Malloy In Quebec For Regional Meeting

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\"quebecGov. Dannel P. Malloy is up in the mountains of Quebec for a meeting of the leaders of the New England states and Canada\’s Atlantic provinces. He met with Democratic governors over the weekend in Vermont.

The Montreal Gazette reports:

The initial program called for discussions on the energy future of the region, where Quebec and now Newfoundland are vying to sell export power from their hydroelectrical dams, as well as greater use of energy-efficient vehicles and adaptation to climate change.

The Canadian Press reports that the group will hear presentations on energy efficiency, climate change and making rail transportation more safe.

Malloy and the other governors and premiers are staying at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in Quebec\’s Charlevoix region for the 37th annual conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Premiers.

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7 thoughts on “Malloy In Quebec For Regional Meeting

    1. Mr Bill

      Sounds good to me, Richard. Let us begin forming some grammar and definition rules for the language of Corruption.
      politician = street ho
      bagging it = taking cash for favor
      conservatism = bending over for a quicky
      liberal = giving away the candy store so kids want more candy
      patriotism = drug to pacify the restless

      Kim: Calm down. the regional conference is valid.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Billy, anything our thug gov does is valid by you. Previous gov’s were not even taking half of the trips this arse has taken.

      2. Kim

        still seeing me around every corner and behind every bush, billy? You really need to work on that.

        I never think about you except when I read your posts . You’re not relevant to – and have no effect on – my life or my happiness. I understand that’s difficult for a narcissist to accept, but it’s true. You might find it beneficial to do the same instead of allowing thoughts of me to dominiate your mind 24-7 as they appear to now. It would probably be safer and healthier for both of us if you did. OCD is controllable

  1. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Trips number 33 and 34. Can we give the Wizard of Ahhhhs a one way ticket on one of these trips?

    1. Mr Bill

      Drain, I know that you are Kim. Stop lying. I proved it in the past. Get over it.

      We still haven’t broken our peace declaration – at least I feel I haven’t.

      1. Connecticut is circling the drain

        Still seeing Kim behind every bush Billy? I will declare once again that I am not Kim.

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