt\’s Manufacturing Co.

Outside the workers chanted \”Save Our Jobs,\’\’ while inside a hearing room lawmakers on the legislature\’s public safety committee questioned an official with the National Rifle Association.

John Hohwarter, the state liaison with the NRA, said he views a bill that would strengthen the state\’s ban on assault rifles as an example of government overreach and an infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

But Hohwarter said there are measures the state could take to reduce gun violence. He cited a program in Pennsylvania that straw purchasers of firearms in Philadelphia as an example of a program Connecticut could model.

\”Those types of programs…they work in other states they\’ll work here,\’\’ Hohwarter told the committee.

State lawmakers are reviewing state policy on guns, mental health and school safety in the aftermath of the dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 20 children and six adults.

State Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, cautioned his colleagues against seeking a quick fix.

\”If we walk out of here and do some cosmetic thing like we always do and then tell people we\’ve solved the problem, shame on us,\’\’ he said as the crowd applauded.

Guglielmo continued: \”We have to have a little common sense. And it\’s very frustrating…we know this cannot be solved totally, because you can\’t legislate crazy.\’\’

Rep. David Rovero, D-Killingly, said he\’s trying to balance the need to protect law-abiding gun owners with protecting the public.

\”To be honest with you…while I don\’t want to take guns from any legal abiding citizens, I don\’t want to see any more death in the state of Connecticut or anyplace else if we can help it.\”

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10 thoughts on “Gun Control Hearing At State Capitol

  1. Bill

    These people can get a job at the dollar store, or cleaning my yard in West Hartford. I’m always interested in low wage workers around my mansion.

    1. karen nilsson

      wow did u really just say that, you should be ashamed of your self. guessing you are for gun control, because you are all bully’s with no facts to bak you up, just nasty words. SO DAM SAD!

    2. Brian

      please post your address so they know where to show up because your gunless mansion will be easy pickings

  2. Veronica

    Nope, Karen, based on his comment he is on YOUR side of gun control. Which is why he doesn’t care if all the people working at the gun manufacturers end up on the street or taking care of his mansion for pennies. It’s really sad how presumptuous everyone is. Law abiding citizens already follow the laws in effect. We don’t need any new ones. If the criminals won’t follow the ones already here, what makes anyone think that will change? The only change will be taking away my right to defend myself and my family and open me up to be a victim. I help strangers (and I don’t live in the best area) because fear doesn’t stop me from lending a helping hand. When’s the last time you, either male or female, picked up a stranger who ran out of gas and drive them to the gas station and back? Most people won’t do it because there afraid. I don’t mind helping a stranger and I always hope for the best. If one day it turns on me, I will also be ready for it. Lack of fear helps me be a more caring person. :)
    Consider that before lumping every gun owner or 2nd amendment defender into your biased idea of who they are and what they stand for, please.

    1. Johngaltwhereru


      Bill is on his own side of gun control, which is that he wants to ban all guns for all people. But, Karen is much more correct than you.

      My comment is not speculative.

      Also, he is not a mansion dweller. He was being sarcastic, or someone hijacked his user name.

        1. Bill katz

          Dr Picklehead,

          Indeed, they are on the same side so I guess the remark that (I can imagine who) posted it. Didn’t quite work out. And so it backfired. BTW, it is only one of 3 as you might surmise.

          And I invite anyone to use Bill to say whatever they want. I will get a chuckle out of it. If they make the mistake in using my real name, I will clearly do two things. First, I will have them banned from these posts permanently. Next I will consult the meanest most aggressive libel attorney and explore my legal options to sue the hell out of them. And even if a lack a strong case, I will force him to spend to defend himself.

          As I have said before, only us doodle heads post here. The real dealers don’t waste their time on these blogs. They are fully inconsequential. These posts have mostly been a whimsical distraction for me.

    1. Bill katz

      I know. I saw you Paul. And a word to you. I am no longer doing personal insults and I apologize for my previous statements to you. I will limit my remarks to the issues and limitations of someone’s argument as I define them.

      BTW, I was number 1. I decided that based on my previous wait. I opened my lawn chair in the early morning as the roosters crowed.

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