Linda McMahon Denounces Mitt Romney\’s Remarks

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon was quick to denounce Mitt Romney\’s secretly videotaped remarks to donors about the \”47 percent\” of the U.S. electorate who support President Obama and believe they are entitled to government handouts.

\"\"\”I disagree with Governor Romney’s insinuation that 47% of Americans believe they are victims who must depend on the government for their care. I know that the vast majority of those who rely on government are not in that situation because they want to be. People today are struggling because the government has failed to keep America competitive, failed to support job creators, and failed to get our economy back on track,\’\’ McMahon said in a statement posted on her website this morning.

“I am sympathetic to the struggles that millions of Americans are going through because I’ve been there. As a young couple Vince and I lost our home and our car. With two small children it was not an easy time for my family.

“That’s why I am running for the Senate, because I have been there before and I know the way out. My financial struggles were part of the foundation that I built my jobs plan on. It’s why I want to give the middle class a tax break that will put an extra $500 a month in the pockets of an average Connecticut family next year. My sole focus if elected to the United States Senate will be to create good jobs for middle class families and get the American economy turned around.”

UPDATE: Chris Harris, spokesperson for American Bridge 21st Century, a Super PAC that backs liberal candidates, dug out a year-old clip of McMahon referring to the 47 percent.

The video from WTNH News 8 features McMahon talking about the need for all Americans to \”pay their fair share\” of taxes, even the 47 percent of Americans who she says don\’t pay taxes. It aired in September of 2011, when McMahon announced her second bid for Senate.


The McMahon campaign says her remarks cannot be taken in the same context as Romney\’s. McMahon was simply pointing out a fact: 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax, said Todd Abrajano, McMahon\’s campaign spokesman.

\”There\’s a huge difference between stating a fact and what Mitt Romney said,\’\’ Abrajano said. (By the way, CBS News fact-checked Romney\’s 47 percent comment and found it true but incomplere: \”nearly two-thirds of households that paid no income tax did pay payroll taxes. And most people also pay some combination of state, local, sales, gas and property taxes,\’\’ CBS reported.

Meanwhile, Chris Murphy, McMahon\’s Democratic opponent, dismissed McMahon\’s criticism of Romney as  a \”desperate attempt to distance herself from the right-wing agenda and Republican party she strongly supports.\”

Murphy spokesman Eli Zupnick released the following statement: \”No amount of campaign spin can change the fact that Linda McMahon supports Romney\’s right-wing Republican agenda to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires like her while dismantling Medicare and devastating the middle class here in Connecticut. The fact is the leader of her party was caught speaking honestly about the real McMahon-Romney agenda that would give Linda an additional $7 million tax break. Just like Romney, McMahon has a long disturbing history of laying off 10% of her workforce while taking $10 million in taxpayer money, as well as a plan to give millionaires like her a massive tax cut at the expense of middle class families.\”


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66 thoughts on “Linda McMahon Denounces Mitt Romney\’s Remarks

  1. Lee

    I have no reason to believe Romney’s remarks were not accurate. The Democrats have over the past 4 years created more dependency on government if one was to look at the poverty rate increase and correlate to the Obama’s popularity. The stats don’t lie.

    1. J Neumann

      You’re right. The stats DON’T lie. This is where the word “ironic” comes into play. The top 10 states who are, by Mitt Romney’s definition, the dreaded 47%, are states that are firmly in his wheelhouse. Southern states with Idaho tossed in. HIS base, not President Obama’s. See? Ironic isn’t it?

      1. DON886

        J Neueman the red state blue state means nothing. Not all voters vote the way their state goes. I think government data does show that Democrats support big government more than GOP.

        1. Farfel

          Complete and utter nonsense, Bud. You are confusing the lies of conservatism with empirical data. You want to believe that your “team” is all about small government and self-dependency, but, as the Brookings Institute just revealed, the greatest numerical beneficiaries of “entitlements” are white high-school educated males.

          “Big Government” – you have no idea what it means, what you’d cut, etc. Except that you would hurt the sick, poor, elderly, and children. Everything else is a freaking Republican free for all. In Jesus’ name, of course.

  2. Linda

    yeah Lee, that’s why 9 out of the 10 states with the highest rate of these “entitlement” programs reside in red states…specifically the deep south and Appalachian territory…because of Obama’s “popularity”…right? LOL

    1. Farfel

      They can’t handle the truth. Conservative voters vote against their own best interests. Emotion over rationality. What a sad joke.

