Legislators Want To Know What The NRA Wants At All-Day Hearing On Guns

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Legislators are holding an all-day hearing Thursday on 11 different gun bills that cover virtually all of the issues that have been raised since the shootings of 20 children and seven adults in December in Newtown.

Senator Joan Hartley, the co-chair of  the legislature’s public safety committee, told representatives of the National Rifle Association that the committee members did not simply want to know which bills they are against.

“Give us what you are for,’’ Hartley said in wrapping up her remarks. “With that, I bid you safe travel.’’

Ron Pinciaro, the executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, said that his group has grown by 35,000 members since the Newtown massacre on December 14. They support raising the minimum age to 21 to buy a shotgun, among others.

“I think the rest of the country is looking at Connecticut,’’ Pinciaro told lawmakers during Thursday’s hearing. “Now is the time. Don’t let us down.’’

Concerning the multi-pronged issues revolving around violence and guns, Pinciaro said, “In so many of these cases, there is a mental health issue. In every case, there is a gun. … We do not mean to have any implication that we are not in full support of mental health’’ improvements.

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick, a Fairfield Republican, responded, “My fear is the mental health piece will slide off to the side and Connecticut will not do anything significant.\’\’

In a back-and-forth with Pinciaro, state Sen. Kevin Witkos of Canton wondered what would happen to 30-round magazines that are currently in circulation if the legislature decides to ban those magazines.

“I would consider it confiscation by the government’’ to collect magazines with more than 10 rounds, Witkos said. “I personally believe it’s unconstitutional.’’

“We feel confident that does pass constitutional muster,’’ Pinciaro said. “This is not government taking for government use. … It’s been done before. Probably the most classic example of it was when the Prohibition laws were put into effect. People owned a lot of alcohol at the time.’’

Rep. Steven Mikutel, a conservative Democrat, then focused on Senate Bill 1976, which covers multiple gun-control issues that include expanding the definition of assault weapons.

“Do you think that bill addresses the root causes of violence in our society?’’ Mikutel asked Pinciaro.

Pinciaro responded that about 80 percent of the gun crimes in the major cities in Connecticut are committed by unlicensed shooters who cannot legally purchase guns.

“We know in Connecticut that 60 percent’’ of the guns in crimes were purchased in Connecticut, he said. “Only 9.6 percent of those guns come from down South. Is it straw buyers? Is it rogue dealers? … We don’t have that framework now. I don’t think it infringes on the Second Amendment rights, which I fully support, of gun owners.’’

Regarding the steps that need to be taken, Pinciaro said, “We need to start with the very most lethal weapons, which were intended for military and police use.\’\’

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101 thoughts on “Legislators Want To Know What The NRA Wants At All-Day Hearing On Guns

  1. justme

    Looks like the Courant is doing is best to advance gun control. I wonder when they will relize what is being proposed will NOT solve the problem. A change in our social behaviour is needed that will embrace life and not make it cheap like secularism has done over the past decade or two.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Was it the 3.5 straight months of Newtown/Gun Control stories dominating the front page of the Courant, or the constant dismissive, derisive comments regarding the NRA and anyone who agrees with them that tipped you off to the Courant’s agenda?

      1. Bill

        Or how about that the gun proposals don’t go far enough. I do believe that this is the reason that these proposals may not work. We need a ban.

      2. LeeC

        I was at the hearing which is still going on right now at 7:19pm. It is apparent that the courant has ignored the hours of testimony before and after the NRA spoke that was for and by law abiding gun owners. The legislators your refer to are still listening to testimony, and have been for over 9 hours. Please don’t misrepresent what they think or say.

        1. Bill katz

          Lee, I’m watching right now and it is 9 PM. When did you arrive. Knowing how early hunters get up for the hunt, I arrived 1st in line at 6AM as the rooster crows. I was alone. I put a chair out and read a book waiting to get in. I spoke about 11:30.

          The courant did your cause no injustice. Give it a break. You guys have about 95 percent of the speakers. But we have maybe 80percent of CT public opinion.

          And that counts more.

          1. Kim

            so ‘us guys’ had 95% of the speakers, but less than 1% of the press coverage. That’s fair to a liberal when the numbers are on HIS side

          2. bill katz

            Kim; stop feeling victimized.

            I have alway felt that it is harder to change a pre-existing condition. Dr Galt will concur that if he can find onset of a condition, that it is easier to cure. the gun culture has festered like a sore for a very long time. It needs to be altered. It is far harder now that the culture is entrenched. A good comparison is the lax policy toward illegal immigrants. the government turned a blind yete for decades and not wants to and needs to fix the problem. The problem should never have been ignored for so long. the same is with the gun culture.

          3. Kim

            I don’t feel victimized billyboy – just pointing out the fallacy of your position and the liberal hypocrisy of the media and yourself.

