Linares\’ CPAC Moment

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Newly-elected Republican state Sen. Art Linares will address the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland this weekend.

\"linares\"Linares was named one of CPAC\’s 10 conservatives under 40. At 24, he\’s one of the youngest speakers at the high-profile event.

\”The depth and diversity of the conservative movement’s bench provides hope for America’s future as we face new challenges, and is reflected at CPAC this year especially,\’\’ Al Cardenas, chairman of The American Conservative Union, said on the CPAC website.  \”As some of the youngest leaders in their states, these conservatives are committed to the timeless principles and future of our nation.\”

Linares, the grandson of Cuban exiles, is currently serving his first term in the state Senate. He represents the towns of Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland and Westbrook.


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12 thoughts on “Linares\’ CPAC Moment

  1. UConnHoop

    God forbid the liberals in this state allow someone to have a different opinion from them. Liberals only promote tolerance and diversity when the opinions expressed match theirs.

  2. Lawrence

    Maybe the senator will share with his fellow GOPAC conservatives his recent, glowing press release thanking the state for the bonding(i.e. “putting it on the credit card”) for dredging in his district that the senator says will create jobs and long-term improvements — the bonding that all but one of his fellow Republican senators in CT voted AGAINST in 2011.

    GOPAC is NOT the future of the Republican Party — it is its marginalized past. Sarah Palin? Newt Gingrich? Donald Trump? The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre?? These are the people Sen. Linares is sharing a convention hall with this weekend.

    GOPAC has not held a straw vote for a successful GOP presidential candidate in something like two decades.

    Chris Christie –one of the most popular governors in America — is not welcome at GOPAC.

    Marco Rubio shouts from the podium that the GOP doesn’t need new ideas.

    Paul Ryan earnestly offers a GOP budget already rejected by Americans and economists.

    GOP ‘rising star’ Sen. Rob Portman garners headlines today because he comes out in support of gay marriage once his own son tells him he’s gay?? Meanwhile, Sen. Linares is endorsed by the anti-gay rights Family Institute of CT.

    This GOPAC event is supposed to be an honor to attend?

    It’s an absolute horror show and a showcase for everything that is wrong with today’s GOP and why they must change before becoming permanently irrelevant on the American political landscape.

    1. Bill katz

      Lawrence: it’s way too late. cpac …go pac… Go packing… They went packing… started fracking… Off track… out back…they lack… the better knack…what the heck…just don’t object…if you do…they’ll fish you… from the net.

  3. James J. Connolly

    Art Linares is a pathetic geeky kid living out a fantasy of being a hero for his Cuban exile family. His state senatorial district will turn him out in a landslide in 2014. He is in the seat solely due to the split of Green votes to a thrird part candidate due to people being upset over the Haddam land swap. Live it up, Arty, your bizarre right-wing dreams will come crashing down in 19 months.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      And Bill Clinton was President soley due to Ross Perot splitting the Republican vote. Did he get re-elected?

      Is there going to be no Green Party candidate next time? Are the people going to just get over the land swap?

    2. Connecticut is Dying Too

      And you, James J. Connolly, are a bitter libtard who can’t accept the fact that a Republican slipped through in a sea of libtards in Connecticut. Our state is going down the crapper under one party libtardian rule. Thanks a bunch. Not.

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