Malloy Announces Set Of Gun Control Proposals

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\"malloyWhile some were calling for federal action on gun violence, Gov. Malloy released his own set of proposals for the state.

The five-part plan calls for universal background checks, a ban on magazines over 10 rounds, a strengthened assault weapons ban, improved gun storage laws, and stricter enforcement.

On magazines, current owners would have until October 1st to sell out of state or turn in to police the magazines they currently own.

Malloy suggests closing the \”gun show loophole\” by mandating that anyone buying from a private seller supply proof they have undergone a federal background check, which can be obtained from a federally licensed firearm dealer.

Malloy would expand the definition of an assault weapon by reducing the number of \”military-style features\” to one, down from four. Gun control advocates say multiple features (to qualify a firearm as an \’assault weapon\’) allow dangerous weapons, like the Bushmaster used by Adam Lanza, to slip through the cracks.

People who legally purchased assault weapons before the law was enacted would be allowed to keep their weapons, but only after undergoing a new permitting process that Malloy spokesman Andrew Doba said \”would be intensive and would involve extensive training.\”

If an owner wanted to sell an existing assault weapon, they would have to do so out of state, Doba said.

The governor\’s proposal would implement a mandatory reporting system to better track illegal gun activity. Gun transfers would also be more closely monitored; dealers would be required to keep track of transfers and provide that information to law enforcement.

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45 thoughts on “Malloy Announces Set Of Gun Control Proposals

  1. Kurt

    The backround checks are good. Which ct has already. But the rest is not well thought out. BECAUSE the bad guys are not going to follow all this. Look at chicago some of the hardest laws to get guns. & the highest gun crimes in the u.s.a. Because they don’t go after the gangs!!!

    1. rally no guns BillY

      It is not,so,important who the good guys are and who are the bad guys. This articulation by the VP of the NRA foolishly reduces the issue to unrealistic basics. It is and should be about gun availability since a gun in responsible hands can slip inadvertently into the wrong hands.

      Hence, we should reduce or eliminate semi automatic rifles – and by this, I mean the modern firepower tht has forced the police to increase their firepower.

      Ban guns summonses my understanding,of a solution.

  2. Richard

    As expected. Close the gun show loophole; 10 round limit; more training; restricted to one military style feature.

    It’s the enforcement angle that’s of interest

  3. Connecticut is Dying Too

    I missed the part about addressing the hundreds of Democrats who kill each other in our city streets each year with illegal handguns.

    When it comes to passing new feelgood laws without enforcing existing laws, you can’t beat liberals.

  4. post 5,500 gun control rally bill

    The proposals are not strong enough. We need a complete ban on assault rifles, or semi automatic or how the hell ever you want to define these horrible killing machines. The weapons already in circulation should also be banned, sole out of state, or create a new tax on weapons and ammo and use the revenues to buy back these weapons.

    Malloy, we don’t need your crocodile tears. We need strong gun control laws.

    1. Jarhead

      You want to take my property that I bought legally and pay taxes on. I fought for these fredoms! Not on your life you commie sympathizer

    2. The Conn-servative

      Well first of all,if a complete ban was achieved we wouldn’t need your last sentence would we, which we already have plenty of. Your sentence about creating a new tax on weapons and ammo is completely moronic.Think about it,create a tax on weapons and ammo and use the revenues to buy back the items you just sold.I must be missing something. How about if you believe in buybacks,use what existing tax dollars you money grabbing libs are already siphoning off of all of us private sector workers,many of whom, myself including,do not want to see our tax revenues used for government funded abortions,welfare programs for the physically abled,financing a Federal Dept of Education that doesn’t educate one child,etc. Perhaps a special dedicated tax should be implemented to pay for this fraud perpetrated on us just as you proposing, and not coming out of the general tax revenue.

    3. Nate

      I understand that you do not agree that the public should have these firearms. Please understand that I do believe that these firearms are just as harmless as the thousands of us who do not go on shooting sprees can attest to. For myself and the majority of gun owners who are law abiding citizens and posses these arms after passing the federal background checks, what the Governor proposes is the same as denying me my right to practice my religion though it may be different from his own.