            You are trying to ban guns because YOU are afraid of being victimized. Let’s be honest

          4. Kim

            And believe me, watch what happens when all of us right wing nut cases organize as a union and move to South Carolina and become the first state to declare it’s independence since the Civil War.

    2. Bill katz

      JohnGalt: you can do better. The Courant reports news. Three months ago, a world-shaking tragedy took place in CT. The news has indeed dominated as well it should. And the NRA is a darn frothy organization that encourages strong replies.

      Just an erie side note; on the same day, December 14, at the same hour, I was enjoying my usual morning cup in bed before going to work in the next room. I heard a cop car speed by. Moments later, another. When the 3rd cop car sped by, I jumped up, grabbed my camera and keys, put on my sandles and coat and rushed out the door. The street was filled with racing cop cars. I walked a few paces and turned down a side street and the whole street had at least 20 cop cars. A credit union had just been robbed and they caught the guys in a back yard. What was most erie was that this happened not 50 yards from the local elementary school.

      1. johngaltwhereru


        The Courant reports news in an uneven, biased and dishonorable manner. They are more concerned with advancing an agenda than reporting all of the facts pertaining to any given story.

        I am not willing to debate you on this. Your opinion of the NRA matching that of the Courant does not make it proper reporting.

        1. Bill katz

          One point that I may acquiesce on; the field reporters may or may not produce good stories. When I wrote an op-Ed piece, their editor made me rewrite so many times in order to perfect it. But I notice that sloveness can be found in stories reported in.

          1. Bill katz

            Johngalt : two things; the courant doesn’t pay high enough to always attract top notch writers and by that ai refer to the cub reporters. The Courant needs to sell news stories. That depressed business is still operated with money.

            Hey, don’t get uppity with me. You suddenly don’t want to debate? Getting tired,ah?

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            Are you laying that low level, low paid, underperforming reporters must be liberal? In other words, failure to objectively report, combined with inexperience and ineptitude are synonymous with Liberalism? I suppose I could agree with you on that.

            As far as being too tired to debate, not even close. I just feel that debating whether the Courant Staff is biased to the left is like debating whether Massachussetts is north of Connecticut based on commonly accepted maps.

            If you can’t agree on commonly accepted facts, there is no starting point for debate.

          3. bill katz


            I promise not to lose sleep over you, as an extremist nimrod, is disinterested in debating.

            But when I criticized some Courant cub reporters, I was not basing on any possible political orientation but of syntax and the lack of depth with composing a story. You of course, see things that are either not there of perhaps a hint exists. We do live in a very blue region of the country. You were always mismatched here. Texas is your kind of place although that is quickly becoming bluer all the time.

  2. bill

    My LOB presentation.

    I strongly urge you to accept the Governor’s proposal and the Task Force Democratic subcommittee report and use these as a guide to create a law that will be beneficial for Connecticut and be a proud example for other states to follow.

    We know as fact the countless thousands of gun related deaths that occur annually in this country. Most of us recognize that we have become so gun-crazed that an expectation exists that arming oneself is tantamount to being patriotic.

    It isn’t. We have existed in this false bubble for so long that we have simply accepted it as the American way and no other alternatives will suffice. But this is no longer acceptable.

    You are empowered to pass laws for the public good. We the citizens, are demanding a major change in the ” business as usual” as it applies to the killing fields of our gun culture.

    We have had enough of the gun industry propaganda that tells us that guns are as American as apple pie.

    They aren’t.

    Well the diet must change and will change. We will change it. You will change it. You all know about the thousands that die each year by the click of a trigger. You know the data. It doesn’t need to be this way.

    You will hear those that will tell you that assault weapons bans didn’t work before and they won’t work now. You know something, they are correct. And they didn’t work because we didn’t go far enough.

    You probably all know that the British Parliament passed a law in 1996 outlawing most guns. After banning most handguns larger then 22 caliber, they passed a second law outlawing the remaining weapons. The parliament vote was 384-181. And it was not a partisan divide. We instead, create these partisan divides because of the size of our industry lobbies.

    A new day has dawned in this country. I don’t know if you realize how strong this movement to ban weapons is. We are organizing all across the country. We are organizing in small towns and large cities. We are growing.

    One of the reasons we will continue to grow is our inexhaustible supply of volunteers. None of these volunteers know how much value they will contribute to the cause of gun control. Because when the time comes to volunteer, they will quickly become a martyr by being cut down by a bullet. It could be me or it could be you. And each time this happens, we will add more converts to support the cause of gun control.

    We have grown quite a bit in the 3 short months since December 14.

    We are here to stay. We welcome you all to be part of the solution to help create a truly safer society.

    And if you doubt the resolve of this movement to rid ourselves of this gun menace, you will find yourselves on the loosing side of this cause. We will be there watching every election cycle beginning in 2014.

