Love \’Em Or Hate \’Em: Republicans Voting Against Sandy Relief

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These are the Republican members of the House of Representatives who today voted against the first portion of federal relief for states hit by Storm Sandy. Tweeted by TPM.



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10 thoughts on “Love \’Em Or Hate \’Em: Republicans Voting Against Sandy Relief

  1. Da Troof

    We know you hate ‘em Rick. That’s what you do for a living.

    Now lets have a little conversation about how we pay for all this relief effort (and the pork thrown in).

  2. Kim

    great reporting Rick. Why do you suppose they voted against the bill? Or isn’t that newsworthy?

  3. No one you're likely to know....

    Could some pork projects that have nothing to do with the storm impacted areas have anything to do with this?

  4. justme

    Oh great another government tit to dish out the pork. Congress is doing what they can to spend money more wisely while the media goes nuts to spend and waste more.

  5. David McCluskey

    Having pork in disaster relief bills is wrong. But so is getting disaster relief bills for your part of our nation (with nice slices of pork) and now all of a sudden become virtuous and insist on a disaster bill being paid for with budget cuts + having no pork. Victims of disasters have NEVER been held hostage to politics because it is Wrong. You want to have new rules going forward for disaster relief bills + how to pay for them OK. Do you want to pass another bill or have the House pass an amendment to strip the pork out of the Sandy disaster relief bill OK. But the long delay in passing the bill is unconscionable and wrong.

  6. Sharpshooter

    Sweet reporting Rick….and our gal Rosa voted against the ‘cliff bill’ and then expected support for the ‘Sandy Bill…Rosa’s ‘old and in the way’….

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