        1. Kim

          gun control: same goes for cars, doctors, planes, trains, blackberries, toasters, etc. In fact, MORE mistakes abound in the medical profession and in the operation of vehicles, than all gun mistakes combined

    4. John East Lyme

      At least a liberal who shows his true stripes. The constitution is an outdated document. So we should not let it get in the way of taking away all the guns. The government could not possible compensate the people for confiscating there legally purchased firearms and why should it. All gun owners are evil. Total “democrat” government control is the solution to fix evil America.

  5. Progun Bob

    There’s a large external anti-gun focus in Connecticut now, loading more than ninety bills before committee review. The plan is to make Connecticut the model gun control state, then carry that across the country. The goal, disarm the population by making it impossible to obtain, own, transfer or use firearms though a series of legal requirements, financial costs, gun features or magazine capacities. So when someone is facing a felony charge for possession of a high cap mag. Well, your guns are taken away, you can never own any guns again anywhere in USA, and we’ll be kind and not have you do jail time. That will be the model for disarming the population in Connecticut through the legal system.

  6. sam

    This is really ridiculas our governor needs to stop “grand standing” and playing politics here for the media. He already had his washington sit down with the president what more does he want. These proposals of this magazine ban is ridiculas, what happens to all the pistols that were purchased “legally” by “legal Gun Onwners” that came originally with 15 and 17 round clips, that you cant buy a 10 round clip for? Do these all become ilegal? How can this be legal? For starters any guns that have been purchased “legally” by “legally permitted gun owners” before any ban and are registered with the state already should be grandfathered and become exempt from these laws. There should be no new “extensive training” involved unless you want to buy a new “Scary Black Rifle” or a “Scary black Semi Auto Pistol”.
    If our politicians are serious and really want to do somthing, I think it is time the federal government needs to step in and make “ONE SET” of federal regulations overiding any and all local or states regulations. The second ammendment is federal and so should “ALL” the regulations that pertain to it. They should not be made to fit what local and state dim witted politicians feel they think is what is needed because they are trying to please a certain group of citizens. There should be national standards and laws and “only” national standards and laws. if every states doesnt have the same laws you cant control the flow of guns that will make there way to our streets via the criminals and nut jobs in our society.
    Then the federal government needs to make all gun carry permits from all states legal and accepted and recognized by all states and put them in a federal data base like commercial truck licenses. No more state permits only good in the state you live. This way they can monitor the permits on a federal level. You already have to pass a federal background check to get a state carry permit so why not make “one” permit good in all of the United States?
    Our Governors ego is getting out of control here and he needs to take a step back and just calm down. None of his ideas are going to curb gun violence because they are not addressing the people who actually commit these crimes. all any of these proposals do is penalize law abiding citizens and do nothing to address criminal activity. This state is run by very foolish people

  7. Jarhead

    Good thing I have a home outside of CT too. Screw them. I am almost retired and will be out of there never to return.

      1. John East Lyme

        I’m not leaving. For all of you who hate guns and gun owners, you leave, I’m sure New York will welcome you with open arms. As for gun owners who are being unjustly persecuted, we must take our state back. The liberals have destroyed it long enough.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      I’m with you Jarhead, just a bit further behind. Let the libs tax and legislate each other to death. At some point their tax and spend ponzi scheme will blow up.

      Semper Fi.

      1. Kim

        can’t wait to see CT left in the hands of the liberals alone, wondering who to tax for their livelihood. It will look more and more like California, Greece, France, etc. and will serve them right for not being intelligent enough to envision what they are forcing on the rest of us.


        1. Connecticut is Dying Too

          Indeed Kim. Liberals are like locusts- they consume everything of value and when they have destroyed one area they move on to destroy another. They have targeted Texas and Florida next and are moving south.