    The Governor’s proposal and the Democratic Task Force subcommittee report is a beginning. It doesn’t go far enough. But it is an honest beginning.

    Let’s move forward together and make this work.

    1. sam

      @ Bill, “Let’s move forward together and make this work.”
      The whole problem Bill is banning these guns will do nothing to stop the gun violence in Ct. So none of this is going to work. Our laws in connecticut should be the same as our federal laws. You can ban all the guns you want Bill here in Ct but as long as they are legal in other states will find their way back here and into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill and back onto our streets. The only difference is that the law abing public will be at a diadvantage defending them selves with sticks and stones. The only good thing that may actually come out of this is there “hopefully” will be a very large push I would imagine to vote the ‘liberal fools out of office” who vote enact these laws that will do nothing except restrict the rights of “law abiding citizens and gun owners” Were does it end Bill will Malloy and our politicians want to chisel away at our right to free speech? Where will you be then Bill? I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens and then what happens in the courts if they do pass these new “feel good” laws. I have to say this state is run by fools.

      1. bill katz

        Did you go to testify, Sam? if you feel this strongly, you should. Why not?

        I was outside the LOB at 6 AM sitting in a chair first in line.

        BTW: it will work.

        1. sam

          I wish I could have been there but unfortunately I had to work today and had a couple meetings I really could not just blow off. Maybe if they could hold one of these sessions on the weekend. I could definately be there then.

          1. bill katz

            you’re excused. I had a nice talk with 2 pro gunners while waiting in line. Because of my friendly side, one thought I might be almost on their side and invited me to a gun range. To which I replied that I much prefer to listen to new guitar strings being fitted on my guitar then pop pop pop of gun sounds.

          2. John East Lyme

            Must be nice to be Bill, cause some of have to work to pay all the taxes piled on us. Would be nice if they held a meeting on a weekend. Then they could see how many people are against the State of Connecticut stripping the citizens of their rights.

        2. Steve (CT)

          Bill, please let me know which state has lowered its violent crime rate by passing gun control bills as have been proposed in this legislature.

          I had jury duty today & couldn’t make it, unfortunately.

          1. The Conn-servative

            Gun right believers need to accept the fact the likes of Malloy,Feinstein,Schumer,Blumenthal,Murphy,etc.,don’t want to hear the actual facts and statistics on how existing gun laws don’t work. Rather,they’re intent on incrementally taking away what we currently have, to ultimately have us give up and throw in the towel because of the hassle of registration,taxes,fees,etc.This is how the regressive vermin work,on any topic the don’t believe in. Do not give in to this group of rights grabbing Marxists.

          2. Bill

            Steve; you want 18th century solutions to apply to 21st century solutions. Having guns in the 18th century to defend against yes, Indians, the British and the need to shoot for food is different to today’s needs.

            No need for guns. Ban them. Give me a break.

          3. Bill katz

            “problems” not “solutions”

            Steve: A full 60 percent of legit purchased gun in CT find their way into the black market. I rest my case. Your cause is found guilty as charged.

          4. Steve (CT)

            Bill, I’m not surprised you couldn’t answer my question. You also don’t understand the statistics given.

            60% of firearms recovered at crime scenes are from CT, not 60% of all guns purchased legally are used in crimes. Completely different statistic.

            In every state, the majority or at minimum plurality of guns recovered from crimes come from within that state no matter what Bloomberg says.

            Perhaps you explain why over the last 20 years we have 60% more firearms yet 50% less violent crime, 60% fewer murders & 41 states that have ‘shall issue’ concealed carry?

          5. Kim

            “Having guns in the 18th century to defend against yes, Indians, the British and the need to shoot for food is different to today’s needs”

            So we don’t need or have the right to defend ourselves against home invasion, muggings, rapes, gangs, out of control legislators, drone attacks on American citizens by the President? You’re right, billyboy, things have changed. We need guns more than ever now. Our forefathers were right in this regard – you are not

          6. Kim

            billy, You call others ‘scaredy cat white men’ to my list of things that modern man needs to defend himself against. Please point out which part of what I said is incorrect and not evident in today’s society:

            –home invasion
            –out of control legislators
            –potential drone attacks on American citizens by the President

            Is it my imagination that these are real dangers today? Or are you merely slipping into your familiar ‘I won’t address it if I’m wrong’ solution?

        3. Johngaltwhereru

          Wow Billy,

          I thought for sure you had made that up. I just read the story that talked about you on the main page.

          I’m proud of you, but don’t you know this is a done deal. Politicians pretending testimony or data will alter their vote are lying. Not one Republican vote is needed anywhere in this process, and Democrats, if they want to keep their career, will not cross the party.

