Malloy In Cali For NGA \’Executive-Style Retreat\’

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Fresh off the the good news of the election and the very bad news about the state\’s finances, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy traveled to San Diego this weekend to offer a little advice to newly-elected governors, including \”managing the budget during tough fiscal conditions.\”

At a press conference Saturday, Malloy called the trip \”a great opportunity for the new governors … There are some interesting sidebar discussions over meals that I think are very helpful. We got by a national election in which we elected some wonderful people into the governor\’s office. Now it\’s time for us to get to work.\’\’

Malloy said his wife Cathy also joined him on the trip.

You can listen to the full press conference here. The NGA reports:

Veteran governors welcomed governors-elect this weekend for an executive-style retreat to help them prepare for service as state chief executives during the National Governors Association (NGA) Seminar for New Governors.

The two-and-a-half day biennial seminar brings together governors fresh off the campaign trail and assists in the transition from running for office to governing their states. The seminar runs from Friday, Nov. 16, through Sunday, Nov. 18.

NGA is a bipartisan organization of the governors of the 55 states, commonwealths and territories. During the meeting, which occurs every two years following a general election, veteran governors serve as faculty and advise governors-elect, their spouses and their staff on a host of issues including: managing the budget during tough fiscal conditions; shaping a vision for the administration; strategic scheduling and communications; and emergency preparedness.


From left to right: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Montana Gov.-elect Steve Bullock, New Hampshire Gov.-elect Maggie Hassan, NGA Chair Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, Washington Gov.-elect Jay Inslee, NGA Vice Chair Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Utah Gov. Gary Herbert

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29 thoughts on “Malloy In Cali For NGA \’Executive-Style Retreat\’

  1. Lee

    Hey Connecticut residents– hold on to you wallet. The Governor and his union bosses are out to get more of your money— or what is left of it. They do not believe in prosperity as a way to accumulate taxes.

  2. A Conn. Taxpayer

    Who in their right mind would want to listen to Malloy about budgets and fiscal responsibility??? What a waste for them!

  3. Eileen

    So – first question – who paid for this shindig? There doesn’t seem to be any information about who paid for our esteemed govenor to be jetting off to San Diego while our state is floundering.

    Second question – what wisdom could Malloy possibly convey to these newly elected govenors re:”managing the budget during tough fiscal conditions” except how to not do it.

  4. DaTroof

    I see our Governor is going back to the mother ship California where the tax and spend people into oblivion method was invented. Anyone would have to be crazy to listen to this clown.

  5. James O'Hora

    Well on the positive side, this trip is not as far and as long as Governor Malloy’s trip to China last summer on the heels of his purely partisan trip to a political convention in North Carolina.

    I agree also that newly elected Governor’s should look elsewhere for sound municipal financial advice.

  6. Steve B.

    So after the mass tax increases that didn’t work last August…and the looming 1.2+ BILLION dollar budget deficit for 2013…Our Governor believes he has the wisdom to give advice to new governors? That is simply outrageous!!!

  7. connecticut resident

    This Governor has done some very drastic measures to cut the deficit yet we still remain in a financial mess, i hope in two years when he runs again all the people that voted him in remember how to vote him out :))

  8. Robin


  9. Paul

    The NGA meetings are a longstanding national event for all governors, not a junket. On Governor Malloy’s topic of the budget, he may still be having challenges, but they are shared across many states – it’s a national issue. We would be in a worse position if not for his efforts thus far.

  10. DaveJ

    Teabillies still hating, that’s about all they can do, suffering their miserable little lives, intent on spreading their misery to anyone and everyone.

    Now that they’ve been rejected as an insurgent extremist group by the American voters, all they can do is whine and throw tantrums.

    As if you clowns have even the least idea of what being the governor is all about. Fools.

    All that Fox News… just rotting what’s left of your brain.

  11. Vernon

    I think that Gov. Malloy has the chance to be the worst Governor in our state’s history. He is not well-liked and is racing to the bottom. What other Governor in his or her right mind would give Malloy the time of day for his so called economic advice? LUDICROUS!

  12. ccbeachcomber

    Who said a govenor, or a POTUS for that matter, has the responsibility of managing a budget? Seems their only mandate is to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in a game of deception, ruse and hysteria and backbiting. Fiscal cliff is just a cute way of saying incompetent. Upcoming special sessions should be for the elected to hand in their resignations – obviously, the work is not getting done.

  13. Glad I Left

    I recently left Connecticut for Tennessee. I took a job making the same salary. Lets put it this way…

    1. I paid $3.04 for gas this morning.
    2. No state income tax
    3. No property tax of my cars
    4. Taxes on a 2200 sq ft house built in 2006 are only $1000 a year

    The only downside is the state income tax is 9%.. But look at it this way. I’m sure CT will we up there soon.
    Oh and only a inch of snow a year. Get out if you can.

  14. Ed C

    It would be one thing if the Union thugs paid for his trip but they’re too busy shutting down Hostess. Maybe each person in the 47% could kick in a dollar apiece and help pay for Malloy’s trip to Wally World.

  15. Waldo 313

    Don’t you love the way they package junkets to appear as plain old hard work. More taxpayer dollars down the drain!

  16. janet

    I couldn’t stand to listen to him….between his voice and all the ummm….ahhhhh….ummmm…ahhhh.. Lets hope they offer him a job and we be done with him!!

  17. Charlene

    Is there a “recall” provision in Connecticut like there is in California? Our only chance for economic recovery will happen when Dan Malloy leaves. Is there any way to make that happen sooner than two years from now?

  18. Tony

    Perhaps Governor Malloy should have a nice long chat over a meal with Governor Walker, who not only cut spending and didn’t raise taxes, but created a surplus out of what had been an enormous deficit. Especially since Malloy’s genius ideas have sent us further spiraling down the rabbit hole.

  19. Wendy

    How could Malloy possibly give these new governors any advice on managing the budget during tough fiscal conditions. He certainly hasn’t managed the budget in CT. How many millions of dollars is the state short on the budget?

  20. The Conn servative

    “There are some interesting sidebar discussions over meals that I think are very helpful.”
    It’s nice to know that the MEALS are very helpful Danny-boy and that the “discussions” are just what you say, “sidebar”. Ufb. I fully understand his intent but it can be interpreted cynically as I have.

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