Malloy Job Approval At 37 Percent In New Q Poll

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This morning\’s Quinnipiac University poll finds Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s job approval rating hovering at 37 percent, while 44 percent of respondents disapprove of the job he is doing.

Over the past year, Malloy\’s job rating has largely held steady, ranging from a high of 44 percent last month to a low of 35 percent in March 2011.

Malloy isn\’t up for re-election until 2014, and his administration\’s response to the poll numbers is the same as it always is: \”We have tried to be consistent in not saying much about polls because … what\’s there to say?,\’\’ asked Roy Occhiogrosso, senior adviser to the governor, in an email to reporters. \”Polls come and go, numbers go up and down. The governor always does what he thinks is best for the state and the right thing to do.\”

Nearly half of the poll\’s respondents — 47 percent — disapprove of the way Malloy handled the death penalty. (The governor backs the abolition of capitol punishment in Connecticut and said he intends to sign a bill doing just that very soon.)

More than half of those surveyed — 56 percent — disapprove of the way Malloy has handled the economy, while 64 percent disapprove of the way he has handled taxes.

On education, an issue at the centerpiece of the governor\’s 2012 legislative agenda, he received a 43 percent disapproval rating.

If it\’s any consolation for Malloy, 47 percent of the poll responders said they like him as a person, regardless of how they view his policies.

The legislature\’s standing with the public is even lower than the governor\’s, according to the poll. Just about a third of the respondents — 32 percent — approve of the job lawmakers are doing, while 49 percent disapprove.

The poll found broad disenchantment with the state\’s economic health: 79 percent described the state\’s economy as \”not so good\” or poor; 41 percent said they are worse off financially than they were a year ago.

President Obama\’s job approval rating in Connecticut is 49 percent, a steep decline from the 71 percent approval rating he notched in a Q poll conducted in May of 2009.

The public is divided over Sen. Joseph Lieberman job performance: 45 percent approve while 41 percent disapprove. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is the most popular politician in the survey, with a job-approval rating of 58 percent.

The telephone poll of 1,745 Connecticut registered voters was conducted from April 18 to 23. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.4 percentage points.


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24 thoughts on “Malloy Job Approval At 37 Percent In New Q Poll

  1. Harry

    Blumenthal most popular in the surgery, eh? That I would find hard to believe since I’m sure even under anesthetic he’d find a way to talk all the time – but that is probably a typo anyway – remember when newspapers were proof read.
    Surprised Malloy has that high a rating – must be all state employees who gave him positive.
    He raised taxes more than anyone else; gave state employees a sweet deal, bullies everyone else and now the state still has a large deficit and his budget guy is telling state agencies to put off till next year purchases – yup that is the way to fix problems.
    He basically has accomplished nothing but raising taxes and giving away money.
    Actually, it is a good thing that Blumenthal isn’t AG while Malloy is governor – can you see the battles for the microphones? It would be a reality show put on by WWE – battle of the political mouths.

  2. Jimbo

    This is what you get with one party rule in Connecticut. A liberal whose liberal policies get railroaded through the legislature. Thanks liberals!

  3. Peter

    I can’t believe this poll AT ALL. I mean, there are still 37 people out of every hundred that support this dope?

  4. DrHunterSThompson

    I’m surprised that it’s that high. He talks a tough, arrogant game but he has yet to deliver anything we can really believe in.

    Think about it. The state employee concessions were a bit of a joke – it screwed middle aged employees so bad they are going to be forced to work longer at a higher wage to make up for the pension piece. Ultimately more tax payer money. The first 5 program is speculative at best. The busway is so bad is is simply laughable. The death penalty is a bit more subjective, so we give him that even though the majority of residents dont agree. Education reform is worthless without an enormous amount of money and attention paid to early childhood education.

    I’d say 37% is damn good at this point. Maybe people aren’t paying attention?


    1. RB

      I see it a bit differently than you.
      1. State employees weren’t screwed, and if they were it wasn’t by the Governor. A negotiated agreement was reached and the overwhelming majority of state employees voted to ratify the agreement. That’s fact.
      Sure not everyone likes all parts of a negotiated agreement and therefore they have to weigh the overall package and decide how to vote. The employees voted for it, so that’s a good thing.
      You or I or any number of people maybe would’ve done it differently or negotiated for different things. But its hard to blame the Governor for successfully reaching an agreement that was ultimately ratified by the majority of employees.
      2. The pension changes overall will not increase the state or taxpayers’ costs, it lowers cost. The changes make the pension more affordable and therefore the benefits more sustainable, this in turn protects state employees’ ability to have a decent pension in the future.

      Again, its easy for us to second guess after-the-fact and say we would’ve done it differently but the reality is we have a Governor who was willing to balance the budget without attacking state employees’ union and collective bargaining rights and without drastic cuts in benefits or state services.

      Governor Malloy refused to solve the billions + budget deficit by only raising taxes. So he confronted the deficit by increasing tax revenue and restructuring and reducing benefit costs. Unions ratified it. Employees ratified it. Legislature ratified it.

      And now the Governor should be blamed for changing the reality from billion dollar deficits in the state & increased unemployment to the reality we live with today of a balanced budget and decreasing unemployment?

  5. Palin Smith

    Thirty months until Dannel 88 gets deposed.
    To be safe until then, however, throw out the Democrat legislators in Hartford on Election Day.

  6. GTB

    The numbers are very similar to Obama’s, which points to the nationalizing of the news (cable, internet, social media).

