Malloy Creates Early Childhood Office, Despite Legislature

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will sign an executive order this morning creating the state\’s first agency devoted to young children.

The Office of Early Childhood will bring together programs scattered among other state agencies. It will have a budget of $127 million for the upcoming year. Although the new agency had broad support, legislators failed to act when it became entangled with another piece of legislation — Sunday deer hunting with a bow and arrow — that Republicans wanted and some liberal Democrats opposed.

Malloy will announce creation of the agency at a the School for Young Children at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford.


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37 thoughts on “Malloy Creates Early Childhood Office, Despite Legislature

  1. Jay Berardino

    $127,000,000 here, $127,000,000 there, pretty soon it adds up to real money. Democrats think money comes magically out of nowhere. Like electricity it comes out of a hole in the wall.

    1. Donna Lucia del Vedorez

      Thank you thank you thank you governor Malloy. I have 8 little ones and I’m working on some more and I need help and you half made this work. my childrens will all be democrat and vote for you in the future 15 to 18 years.

      I tell friends hispanico and family come to Connecticut they like us here.

      we keep coming over and over. we are also very fertile and we keep reproducing so that one day, we are the majority group. if any of you want to go from connecticut, we will raise some money for one way ticket – into long island sound maybe.

      1. Billy cerebro de mierda

        Your pathetic little racist satire is beneath contempt- even for you Billy.

  2. John Steel

    Just what Connecticut needs – another massive bureaucracy! Gee – isn’t this what the DCF is supposed to be for? I am sure Liar Malloy will hire another pension double dipper at $150K per year to head this agency. Better skip a step and give her/him two parking spots in the state garage. Time was that people who had children were expected to raise them and provide for them. Not with the Nanny State!

    1. Michael

      They already have someone who is a current state employee selected, not close to $150,000 but I do agree with you on the nanny state.

    2. Blowme Down

      We need to realize that, as a whole, the Black American community has abandoned the concept of the tradiditonal intact family. 70% of births are out of wedlock. Go back 30 years and look at the documentaries Bill Moyers did on Afr.-Amer. – as true then as now. We have spent one trillion dollars since the 60s on “poverty” and all we have to show for it are 48 million Americans on food stamps – and at least one $80,000 a year state employee who thought she qiualified for them.

      1. Dynks

        Hispanics should be factored in as well as African-Americans. The percentage of minorities in this state that leech off of state programs and that have illegitimate children that hardworking tax payers have to pay for has skyrocketed. These peope need to learn some morals and have some personal responsibility for once in their pathetic lives.

        1. The Conn-servative

          Yup.They say it’s all their personal business below their wasteline,except when it comes to funding their by-product,then it’s your wallet that’s their business.

          1. Taxation Without Representation

            I like that – ‘wasteline’ instead of ‘waistline’. Both are appropriate.

            Let’s not forget the number of caucasion baby factories who think a pay raise is due when they have another baby.

            The state and federal governments should insist on sterilization after the second child if the recipient receives assistance after the first year and applies for more based on more babies

  3. JAMES

    Right JD. Another spendacrat move to create bigger government and staff it with potential voters.

    1. Truth

      stilling falling for the ‘it’s for the children’ line, Susan? Or are you one of those who uses that line to support your own department?

  4. Charlene

    Just one more example of Governor “I’m going to do whatever the bleep I want” Malloy.

    Even when well-intentioned, his arrogance and deep belief in big government is way over the top. He may actually “deserve” re-election so he will have to deal with the fiscal cesspool he has created. CT is last in economic growth. Thanks Dannel!

  5. Donna

    Bait and switch. The photograph shows smiling white children when within months there won’t be one in sight. It’s all about the immigrants, right Malloy?

  6. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    If the Courant had any integrity, they’d report how the Governor was able to find $127M in a budget with a $1B hole in it. They might also report how he is able to circumvent the legislature in order to fund this new bureaucacy.

    Then again, why would a liberal rag inquire about such things coming from liberal politicians?

