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5 thoughts on “Malloy Approval Ratings Up, Support For Re-Election Still Tepid

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    This is a puzzle, particularly coming from the Yankee Institute.

    I guess people like the tax, spend, and borrow approach to governing here in the People’s Republic of Connecticut. The liberal utopia of entitlement wastelands, Government largesse, and hand-wringing liberal elites is nearly upon us. BOHICA.

  2. james pelkey

    i wish bully malloy would ask us to reelect him. i would enjoy voteing in governor cafero and terminating bully malloy’s inept pathalogical lieing employment. And having the satisfaction of being able to refelect on such a nirvana moment. Me voting bully malloy in office once is a accident, ME voting bully malloy in office twice is stupity. dan malloy on your way out remember to turn off the lights,lock the door and leave the key under the welcome matt for governor cafero. OH AND YANKEE INSTITUTE YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!

  3. james pelkey

    snowstorm? is that not what a governor is supposed to do? or is a governor supposed to think and act like he is the president of the united states i.e. one million seven hundred thousand dollars in over time to the state police and counting at our expense so malloy can feed into his exaggerated sense of self worth and have his presidental security detail, travel the world at our expense so malloy can again feed into his exaggerated sense of self worth and play president of the united states?

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