    Expect Malloy to run again and use Obama’s game plan: attack, attack, attack your opponent to distract from YOUR record.

    God, even LIEBERMAN polls higher than Malloy!!!

  7. Kevin W.Edwards

    “Malloy: 75,000 losing jobless benefits”

    This is Governor Malloy’s way to reduce the unemployment rate in Connecticut- first you reduce the numerator(the number of people unemployed-through unemployment benefit discontinuance),then adjust the denominator(the number employed upwards- but ever so slightly)-then declare that unemployment has been improved as the rate went down to 7.7%…. better than last time!
    Then tell everyone that since the unemployment rate went down -the income tax revenue will go up and the budget shortfall will be resolved in the future.
    Talk about smoke and mirrors!
    Governor-Do your job and effect policy that will create real jobs and growth for the economy of Connecticut!
    People in Connecticut can ill afford to continue to” share the pain” your ineffective/inept “leadership” causes us all!

    No wonder your approval rating is only 37% and falling!

    So now we should all support his version of SB24 for Education-I don’t think so!

  8. Dave

    Conduct another poll tomorrow now that he’s signed the assinine bill to repeal the only just punishment that there is for murderers. I bet it’s in the low 30’s if not lower after that.

  9. sully101

    Wow. On top of his waning approval, he signs a law to overturn the death penalty which the public overwhelmingly wishes to maintain. He’s either a Profile in Courage or a Profile in Idiocy. I suspect the latter. I wish he had also signed a bill overturning tax and spend, incompetent public officials.

  10. disgusted

    37% of the Connecticut citizens are clueless. Based on performance, Malloy should not have one single fan, even in this pathetically liberal state.

  11. Richard

    Malloy is a moderate in a stagnant economy. When Romney begins his cuts and the 3 year “no layoffs” are up, the CT taxpayers will start paying for the great stall,

    There’s a $423 million dollar deficit looming in FY 2013-14. There’s a deficit looming this year. Renouncing GAAP will cure much of that. Hope is the buzz word for FY 2012-13 except the educational reforms and other proposed reforms will boost the deficit. GAAP won’t be a fall back then.

    Cafero is right on this but likley its as understated caution when projected out 4 years with a Romney Federal Budget.

    Then comes the Base closing in New London, The Foxwoods closure, the insurance company consolidation, the movement of hedge funds to Asia…….

  12. Todd Zaino

    37% HOW CAN THIS BE!?

    I thought that Malloy said we are open for business!

    How’s the party-rule taste now?

    In November we take the keys from the dog-eating Nobel Peace prize winner…in 2014 we get to take them from the “Proud Keynesian” and hand them over to an adult for a change.

  13. SmGovGood

    Let’s look at Dannel’s record….1 year later and the destruction mounts….
    • Broke the vow of the land trust
    • Increased taxes $3.5 BILLION
    • Gave GIGNA $235,000 per job for 200 jobs, Ditto ESPN, Ditto UBS
    • Gave Jackson Labs a free building costing taxpayers $1,000,000 per job
    • Taxes Small businesses for sick pay, only state in the country
    • State contract that guarantees state employees jobs for 4 more years, no CUTS!
    • Jobless rate in CT 190,000
    • Highest gas tax , #1 of 50 states
    • Highest electricity rates , #1 of 50 states
    • Highest Taxes in the USA! #1 again!
    • Anti Small Pharmacy policy – State drugs by Mail Order, CT pharmacies doomed
    • Rosa Deluro, FREE diapers for all
    • New Haven wants Illegal’s to VOTE!! USA Citizenship = Meaningless
    • FEMA , unrestricted handout, 800 state and 2300 citizen get free $$$$ no proof of loss
    • Early release of violent criminals, pillage and rob us!
    • Spend $600,000,000 on a 9 mile bus cost $1 Billion for 20 years, and were broke spend on Dannel
    • spend $800,000 on a vote count board
    • Force day care workers to Unionize, even though most did not know it was happening!
    • CT state workforce that has grown 250% in last 20 years…no cuts…as the private sector grew 0.000%
    • Tell business that you are “open for business”, omitting the word “Union” business
    •Oppose 67% of voters and get rid of the death penalty!

    how soon do the State Pensions fail ? CT = Greece
    • no spending cuts = downgrade

  14. JR

    I don’t mind the death penalty repeal, as all it’s done has cost CT money for decades without actually leading to any executions (well one, after the guy waived his appeals). It really isn’t changing anything except spending less money on the appeals process.

    That being said, he doesn’t know a damn thing about fair education reform that would actually help students. He pissed me off beyond belief when he said that all teachers had to do was show up for four years to get tenure. I’ll never give him my vote again.

  15. jul

    Malloy holds these town meetings to “discuss” his taxation to death and his education reform …(charter school program)
    He is extremely disrespectful to the working class,teachers, state police etc.
    2014 cant come fast enough
    Ill admit I made the mistake of voting for this….

  16. Rick Blue

    The writer of this article missed an important stat: how voters feel about his job with the education bill and reform. Only 4 out if 10 approve. Your numbers will go way up if you veto the new bill Dan. Good luck in your next career. One and Done!

    “Malloy met with a group of mayors and first selectmen Wednesday afternoon at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities’ “Day on the Hill” event.
    The meeting came hours after a new Quinnipiac University poll suggests fewer than 40 percent of Connecticut residents who were surveyed said they approve of the governor’s handling of education.”

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