Malloy In D.C. Tuesday To Discuss His Gun Plan

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\"malloy\"Gov. Malloy is headlining an event in D.C. next week on federal and state initiatives to reduce gun violence. The event, hosted by liberal think tank The Center for American Progress, will also feature Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), the chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

Malloy will discuss his five part proposal to reduce gun violence, which calls for universal background checks, a ban on magazines over 10 rounds, a strengthened assault weapons ban, improved gun storage laws, and stricter enforcement. While Malloy will be in Washington discussing state initiatives, those very initiatives will be playing out here in Connecticut. Having heard hours of public testimony on several gun violence prevention measures last week, state lawmakers are preparing to take up those measures.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. and will be livestreamed here.

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11 thoughts on “Malloy In D.C. Tuesday To Discuss His Gun Plan

  1. Sharpshooter

    Our boy, Malloy, manages to get himself back to D.C. every chance he gets….I’m just afraid he’ll accept a cabinet position one of these trips…..then who will take care of us????

    1. Steve

      Hopeful he will be made ambassador to some part of the world where he can do no harm.I recomend Antartica.

  2. John R. McCommas

    It would be nice if part of Dan Malloy’s plan was to not let killers, rapists, child molesters and armed robbers out from prison before their term is up.

    Why exactly is that off the table when we have had two murders because of Dan Malloy’s new Get Out Of Jail Free Program For Violent Punks?

  3. sam

    Come on everyone, dont pick on the governor. Our governor is just looking out for his future, He has to cover his bets here, knowing he has a very slim chance of getting re-elected. I am sure if he kisses enough a** in DC he will find him self a nice cushy job there. I would imagine with how well he has governed our state over the past couple years he will not be re-elected as govenor but he will fit in real well in washington with the rest of the bumbling spendocrat liberals. @ John dont try to figure out why our politicians do things. They do what they do for their political careers and to benefit themselves and of course their families. Most of our Connecticut politicians are “career” politicians or are looking forward to being career politicians and they are only worried about maintaining their spot on the government payroll. Just look at whats going on here, our states economy is in the crapper and our high rate of unemployment is on the rise and our govenor and the rest of our politicians are only worried about restricting legal gun ownership by tax paying law abiding citizens. This is not about eliminating gun violence they all know it wont. If they do think this will elimnate un violence then they are fools. This is about gathering votes for future elections in a liberal state and about free media coverage, why do you think they are doing nothing about the mental health issue which is the “real cause” of the Newtown tragedy. The reason is the meantal health issue is not as controversial and would never get these liberals as much media attention as the anti gun legislation will. They are not looking to end gun violence it is all about votes to politicians.

  4. Jim

    Can’t we all see the transparency of this plan? Malloy’s hand picked panel goes way overboard by recommending confiscation of all guns that are capable of firing over ten consecutive rounds. Malloy all of a sudden take fake exception to the panel going “overboard” and scale the action back to just confiscating magazines. He’s already pitching it in Washington as if it’s already law? How stupid does he think we are? Next he’ll try to convince the firearms manufacturers that he’s on their side and really wants them to stay while he uses the tax dollars that they pay to demonize them and crush their business. Meanwhile NY is upping the ante and going after handguns. Bloomberg has already started the assault by saying yesterday that assault rifles aren’t the problem, it’s handguns. How convenient, the assault rifles have already been banned and now won’t be un-banned. Soon Cuomo will take up the charge and ram home a backroom piece of legislation just like the SAFE Act. Typical slime politicians, give them a crumb and soon they’ll have eaten the entire cupcake!

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