  3. aligoria

    Pffft. Linda McCahon is a coward. Romney is 100% right and better she keep quiet than deny facts she knows to be true.

      1. Farfel

        47% of Americans are freeloaders, eh? Half the country? Every other person you see?

        What planet do you live on?

        1. Palin Smith

          Many people pay no income tax because they earn no salary, but subsist on a meager fixed income. They are being punished severely now because of the insanely low interest rates. All their lives they played by the rules, expecting a fair return on their CDs and savings accounts. They are risk adverse so the stock market is not in play.

          It is criminal to artificially keep the interest rates low. The Federal government benefits the most from low interest rates. That’s what allows them to borrow recklessly and rampantly over-spend. Bringing interest rates back to the 3-5% range would curtail government lunacy and help retired people enjoy life better.

          Many of these people are older and more conservative. They are not to be frowned upon! It’s the stereotyping by the media that misleads politicians like Mitt Romney.

          The best thing Romney and McMahon could do now is to completely cut themselves away from the media and run on common sense and the right principles. Let the Democrats play games. Democrats don’t have a single new idea that works. If not for media complicity in perpetuating the Democratic Party myths and fantasies, they would never win an election based on the facts!

  4. A

    Who cares? She’ll be dead in the water along with scumbag Romney when Obama inevitably thrashes him in CT by 10+ points. Scott Brown’s done too. (Even in an alternate universe where Americans were self-loathing enough to elect Romney president, these new England races are jokes…no way a Republican wins those in a presidential year).

  5. Michael

    Yes, Lee, in the poverty laden states of the South, Barack Obama is dominating Mitt Romney in the polls. Your data is clearly sound and rigorous. Good job.

    1. DON886

      Most of the population is from states like NY, California , Penn. and are states that Obama wins due to large city turnout in cities like Philadelphia, NYC, Detroit, San Francisco.

      There are many in poverty in those places even though there are also higher income parts.

  6. CT conservative

    This is why conservatives are lukewarm to Linda McMahon. What Mitt said is absolutely correct. There are 47% who pay nothing and vote for Obama in order to mooch of the productive class. Rather than embracing the Ayn Rand language of producers and looters, McMahon runs away with it. This is why conservatives will only begrudgingly vote for her.

    1. Daniel

      Many people pay no federal income taxes. But the vast majority do owe payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, which in turn are two of the biggest items in the federal budget.

      Add those in, and the taxpaying group is much larger. Most of the rest are either elderly or very low income.

      1. jaylew

        The earned income tax credit is specifically designed to refund BACK to millions of people who YES did have payroll taxes withheld…but the EITC is a refund that gives back the FICA and medicare taxes that were withheld….so you cannot just say that simply because a person “paid” FICA or medicare taxes in their paychecks each pay…the fact is that for millions it is refunded right back to them come federal tax refund time. FACTS are FACTS….if you pay me a hundred dollars in May and I pay you back 110 dollars in June….you tell only a half truth if you claim you paid me a hundred dollars….and conveniently leave out the fact that I paid you back the hundred dollars and then some. That is what the earned income tax credit does….it is a refund of FICA and medicare taxes that were withheld (or call it paid if it makes you feel better)…..Romney and other like minded people do a poor of explaining that. The fact as i stated is that if you paid FICA and medicare taxes (payroll taces) through out the year…..BUT those dollars are refunded back to you at federal tax time… YOU DID NOT PAY TAXES…..they were ALL refunded back to you. Sales taxes are different…excise taxes are different….but federal income and payroll taxes are all reconciled on the 1040 style forms….and lower income Americans do NOT pay payroll taxes. I would accept the following statement…”I paid payroll taxes BUT they were refunded back to me in their entirety”…..but you see no one ever completes the sentence…

    2. jojo

      I say that we do what our founding fathers did, but backwards..instead of “no taxation without representation” it should now be “NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION”! If you don’t pay taxes you should not have the right to elect leaders who will allow people to keep on being dependent on our government and taxpayers money.

    3. Farfel

      Does your Freeloader Class include the 7,000 millionaires who paid nothing? Or transnationals who paid nothing? I mean, the latter are now considered people thanks to the Right.

      1. Kim

        farfel, while you’re making up data why have you overlooked the recent illegal law passed by Obama forgiving illegal immigrants and ordering ICE agents to ignore the law and let illegals go, even if they have committed crimes? Surely in your wisdom you can come up with some tax figures for this group, right?