  8. The Dog

    The focus should be on mental health of gun owners. The majority of gun owners obey laws and follow processes set in place by state and federal government. Guns do not kill people, it’s those whom are in need of psychiatric help or criminals, that need to be the target of any new laws. Not the people who OBEY and FOLLOW the laws! Take a look at past history and other tragic events that took place – these people were not mentally stable! Attempting to take the guns away from law abiding citizens is infringement of our 2nd amendment rights. Focus on the bigger problems.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Well said. The doping up of Americans by liberally raised secular regressives is also to blame.Adhd,add,ridalyn drugs.We are an overprescibed society by a bunch of dopey psych doctors who seem to believe that their “clinical” trials met with great success and they will cure our childrens “mental health” issues with medicine. Thank God for parents who know better than to fall for this crap and pray for the children of those who don’t.

  9. Nate

    The Supreme Court has already ruled in 2008 Heller vs. D.C. that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right and independent of service in a militia. The Supreme Court has also ruled concerning the Second Amendment that firearms “in common use for lawful purposes” are also afforded protection by the Constitution. The “AR” platform that Malloy seems so scared about has been the most popular selling rifle in America, at least since Obama has been president and the standard capacity 30 round magazines are the most common magazine for the most popular, or “common” rifle in America. As such they are afforded protection under the Second Amendment. I think this is a very important fact that is irrefutable. Where does Malloy get the power to override the Supreme Court? Any legislation that is proposed to restrict these weapons is unconstitutional and illegal. This is not my opinion, it is the opinion of the Supreme Court. The governor is proposing to disrespect the Supreme Court and propose illegal unconstitutional legislation. He does not have more power than the highest court in this country. None of the politicians in Connecticut do.

    1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

      AR-15 rifles have been sold to the general public since the early 1960’s. It is the American equivalent today to lever action rifles of the 1800’s, everyone had one. What has changed since the 1960’s is we don’t lock up the mental cases anymore that are now on the street committing these crimes.

    2. Brian C. Duffy

      D.C. vs Heller dealt with handguns. Those are the ones that Scalia referred to “in common use”.

      “AR platform” weapons are banned in D.C as they are not covered under the 2nd Amendment. Heller upholds this.

      Any gun – short on long – in D.C must be submitted for inspection prior to registration and must be kept in the home for self defense only. No carry permit in public. Again, allowed post Heller.

      D.C. gun laws may be stupid, insane, impractical , etc., but they are all currently Constitutional.

  10. Nate

    I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. I have personally dealt with terrorism and I cannot understand why everyone fails to label the madmen who go on shooting sprees as ‘domestic terrorists’. It is a horrible situation to deal with but I assure you terrorists do not abide by laws and they do not stop until they accomplish their evil goals. Domestic terrorism is here to stay. There will always be a subset of our society who will engage in horrific acts of violence because they are evil. Banning or heavily restricting law abiding citizens constitutional right to own an “AR” platform rifle will do nothing to stop domestic terrorists! Malloy’s proposed legislation will only serve to embolden them as they will know they face less resistance from law abiding citizens who have unconstitutionally been disarmed. I have bled for this country. Malloy’s proposed attacks on OUR constitutionally guaranteed rights makes me sick to my stomach. I swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. A politicians pen can be even more dangerous an enemy than a weapon in the hands of an evil madman if it signs off on laws that go against our constitution and deny us the freedoms that so many have given their lives for.

    1. Kim

      Thanks Nate. We responsible citizens will be looking for ex-soldiers, current military members, ex- and current police officers, etc. to come to the forefront if and when our elected representatives start knocking on doors to ‘confiscate’ our property. Remember the oath to protect and defend against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

      There are enemies to our constitution all around us. Many hold public office. They need to be reminded of their oaths and their responsibilities.

      1. Kim

        I refer all military and police personnel – active and retired – to the organization called the Oath Keepers.

  11. Nate

    What does the Governor plan to do about the jobs that will be lost at Colt, Stag Arms, Ruger, and the countless machine shops around the state who provide the parts and pieces to manufacture these rifles and magazines? I didn’t realize with the economy hovering at 7.9% unemployment that we could afford to lose these important, well paid manufacturing jobs. I hope he personally goes to inform all these workers around the state that he doesn’t believe in our Constitutional rights and therefore they will not be able to feed their families or pay their mortgages. Collateral damage to this state from his proposed legislation will be great indeed.

