Malloy on the Fiscal Cliff, Gun Legislation, Judicial Vacancies

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy held a press conference this morning to talk about his nomination of Andrew McDonald to the state Supreme Court, but he took questions on several other issues as well.

On the fiscal cliff:

Malloy is closely watching what\’s unfolding in Washington but he\’s not too optimistic that a deal will be struck to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.

\”This is bad stuff and it\’s crazy…that … the speaker spent time trying to run a bill that he couldn\’t even get through his caucus,\’\’ Malloy said.

Malloy said it was too bad Republicans squandered the chance to accept the proposal put forth by President Obama. \”I worry we\’ve already missed this fantastic opportunity we had to begin the process of putting our national fiscal house in order,\’\’ he said.

\”I think the speaker is a mature individual, I think the president is a mature individual…I think Mr. McConnell is a mature individual. I think there are others that need to be around this table and they need to get this deal done.

But, he added, \”do I think it\’s going to happen before Jan. 3rd? The answer is no.\’\’

Malloy\’s thoughts on gun control legislation and judicial vacancies after the jump.

 On gun control:
The governor was asked what he thought of gun control legislation in the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Malloy did not weigh in on any of the specific proposals already put forth by lawmakers, but he said he plans to have conversations with legislative leaders on the topic soon.
\”I think were going to get things done and I want to do it in a cooperative way,\’\’ Malloy said. But, he added, \”we\’re not just talking about guns, we\’re talking about access to healthcare, mental health care in particular, and continuing the process of demystifying and destigmatizing mental health care.\’\’
On judicial vacancies:
 Malloy\’s press conference was devoted largely to announcing McDonald\’s nomination to the high court but he was also asked about vacancies at the state Superior Court level.
There are about 27 openings due to judges\’ retirements in the Superior Courts but Malloy said he does not expect to fill them all. \” We\’ll continue to show some restraint in that area…I don\’t believe we should be filling all those vacancies .\’\’
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4 thoughts on “Malloy on the Fiscal Cliff, Gun Legislation, Judicial Vacancies

  1. Richard

    Mature Individuals? This is from the Malloy administration that quashed the mergers and $400 million facility infusion into Waterbury Hospital and St Mary’s accepting intead a far lower quality merger bid that will in comparison lower the quality of health facilities in Waterbury? Was it merely over the 10% Catholic stake to create a Catholic values friendly wing in the new complex? Or was it that other mature thing that is always in fashion?

    If you sit at table with mature Democrats be sure you bring the Dog Chow. Or the payoff Gravy Train. Chris Donovan was the tip off. SO much more to come. This area, investigative journalism, is where those press cuts are going to hurt CT and cripple the state.

    The William Weir article in the Courant needs a mature follow up. Real mature. Like “bring down the Malloy administration” mature Time to purge boys and girls

    1. Richard

      I should add the local construction jobs from that $400 million infusion? Compare the plans accepted versus proposed.

      Malloy’s ego is a problem. As is now usual the Democrats are riding their sexual libertarian thing–gay friendly, birth control and abortion friendly. There’s nothing else under the hood we haven’t seen before.

  2. Kim

    gotta love the complete silence from Malloy on the Democrat inability to pass a budget or present a plan that their own members will approve. Also no mention of the plans offered by the Republicans that the president has ‘missed the opportunity’ to act upon.

    Live goes in in wonderland

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