      2. jaylew

        You know dude….your foaming at the mouth is really over the top….we all get it…you don’t like rich people. I bet you are a blast to live with….always grousing about how they got that and you didn’t….cripes….I don’t mind liberal thought and genuine discourse but you define the typical “bitter” liberal…always upset about one thing or another that someone got or earned or received…..that you didn’t. Honestly Farfel….do you think that for one minute Obama or Romney for that matter can actually put policy(s) in place that will be as good at “collecting” more money from the wealthy than they…the wealthy are and always will be at avoiding that same collection? Do you seriously? Do you think million and billionaires are just going to sit around and lay around and let their pockets be picked? All your whining in the world will never ever prevent the wealthy from protecting their wealth…in a better fashion than Obama will ever be able to snatch it. Neither Obama or any like minded left leaning person will ever ever be able to do that….and if that ideological climate gets too bad in the USA…..the wealthy will just pack it up and leave. And then what will you grouse about? Your life will be even more miserable….the leftist redistribution of wealth mindset has never ever worked anywhere on planet earth and I challenge you to list one place on this planet that you could look at all of us with a straight face and prop that place up…it’s obvious you dislike American wealth….so..OKAY your turn…name the place on this planet that you love the best….and if claim it the USA…then you need you to learn that there will always be the wealthy in this country…and you cannot complain that away.

  7. Kim

    The entire 47% probably don’t believe they are victims – they could simply believe that they are entitled to others money. It all amounts to the same thing – Romney is correct. 47% of the voters are in lockstep with Obama and the giveaways. According to polls, over 95% of African-Americans are also behind Obama (speaking of racism). Is there an overlap? Probably.

    Romney is right to be concerned and absolutely right to bring up this issue. He should also be speaking out about how the president and the Dems want to increase the numbers firmly in their court, through pandering to illegal aliens and passing laws that help them.

    Expect Obama to forgive certain debts prior to the election, just to bolster his support. Add those to the ‘recipient’ list as well. GM, the great ‘success story’ that has taxpayers billions in the hole, is already starting to ask to have their debts forgiven because they’re having problems hiring talented executives. The talented executives don’t want to work under the government controls. What’s that? They want a PRIVATE SECTOR job? Look for Obama to wipe their debt away at taxpayer expense. This after breaking centuries of contract law and giving privately owned GM to the unions.

    And, he has said he wants to do this THROUGHOUT the country. THIS is what you can expect from the Obama presidency through 2016. What’s happening with the teachers in Chicago will be nationwide – a pretense at negotiating by the local and federal governments followed by Malloy-like handouts and promises along with additional years of job security. You get what you deserve, people. But take comfort – IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN.

  8. mark nati

    First of all many of that 47% is people on social Security which people are just getting there own money Back. It is Republican CEO’s shipping jobs overseas. Including high tech miltary jet engine parts that are made in China. and the republicans in the Senate keep filibustering any attemp to change the laws that would take away the tax for sending jobs overseas. And it worse in the congress. It seems the Republicans want all the jobs to move overseas.

    1. jaylew

      wrong….while working an employee only pays HALF of the social security and medicare taxes (payroll) taxes…the employer…completely outside of the employees paycheck is at the same time sending in out of the EMPLOYERS own pocket the other half. So NO SS recipients only paid in HALF of what they get back….I don’t mind people grousing about things…but can we at least discuss whole facts instead of half facts? Especially with this tax stuff. Did you know Mark…that while you work or worked…that what you see withheld from your paycheck for FICA and medicare taxes….that your employer files a 941 form and pays double the amount of what you see withheld from your paycheck on your pay stub. Ask your payroll department if i am right…that really you only pay HALF of the total FICA and medicare taxes into your “long since evaporated and spent Social Security lock box account with your name on it”. At this time Mark…as of May of this year….for the first time in history…the Social Security Administration is cutting checks each month that exceed what was collected that same month…in other words….the slippery slope has begun. Not only is the Social Security System doomed in its current form…but as I type this including myself…every dime you and i have ever paid into this system…has already long since been spent on something or someone else… is all one big huge IOU. It is a ponzi scheme…something that if anyone of us tried to foist upon the public…we might be arrested for a crime. Yep….it is that bad….

  9. Paul

    I referred to this in a previous post but I think it bears repeating minus my original sarcasm (you’re welcome).

    From neocon William Kristol.

    “It’s worth recalling that a good chunk of the 47 percent who don’t pay income taxes are Romney supporters—especially of course seniors (who might well “believe they are entitled to heath care,” a position Romney agrees with), as well as many lower-income Americans (including men and women serving in the military) who think conservative policies are better for the country even if they’re not getting a tax cut under the Romney plan. So Romney seems to have contempt not just for the Democrats who oppose him, but for tens of millions who intend to vote for him.”

