Limbaugh Fan Page Says Tong Is Attempting to Distort It\’s Position

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William Tong, a Democratic candidate for mayor of Stamford, is trying to distort a message of support for Republican Michael Fedele on a Rush Limbaugh fan page, the adminstrator of the page says.

Tong issued a press release Tuesday criticizing Fedele for receiving what he said was an endorsement from the right-wing talk show host. But the endorsement didn\’t come from Limbaugh himself; it was posted on a Limbaugh fan page on Facebook that has no formal affiliation with Limbaugh.

\”William Tong\’s attempt to somehow distort our words toward Mike Fedele as an official endorsement from Rush Limbaugh is the kind of manipulative political gaming no person in our country should support, no matter their party,\’\’ states a message on the page posted Tuesday afternoon. \”We believe in …transparent, intelligent and honest candidates who do right by their voters and their constituencies.

\”As we have said from the start, this is a fan page run by people unaffiliated with Rush Limbaugh and not an official outlet for the news anchor.\”

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5 thoughts on “Limbaugh Fan Page Says Tong Is Attempting to Distort It\’s Position

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Imagine if this crew worked half as hard trying to discredit Republicans. We might have a semblance of balance.

  2. Jack Shannon

    I agree with the fan page operator. Tong realizes Limbaugh is toxic in CT, so he tried to tie them together. It was a ridiculous move and the administrator of the page was spot on when he said this is the kind of political gaming no one in our country should support, regardless of party.

  3. Charlene

    Tong accuses Limbaugh of the exact same polarizing actions that he himself has just committed in his zeal to seek political advantage. Can you spell “True Colors?”

  4. Not an Idiot

    What’s this “formal”? It has NO connection at all. God, we cannot hold media figures accountable for what FANS say. There’s no need for the word “formal.” NO connection at all. Limbaugh has his own fan page, and you should only go to people’s official pages — even if you hate them as irrationally as the old Klansmen hated blacks.

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