  12. L. Ierardi

    What I have been listening to is a fool’s folly! These types of restrictions did not work during the Prohibition period. They had no effect during the last national gun ban or the vaunted Connecticut Assault Weapons Ban, and they will be a band aid at best if passed. Why? Guns will go underground like liquor did in the ’20’s and illegal drugs have since the 60’s. Crime gangs, large and small are vicious predators. Even some police departments fear them. These gangs will have a larger market for their illicit skills and activities and may even get more deeply involved in supplying guns to the underworld and those pre-disposed to violence. Creeping gun prohibition only affects honest people. What normal people want is absolute safety and that is not achievable in this Salad Bowl called the American Society. Yes, Salad Bowl! We were once a Melting Pot but now we are so divided that we rarely blend or compromise. The only rational ideas to come out of these recent verbal wars are these two:

    1. Guns at gun shows should only be sold by licensed

    2. Research regarding the detection and treatment for
    mental illness must, absolutely must, be increased.

    A recent program presented by National Public Television revealed that there is success in identifying the differences between a normal brain and a brain which tends toward violent acts. The goal should be to make a maximum effort to find a cure for these malfunctions. Enough of this dance around hardware and how many pieces are good and what style is bad. The United States has 5% of the world’s population but its prison’s hold 25% of the world’s prison population. Doesn’t anyone see the real issue here? I want to remind everyone of the time when as a 16 year old I could walk my hometown city streets, (New Britain), carrying my .22 rifle all the way to Pinnacle Mountain and back and no one thought it strange or dangerous. That can’t be done today! A whole barrage of new laws did not make it any safer today than it was in those days. We are more paranoid! What changed? Newtown was a horror which will live in infamy (to borrow the term from FDR) but it is more so because it is being exploited at the expense of the living innocents for the disingenuous gains of the media and some politicians. Enough!

      1. Jarhead

        I hear a lot of New Yorkers are defying the bans, refusing to comply with the Draconian and unreasonable laws. This comes from a LEO that I know very well and he is very apprehensive him self to enforce any said laws what so ever. You see, lots of Law Enforcement Officers are also in the know of what is really going on and feel the same way. So screw you bill.

        1. Kim

          these officers should research THE OATH KEEPERS if they haven’t already. Oath Keepers are the real heroes of this country amongst first responders and miliatry personnel

  13. True American

    Turn in your mags is first, then it will be turn in your guns. Get ready for the freedom war my fellow citizens

    1. Kim

      you are most likely correct, True. This is the agenda of the 2nd Amendment haters. They pretend that they will accept certain types of guns but they don’t mean it. It’s an incremental destruction of the 2nd Amendment, piece-by-piece, with the aide of compliant, activist judges and Supreme Court charletons (fools like Sotomayor and Kagan who don’t have a clue about America and its’ constitution)

  14. Harold Douglas

    Common sense laws? A few years ago a student was killed in a school bus accident not long after public act 10-83 (Connecticut school bus seat belt account) was created and as of 12/2012 there was $4.7 million in this account on 12/21/2012 7 days after Sandy Hook the funds were transferred to the general fund. public act 12-1 sec 27 Connecticut can’t even accomplish putting seat belts on school buses with funds that were already in place knowing seat belts save lives and now we are led to believe passing more gun laws is a solution knowing Connecticut is already ranked 5th in the nation with the toughest gun laws. I find myself with deep concern regarding the course I see Connecticut legislation taking. The course I see is a course of personal and political agendas and not of public safety as I am led to believe.

  15. Stephen King

    Dear Governor Malloy,

    At this juncture I can no longer support your efforts or trust in your opinions. Your latest action in attempting to define legislation looks like nothing more than an act to impress the vice president who has also lost credibility with his comments and suggestions regarding how to curb violence and reduce gun crime. Do you also agree with Vice President Biden that the appropriate deterrent to crime is for your wife to discharge a shotgun into the air outside your home?

    Deterring crime and gun violence by criminals or the mentally ill means crafting real solutions that deals with the problems of the criminals or the mentally ill. It does not mean punishing the hard working, taxpaying, law abiding citizens of the state of Connecticut.

    You have lost my confidence, my support and most of all, any possibility of my future vote.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Stephen King

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