          1. Bill katz

            JohnGalt: What main page? I don’t know if you are being snarky. But if not, thanks for the compliment. Contrary to jumbled previous posts, I can think and write succinctly where and when it counts.

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            My reply was to your comment about being first in line at the LOB.

            The Courant.com Front page has “Gun Supporters Jam Legislative Hearing” as the lead story.

            It mentions you by name, and your “pre dawn arrival”.

          3. bill katz

            Johngalt: I just read it, LOL. I even brought reading material (A Team of rivals) to keep me occupied. I arrived early on account of two recent past times. The last time at the LOB I arrived at 9 and had to wait until 6 PM to speak. Ten when I went to Newtown to speak, Newtown residents had first dibs and the took the mic for the evening. I left at 11 PM.

            I like being number one one in awhile.

          4. johngaltwhereru


            Your desires to be #1 once in a while are going to have you expelled from the Liberal/Progressive Party.

          5. Bill katz

            Steve, sorry, I said the wrong thing. I believe that 60 percent of guns recovered from crime scenes and from criminals in state were originally purchased from legit sources. Which signifies that while you may be the safest gun owner insuring the guns are kept in a secure location, the percentage quoted finds their way to nefarious ends. You can’t stop this seepage. It is a disease inflicted on society and it must end.

            And it will end.

            You ending response dismisses the fact that 60percent of guns recovered from crime scenes came for legit sources. You can’t use logic to contradict itself.

        4. bill katz

          Kim: I’ve never seen such a scared bunch of white men in all my life. Scaredy cats all of them. And the bigger, the more scared they are.

          I say, “Meow” to them.

          1. Kim

            ‘a bunch of scared white men’ is a huge assumption and laughable coming from you billy.

            Your are:
            –the poster who runs to the police station when he feels threatened by an anonymous blogger;

            –the poster who posts under at least 8 different names because he is afraid he might be reocngized or worse, not taken seriously

            –the poster who is hell-bent on eliminating guns because he is afraid they may be used against him

            –the poster who pretends to be expert at everything from psychoanalysis to editing to poetry because he is afraid to admit to who he really is

            –the poster who insults and personally attacks everyone on these threads that disagrees with him, only to pretend on later threads that it’s all in fun while explaining how misunderstood he is and how well loved he is in person.

            Yes, everyone else is the ‘white man scaredy cat’

          2. Steve (CT)

            “You ending response dismisses the fact that 60percent of guns recovered from crime scenes came for legit sources. You can’t use logic to contradict itself.”

            I’m not dismissing that. Guns that are in the possession of their CT owners until they are stolen are counted as CT guns. Guns that are purchased by the sister of a felon & then given to the felon are counted as CT guns.

            Both of these scenarios are (obviously) already illegal. The 2nd is called a straw purchase & the BATFE has been trying to come up with ways to crack down on them for years. For some reason, prosecutions have been down for the last few years after peaking in 2004 or 2006 (I forget).

            My solution is to severely punish criminals caught stealing or in possession of stolen firearms. My solution is to prosecute & severely punish those who are straw purchasing firearms.

            You solution is to prevent their purchase by anyone. Good luck with that, they’re having great success in Mexico.

          3. Johngaltwhererru

            Steve, Bill can’t argue squat. He dismisses every good concept that is put forth by the Libertarian movement. We would be much better off if we had no taxes, no Educational Department, no department of Commerce, no Housing Department and no Social Security Department. We. could reduce the deficit very quickly.

          4. Johngaltwhereru

            As you can tell by the poor grammar and lack of coherent message, the above post was issued by an imposter.

  3. Truthseeker

    Thats great when we are like the british we can have high violent crime rates too. With good gun ownership our crime rates are going down do pople not see the statistics from the FBI. And what if just 1% of the gun owners stand up and say NO. Thats a lot of body bags and a lot more prisons. There are a lot of Patriots, just something to think about.

    1. sam

      You have to realize these people and the politicians that support this all have blinders on, all they see is the tragedy in Newtown and a chance to pass these laws they have been trying to promote for years. Our politicians are using these 26 victims and their families and all these anti gun people to try to railroad thru and agenda they have been trying to “unsuccessfully” pass for years. They should all be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of these people and they should maybe work on the real issue behind these massacres like the mental health issue “WHICH SHOULD BE # 1 ON THEIR AGENDA” and then maybe the moral deterioration of our society which should be #2. Guns really should not even be an issue here this kid could have done the same destruction in the parking lot of the school with a car when they where letting the kids in or out of school. The guns may have been the tool used in this tragedy but they were not the problem here. This nut jobs mental health was the problem in Newtown. Our politicians arent even going to address that this year and that was the MAIN problem here.

  4. MrLogical

    What are we for?

    We’re for enforcing the EXISTING gun laws.