    (The rest of Kristol’s article can be found here;

  10. George Kerr

    Romney will go down in flames,his rich filled head cannot sum up those that have it tough, he will say one thing then the same day the exact other, he should be checked for torrets

  11. Jack

    Hey Linda, better to keep your big mouth shut and let people think you’re an idiot than open it and remove all doubt. What a dilemma, vote for McMahon, or vote for Murphy, neither one belongs anywhere near Washington DC.

  12. PH

    The fact of the matter is that the Republicans depend on votes from many people who fall into that 47% who pay no income tax, including seniors and active military. Although I think people who depend on the government are voting against their self-interest, the reality is that it happens all the time. He better hope that they don’t all vote for Obama because then he has absolutely no chance of winning.

  13. jojo

    I say that we do what our founding fathers did, but backwards..instead of “no taxation without representation” it should now be “NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION”! If you don’t pay taxes you should not have the right to elect leaders who will allow people to keep on being dependent on our government and taxpayers money.

    1. kmarie

      Please, for the sake of this country, EDUCATE yourself (and no, FOX News does NOT count). And since when did right wingers start advocating for more taxes? It’s republican policies that eliminated many from the tax rolls. Your ignorance is absolutely stunning:

      The FACTS:

      Romney’s 47 percent figure lumped together separate groups that have little relation to one another. Most Americans do pay taxes: The poorest fifth of Americans paid an effective tax rate of 17 percent last year, and the second-poorest fifth paid an effective tax rate of 21 percent, when factoring in payroll taxes, sales taxes and property taxes, among others, according to Citizens for Tax Justice.

      It is true that 46 percent of American households did not pay federal income taxes last year, according to the Tax Policy Center. But that number is unusually high, in part because of the recession — and a majority of that 46 percent still paid payroll taxes. Only 18 percent of American households paid no income taxes and no payroll taxes last year. It is largely low-income seniors and very poor people that legally don’t pay federal income taxes or payroll taxes, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Tax Policy Center.

      It was also inaccurate for Romney to claim that those who don’t pay federal income taxes would vote for President Obama “no matter what.” Nearly all states with a high percentage of Americans that don’t pay federal income taxes vote Republican in presidential elections, according to the Washington Post.

      Moreover, Republican policy — on the part of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush — has pushed to move poorer people off of the federal income tax rolls, as noted by the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein and Newsweek’s Matt Zeitlin.

      As for entitlements, contrary to Romney’s portrayal, more than 90 percent of entitlement benefits go to the elderly, seriously disabled or members of working households, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

      1. jaylew

        as you guys always conveniently do when it comes to federal income and payroll taxes…you leave out the Earned Income Tax Credit…and anyone who thinks that they have a handle on either the left or right aisle of thinking when it comes to true effective tax rates…if they FAIL to impute the impact that the Earned Income Tax Credit has…..they are simply trying to make their politics fit into a place that it can’t were they to correctly discuss how the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit represents a refund of it all….the whole deal….it places those persons at the end of the accounting period…into the category of

        NOT A TAXPAYER….neither federal income or payroll taxes…..they got it ALL back with that maximum EITC.

    2. Kim

      I’ve advocated something similiar for a long time jojo. Something has to be done to change the environment where recipients get to outvote those who provide the money for them to feed off of.

      And something has to be done to make politics honorable and geared toward the welfare of the country instead of the self. Term limits is a good place to start. Penalties for broken promises is another thought

  14. Billy

    If Obabma’s policies hadn’t brought us the worst economy in US history, this statement would not have been made.

    1. kmarie

      And the economy was is in such great shape when Bush left office, thanks to the policies that Romney advocates?? Surely you must be kidding that it’s Obama’s fault? Where were you four years ago (before Obama took office) when the economy was in free fall?

      1. Sharpshooter

        Hey K….why not understand that the sub-prime mortgage issue is a congressional abortion….NAFTA(exporting basically union jobs ) occurred under Clinton and a Republican controlled house…..hold Congress responsible for the environment we must now correct….throw the incumbents out….career politicians be gone…

      2. Kim

        Bush hasn’t been in office for 3+ years, kmarie. Why do Obama and his supporters have such a hard time acknowledging THEIR responsibility for $5Trillion dollar increase in spending? Or any other thing that they caused or created?

        Obama was hired to do a job, not blame everyone else. And he said himself, that if he didn’t solve the economic problem then he would be a one-term president. Have you conveniently forgotten that?