  7. Reagan SHould Slap you

    Really? First and foremost, stop being racist is not about white, black or immigrant. Thats the reason we keep loosing elections to the democrats. We also keep loosing elections because the Republican party is too busy trying to pass a idiotic bill about deer hunting with bows and arrows on Sundays. As bad as the legislation is at least they pass something. What is our next bill? Whether or not we should legalize Fox hunting with Chiuauahs?

    1. scott

      Just out of curiousity what do you mean by pass a bill. This was the result of an executive order not a bill. Lord knows how the clown intends to pay for this.

  8. Blowme Down

    Not that one is needed, but here is another reason to leave the state within the year along with my tax money. Democrats have done their best to ruin this state, and with Malloy, it continues at full-tilt. We can complain all we want – but we taxpayers are in the minority – and no one – especially the Dems – are listening.

    1. fred

      You are leaving. Wow. Well, OK, we will try to get by without your tax money as best we can. Pick a state with no taxes and no state government.

      1. Truth

        Zealot: an immoderate, fanatical, or extremely zealous adherent to a cause, esp a religious one.

        The more posts I read of Freds’, the more this word comes to mind. “pick a state with no taxes and no state government’ indeed. Extremism attempting to pass as reason – good for you, fred

        1. fred

          Trut, “pick a state with no taxes” was actually sarcasm. There is no such state. Please don’t make me explain everything to you.

          No matter where you go, even to a nutjob fantasy state, you will still have taxes and government. Of course they will not be “liberal” taxes so you will enjoy paying them.

          1. Truth

            Sorry Fred, you’re in a place where explanations are required quite often. And the questions are going to get harder, so be prepared to defend your ‘sarcasm’.

            For example, no one enjoys paying taxes. Rational people understand that need for taxes for certain things, but places like CT go way overboard with their taxing power. By your statement I’m inclined to believe that in your mind there is no such thing as a bad tax in CT – because YOU can afford them. Again, good for you

  9. jschmidt

    another agency and 127 million we don’t have. and of course the employees will have full state benefits and pensions. Like Obama, Malloy doesn’t care how he spends our money. Get rid of the agencies on every ethnic group. It isn’t needed.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Yup.Any concern in this arena can be covered by Human Rights and Opportunities.Any commission that has ethnicity,race,or gender in its title should be eliminated.People on these commissions should not be simple transferred to another agency/dept.See ya.

  10. The Conn-servative

    Yeah,well this is where the only job growth is in Ct,thanks to Danny’s order.A new batch of state slugs will line up at the trough,perhaps some relatives of Danny’s if they already don’t have a well deserved job in the state.Looks like we’ll have to go get another job to pay for this ILLEGALLY created department.Anyone want file a lawsuit against this overreach? These people will not nurture or teach one child.All they will do is come up with cock-a-memy,academia driven garbage,and we’ll have to pay for it.Look at the Dept of Education.They don’t educate one child.UCONN Dept.on Aging – now there’s one for you.I know of an idiot there who wouldn’t know the difference between a cane or a walker if it fell right in front of them.I actually look forward to the day when this state fully collapses.Idiot citizens have elected idiot leaders.

    1. Truth

      Conn: As long as those like Fred can afford to pay any and all taxes thrown their way, then perhaps the state needs to accommodate that capability and desire to help mankind by upping their tax rates. Perfectly in line with the liberal mentality and as we know, Fred can afford it.

      by the way Fred, according to your statements you wouldn’t be able to afford paying current and additional taxes if it weren’t for the Democrats. Maybe you can clarify for the slow learners among us how you aren’t responsible for your comfortable living but owe it all to Democrats. I’m waiting with bated breath.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Yeah,with respect to taxes,or anything else for that matter,when have you seen a libtard lead by example?Beyond their current tax debt,maybe fred + those like him should write Danny +company an extra check for say 5k. You know,to put their money where their mouth is. It’s all do as I say,not as I do.

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