    Enforce the existing gun laws and stop the plea bargaining and stop the early release of those who have been convicted and incarcerated.

    It’s really not that hard.

  5. MrLogical

    If you look at the situation with regard to CT’s enforcement of our current gun laws, take a look at the report that was posted (the link to the report) on CT Mirror yesterday. You’ll be shocked. It is astounding.

    Enforce the existing laws and stop coddling gun offenders.

    It’s really not that difficult.

  6. MrLogical

    Ms. Hartley:

    If you look at the situation with regard to CT’s enforcement of our current gun laws, take a look at the report that was posted (the link to the report) on CT Mirror yesterday. You’ll be shocked. It is astounding.

    Enforce the existing laws and stop coddling gun offenders, especially repeat offenders. THAT is what the NRA and its membership are in favor of.

    It’s really not that difficult.

  7. justme

    Where is the outcry to ban violence in movies, games and lack of social behavior to advance life. Are that easy to point to as the cause of our societal problems. Why are politicians now so interested in gun control while “Rome is burning.”

    1. Bill katz

      Justme: Those are contributing factors. Mental health is a tricky wicket in so much that if a adolescent is in bad shape, can the record be opened and mad available?

      So I understand your frustration. ButmI am afraid that it is the gun. Again, I will repeat; a full 60 percent of guns found by police after a crime has been committed, or found in the hands of criminals and stolen, were originally and legally purchased by legit gun owners. Which means they are stolen of illegally sold for profit on the black market.

      Frankly, this is what I always knew was happening. Now we have the data to back it up. My friend, we need to stop this madness.

      I suspect you are a law-abiding person. But your gun(s) have the chance of falling into the wrong hands. Can’t you switch to another hobby?

      It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. Come on, give up the gun. It is killing people.

  8. MrLogical

    I wonder if the so-ever-quick-to-comment Ms. Hartley has bothered to read this report:


    Ms. Hartley: Perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to condemn a part of your constituency with your snarky parting remarks. You weren’t elected to pass out PR sound bites to your Twitter and Facebook followers, you were elected to be a responsible legislator for ALL of Connecticut – and that includes gun manufacturers and their advocates – by dealing with FACTS and hard DATA rather than reflexively genuflecting to media-fanned emotion.

  9. MrLogical

    Malloy and the Democrats in the GA remind me of that old joke about the drunk aimlessly staggering around under the streetlamp. A passerby by stops and asks him what he’s looking for. After the drunk explains, the person then asks him:

    “Is this where you lost them”
    Drunk: “No, but this is where the light is.”

    Malloy and his Democrat-controlled legislature are taking the ‘easy’ way out by simply reacting to raw emotions of the gun grabbers and those who want to completely disarm law-abiding citizens. Why bother with facts when you have emotion on your side?

    Why doesn’t Malloy demand a release of the State Police report on Sandy Hook? (I’ve heard numerous rumors from LEOs in the area that the report is complete, but is being held under wraps until the governor’s legislative objectives have been fully achieved.)

    Could it be that facts and data about the incident would run counter to the popular memes of the anti-gunners? E.g., it is rumored that several of the 30-round magazines were not emptied – perhaps even the majority of them. Another rumor is that not all of the magazines were 30-rounds.

    Facts? Data?

    To use the buzzword of the day, they’ve been sequestered.

  10. Guns&Liquor

    “Probably the most classic example of it was when the Prohibition laws were put into effect.”

    And how well did that go over?

    Or maybe FDRs confiscation of gold?

    How did that work out?

    Both were repealed.

    Pinciaro may have noble intentions, but these comments are weak.

  11. John R. McCommas

    Ron Pinciaro thinks that 18 years of age is old enough to take a bullet for his or her country but not old enough to fire a weapon to defend his or her own life or hunt?

    1. Bill katz

      You are welcome. And we know that Newtown has contributed more then it’s share of “volunteers.”

      We will not forget. If Concord and Lexington were the sparks that started the American revolution, then Newtown most certainly is the spark that has lit a million candles and a million marches to come across this land.

      To use an appropriate double negative; you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      1. R.Slack

        Bill katz: I am to take it you are for a ban on all guns across the country is that correct? If so I will tell you why your utopian idea will not work.
        1) Lets say tommorrow the Gov passes a law requiring all US citizens to turn in their weapons. How would this be enforced?