      3. Kim

        kmarie, to use your words: “Please, for the sake of this country, EDUCATE yourself”. and no, Keith Oberman does not count.

        The economic meltdown was started under Clinton when he and his Democratic buddies (chris dodd, et al) forced lenders to meet racially-based lending quotas and overlook the ability of borrowers to pay back their loans. They ignored years of sound lending policy to force borrowers to lend to risky borrowers. Now that the crap has hit the fan, the liberals want to pretend that it was all Wall Street and big banks fault.

        Your ignorance is absolutely stunning (again, your words). Selective history doesn’t make you very credible. Those of us who pay attention to the facts and to history aren’t buying into your whitewashing. Clinton’s ‘arithmetic’ during the D convention was cherry-picked and conveniently left out these truths as well. So you’re in good company with the other liars

        1. Kim

          and when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought all of these risky loans WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, it made everything worse. Again, Democratic policies and institutions are to blame.

  15. Jimbo

    Looks like America can’t handle a simple truth: half of us are supporting the other half. This is unsustainable just like QE3 and Trillion dollar deficits and unfunded entitlement promises. Electing comrade Obama is a fools errand but many are ready to do just that. Pathetic but true.

  16. kmarie

    Another fact that you seem to overlook:

    Yes, there are 261,000 fewer employees on payrolls today than when Obama took office. But at the same point of the Bush administration, the jobs deficit stood at 856,000 jobs, according to current estimates of the same period.

    And, you say it’s Obama’s fault? Can’t let facts get in the way of your venom.

    1. Kim

      ironic how you are using ‘facts’ as an argument, almost as if your posts have contained actual facts. Nice try, but you’re merely parroting the leftist media while accusing others of depending on Fox etc. Goose-stepping suits you, k

  17. Scott Williams

    YES they are! too bad she didn’t have enough guts to tell the truth, on one level or another they are sucking off of the government teet. What part of “”the government should not give one cent to ANYBODY”” do you people not understand? It is morally wrong to steal money from my family to give to somebody else. If I want to give somebody money that is my business and my decision alone, not the government’s. It is not their job to force me to do so by holding a gun to my head.

    Holy Crap Davy Crocket was almost tarred and feathered over this very issue, He only won his reelection by going around and apologizing to the people for his mistake…

    How much proof do you people need to show you that liberalism is a mental disorder?!

    1. kmarie

      So you don’t drive on roads the government has built?

      I won’t stoop to your level by name calling but you are the whole reason the Republican party is FAILING–it’s trying to appease those who are so blinded by hate and rage (by the way, why so angry–life hasn’t treated you very well apparently) that they have lost ALL sense of reality. I feel sorry for you and your losing party. Hope you get back on track some day. In the meantime, the billionaires running the Republican party will continue to use people like you who will vote against their own best interest.

      1. Kim

        you’re goose-stepping kmarie. the government didn’t build anything without taxpayer money. You’ve fallen for the crap Obama tossed out about ‘you didn’t build that’. When are YOU going to admit that socialism doesn’t work and that individual responsibility and productivity does? I feel sorry for you and your socialist party that’s failing all over Europe and that your president is trying to institute here. Why so angry? I guess you haven’t personally been very successful given that you want credit for what others have done. Can’t stand on your own achievements?

      2. Kim

        only a liberal could miss the irony of accusing the Repubs of being controlled by billionnaires while ignoring Obama’s ties to hollywood. You must have missed how California is about to use taxpayer money to promote advertising to support Obama. Now THAT’S a level playing field, right?

  18. T-MAN


  19. Lawrence

    KMarie, you are lovely. I support you. But don’t try arguing the facts or telling the truth to right-wingers. You can’t fix stupid. Just let the right-wingers have their Rush Limbaugh and their Fox News and watch them shrink smaller, smaller, smaller from the American landscape until they disappear like the pea-brained dinosaurs they are.

    1. Kim

      ahh yes, the always-effective party line, name-calling and innuendos. Good for you scooter, er Lawrence. Your president has trained you well. Those of us with commonsense see right through all of you, however.

      Now go try to trade some of your EBT card purchases for some cash

  20. Sharpshooter

    It aired in September of 2011, when McMahon announced her second bid for Senate.

    By the way Courant…this is her first bid for the Senate….she ran for governor of Connecticut in 2010….

  21. John Callahan

    In the bible Peter denied knowing Jesus or anything about what he said, or his teachings, to the Roman Soldiers.

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