        A house to house search? Taking them from people of all walks of life. WW2, Korean ,Viet Nam, Iraq and afgan war vets, grandma’s and grandpa’s , How many law abiding people will turn them in or better yet hide them? You know the criminals will not follow this law? What would then be the penalty for not turning in a gun or better yet hiding it…Death??
        Is this starting to sound like Nazi Germany maybe?
        2) Now lets say every has turned in their weapons.Other countries such as Israel, Russia, China, S. Korea, Germany will still produce and sell.What becomes of our gun companies and the people they will have to layoff? Oh we can put them on Obama welfare. They get to trade their good paying job with benefits for what??? What will stop them from being smuggled into the country from these other gun prodcing countries and sold on the black market?You know who will buy them right….the drug dealers, mafia, gangs and every underhanded criminal you can think of.
        They will come in by boat load into shipping co owned by foreign companies such as China and Russia,( yes they own the California coast).
        With these weapons being so profitable customs and officals can be bribed to look the other way.
        What we will have is a Mexico 10 fold!!
        And oh did you see what has happened in Mexico from taking the guns away from law abiding citizens?? How many people were slaughtered last year?
        The gangs that will rule the streets will be Chinese, Russia, Latino,Black and any other ethnic culture you can think of.

        You will have total social and economic breakdown in this country.

        Their is an old saying that goes very well what is happening today..

        Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.

        So you keep plucking your guitar string and I will keep plucking my trigger on my legally bought and owned AR-15 and will keep fighting my 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

        And you need to be reminded of one thing.
        The 2nd Amendment is the teeth of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. With- out it this country will be a whole lot different.

        1. Kim

          r.slack: bill katz is bill/rallyforguncontrol/susan/jimmyboggs/wildbill/mikerobinson/professorpoor and many other posters here. This is the first time he has used his real name – probably all puffed up that his name was mentioned in the courant for sitting in his lawn chair and speaking at the hearing.

          Keep that in mind when trying to engage in rational conversation with him – if history is any guide the more rational YOUR conversation gets the further it will degrade into an issue on character and personality.

          I hope not and he has indicated recently that he is the new, improved billyboy, but we have been here before. Keep on posting but know who you’re dealing with and remember your admonition about those who ignore history.

          1. bill katz

            Kim, my brother. You are just trying to goad me into doing what you like best; being scorned and scored. You are trying. But this time, my brother, I will not buy it. You are on your own. But keep trying. You will be seen to be the bigger jackass for trying.

            Have a nice day, Kimmie. And I mean it.

          2. Bill katz

            Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you still hide behind a false name. What is your real name?

            Jimminny Cricket?

      2. Kim

        if you knew anything at all about history billyboy, you would know that Concord and Lexington started when the British marched to take our guns and ammunition. thanks for making OUR case

  12. enness

    “They support raising the minimum age to 21 to buy a shotgun, among others”

    Let me get this straight…you are old enough to be drafted at 18, and presumably old enough to obliterate a neighborhood with the push of a button, but not old enough to possess a lesser weapon?

  13. Stephen Patrick

    God bless you, Bill Katz. So good to have someone
    bring passion to the sane side of the question. CT
    knows guns. We invented them. Guns were our infant
    industry and we early grew fat on six-shooters. But
    now the frontier is closed. The West is won. And
    these weapons have come back to haunt us in our cities–
    life is cheap.
    I don’t have an assault weapon. I left it in Saigon in

    1. johngaltwhereru


      My guess is the “assault rifle” you left in Saigon was a FULLY AUTOMATIC machine or sub machine gun. You know, the type that is already illegal.

      You definately did not leave an AR-15 cosmetically enhanced, single pull of the trigger=single bullet fired weapon.

      Am I wrong?

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        How’s the weather down there John? We could use a little global warming up here.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          Magnificent. The hot air coming from the CT Legislature should add to your global warming.

        2. Connecticut is Dying Too

          John, do you think the Democrat legislature will blow smoke rings out of their arses after they pass their preordained gun control legislation? Will that contribute to global warming also?

      2. bill katz

        Dr Picklehead. what difference does it make to the conversation? it makes no difference. Buy I am sure you will find you because that’s just the way you are wired.

  14. Kim

    ““I think the rest of the country is looking at Connecticut,’’ Pinciaro told lawmakers during Thursday’s hearing. “Now is the time. Don’t let us down.’’

    Too late – these hearings are proof of that. Our legislators ARE letting us down

  15. Kim

    billyboy/bill katz wants us to believe that guns have nothing to do with freedom.

    He’s obviously ignoring the lessons of the Revolutionary War. Could we have won our freedom WITHOUT guns? Did we really win because of all those petitions and protests against the British government? Was the Boston Tea Party the catalyst for the British government to throw in the towel?

    I could have sworn that Britain’s response was to send in massive numbers of troops with – wait for it – GUNS. To do what? To take away our freedom.

    And how did we defeat them? With GUNS. Given these very simple truths, how can we possibly correlate guns with freedom?

    The answer: ‘think’ like a liberal. Eschew logic and reason.

  16. John East Lyme

    Today the mental system still broken, so violent people are still out in society.

    Children still at home playing hyper violent, first person killing games, preparing themselves for the next mass shooting.

    The only difference will be the next time there is a mass shooting in Connecticut, the shooter will have to change their magazines a couple of times.

    Connecticut State legislators have instead chosen to go after the legal firearm owners, because the hate guns and gun owners. They hate you.

  17. Stephen Patrick

    Here again. Yes, it was an M-16 I left behind in Saigon,
    John. And no, Kim, I am not Bill Katz. I admire you,
    Bill. You follow Kipling’s injunction to “keep your
    head while all about you are losing theirs, and
    blaming it on you.”

    The salient thing here is the American culture of the gun.
    We are decks-awash in these things thinking that we are
    avatars of FREEDOM,like those raw-boned skirmishers at
    Lexington blazing defiance to tyranny.

    This is nonsense. A society of sanity and civility does
    not need be so heavy with metal. And again, this is the
    whole culture. Cable just this week carried a shooter
    hammering away with a heavy machine gun [aka .50-caliber;
    aka "Ma-Deuce"]at a rigged-up car, screaming yahoos at
    the resultant explosion. And let’s not forget our other
    favorite, the Sniper.

    The real FREEDOM is the one from this sick gun culture.
    An assault weapon ban is, yes, just a start. But a journey
    of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. There
    will always be hunting. Fear not, Bubba–you have nothing to lose but your chains, and your banana clips.

    1. bill katz

      Stephen: As you said “You follow Kipling’s injunction to “keep your
      head while all about you are losing theirs, and
      blaming it on you.”

      The only place I need to keep my head was at the LOB when the fur trappers were exploding theirs.

      “…the man standing next to me, his head was exploding. Oh, I was praying the pieces wouldn’t fall on me.” Dylan

      It’s not hard to do when you are in the vast majority but momentarily standing in a bubble of paranoid quacks.

    2. Kim

      nice: billyboy aka Stephen Patrick admiring himself in his persona as billyboy. Issues, issues. This is the ‘voice of reason’ representing the anti-gunners on the Sandy Hook issue

  18. Johngaltwhereru

    The difference is that you anti 2nd Amendment people always need to redefine terms, intentionally conflate unrelated aspects of an issue, and distort reality to argue your point.

    AR-15s and Machine Guns are not the same thing, but Stephen was trying to make it appear as if they were. I was pointing out his insincerity.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Sorry, that reply was to Billy’s Hillary-like “what difference does it make” question.

      1. Bill katz

        What difference does it make?

        Stephen: maybe I have been here too long posting. It is la la land. Don’t take it seriously and don’t get upset upon hearing any comments. For awhile, I was the most outrageous poster. But since I have turned over a new leaf, some of these guys don’t know how to take me. I now refuse to reply to the dumber ones. They will grow tired after awhile.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          Truth vs lies always make a difference. Especially when lies are used to advance legislation or cover up government failure an corruption.

          Americans make fun of North Korea’s State Run Media, yet have no problem with propaganda coming from US media. As the US population becomes dumber and dumber, and the media becomes less and less objective, are we heading more towards the intended purpose ofvthe 1st amendment, or being like North Korea?

      2. Liberty Belle


        Do you not think that perhaps Mrs Clinton let her guard down in a gotcha moment after being harangued at length? Do you really think that she saw no difference? If you do, do you think that you might just be blinded by your own political orientation?

        Please be truthful and not reactive as I have observed in the past with your statements.

        Thank you.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          The truth, Liberty, is that Clinton said what she said, made no apologies, made no retractions, and the majority of the media reported her statement as heroic.

          There is nothing but the truth in my statement. Your not liking the truth is your problem, and shows the blindness of your political orientation.

          And if Mrs. Clinton preferred not to be “harangued at length”, she could have told the truth, or supplied the information asked for by Congress.

          Further, when the administration was lying about videos and spontaneous protests causing the Lybian massacre, I am quite confident she knew this was a lie. If she didn’t, she was unfit for her office. If she did, her lies of omission, and silence about the lies of the Administration are blatant, and she deserves to be exposed.

          1. Liberty Belle

            Mr Johngaltwhereru:

            It sounds by your response that not only do you know everything there is to know, but that the government is sadly at a loss in your absence.

            Do you not think that submitting an application to be The Great Truth Spoksman would elevate us all to higher levels of existence?

            And I thank you for naming my closest companion in the first few words of your response.

            Truth, most exploit for their own devices.

          2. Johngaltwhereru


            Switch up the writing style to throw people off your alias.

            I do not need to know everything, nor be the Great Truth Spokesman to know that Hillary, Obama and Candy Crowley lied through their teeth about Benghazi.

            The Administration has changed their story twice. At least 2 of the 3 stories are lies. Since multiple non conservative sources, including The White House have stated there was never a bit of evidence this was anything other than an organized military style attack, that makes it clear they lied.

          3. Liberty Belle

            Mr JohnGaltwhereru: I’m afraid you are confused or have me confused with someone else. It seems that everyone who posts here with liberal views is accused of coming from one person. I am not blind. I have read. Quaint that conservatives would think this way since they tend to disbelieve the polls.

            You believe what you need to believe.

            Isn’t that the perogitive of the poster?

          4. Johngaltwhereru

            Mr. Liberty,

            How do you know I am a Mr?

            I don’t think all Liberal posters on this site are the same. For instance, Billy is not Independent Thinker or JJJ Connolly. I do know that Billy uses many aliases. You have admitted as much.

            I also know a Liberal on this site posts ignorant statements in the username of Conservatives on this site.

            It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who you are.

          5. Liberty Belle

            Mr Johngaltwhereru:

            Do you not think that the name of “John” is most oftentimes used to identify a male?

            By “Billy” I think you are referring to “Bill Katz” although is is not a forgone conclusion. I am not he.

            By defending Mrs Clinton, is this what drives to to froth? If you cannot the right medication for this aliment, I could ask my doctor.

          6. johngaltwhereru


            The name is not John. It is Johngaltwhereru, as in the question “John Galt Where Are You?”
            But you know this already.

            In the almost unfathomable event that you are not Billy, you should really try to meet him. You have so much in common. You both disregard commonly accepted facts if they fail to fit your narrative. You both defend Hillary, regardless of her actions. You have identical writing styles and make identical gramatical errors. You both insert sentences that no rational thinker could determine the meaning of, or their relation to the surrounding words and sentences. And, you both think the pending anti-gun legislation will have an effect on Sandy Hook-like events or gun violence in general; a thought pattern that borders on pathological.

            If you are not Billy, life is too short for you not to meet.

          7. Liberty Belle

            Mr John;

            We need not continue this foolish posting. I know that I have better things to do with my time. Do you not think your time can better be spent among your special Libertarian friends?

          8. Johngaltwhereru


            You are the only person, besides Billy, I have ever seen that uses a semi-colon in the greeting of a post. You really need to meet him.

            But that is not important. What is of note is you, much like your Comrade Billy, failed to respond to the subject of Hillary being an over-rated, lying failure.

          9. Johngaltwhereru

            Actually, you didn’t fail to respond. You just failed to respond with anything of substance, or any factual information that contradicts my fact based statements.

        2. Kim

          billyboy has two new personas here: Stephen Patrick and Liberty Belle.

          Apparently, once he decided to come out at the LOB/Sandy Hook meeting and use his real name, he realized how poorly his posting history made him look. So he ‘turned over a new leaf’ to appear less ignorant and less contrary. This new billyboy is obviously aware that his commenting history is full of lies, combativeness, personal attacks etc so he decided to pretned to be otherwise, hence the ‘new leaf’.

          That being said, he obviously can’t handle this new persona full of love and acceptance, but has talked himself into a corner. The only way to be himself again, ironically enough, is to create some totally new personas. Now, as Stephen Patrick and/or Liberty Belle, he can return to his comfortable level of bullying and bellicosity. None of his 8 previous personalities were suitable for this.

          But billyboy, the psychoanalyst in you should have known we would catch you at this

  19. Stephen Patrick

    Keep their heads down, Bill Katz. I’m going for reinforcements. Your stand will go down
    in the histories with Rorke’s Drift. Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Garry Owen!

    1. Kim

      more billyboy talking to himself and answering his own questions, while complimenting himself endlessly. This is the type of person who should not have guns, and should not be deciding for others who should have them.

      He tried to clean up his act for his public appearance to come off as more rational than his many aliases. But we all know better.

      I am considering preparing information to release that will show Bill Katz for who he really is on these pages. And a subpoena to the Courant will tie them all together. Wouldn’t it be nice to show the world the type of person who is representing the anti-gunners who are jumping on the Sandy Hook bandwagon, pretending to be the ‘voice of reason’? And how eager the media was to support him

  20. Kim

    Per Thomas Sowell in a recent article discussing term limits:

    “Recently, California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein gave a graphic demonstration of what can happen when you have been in office too long.

    During a discussion of Senator Feinstein’s proposed legislation on gun control, Texas’ freshman Senator Ted Cruz quietly and politely asked “the senior Senator from California” whether she would treat the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment the same way her gun control bill was treating the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms.

    Senator Feinstein never addressed that question. Instead, she became testy and told Senator Cruz how long she had been in Congress and how much she knew. Watching her get up on her high horse to put him in his place, recalled the words of Cromwell to Members of Parliament: “You have sat too long for any good that you have been doing lately. … In the name of God, go!””

    By the way, Sowell is in favor of term limits insofar as a person should only be in government for ONE TERM – not a single term in multiple positions. The former might lead to good government. The latter leads to constant campaigning for the next position

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