Malloy Punches Back On Budget: Let Me Clarify \’Misconceptions\’

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Responding to the growing criticism of his budget proposal, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wrote municipal leaders today.

The full letter is here. Here\’s a glimpse:


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4 thoughts on “Malloy Punches Back On Budget: Let Me Clarify \’Misconceptions\’

  1. justme

    Why the class warfare??? I am low middle class and I feel I am getting screwed by Malloy’s policies. High fuel prices, high proper tax, high energy cost, high cost of living in general and no job that I am qualified for. I can’t move because I can not sell my house. Also, why doesn’t the Courant hold the Democrats to account????

  2. Connecticut is Dying Too

    So let me get this straight: The budget is balanced, it increases by 10% over 2 years, has no new taxes and no cuts to cities and towns. If all those are true, where did the 10% additional revenue come from and where are the cuts to services that made up the running deficit shortfall that was projected at $1B/year? I don’t see any big cuts to state workers or retirement/benefit packages. How did this happen?

    The Governor should explain to the taxpayers why state spending far exceeds cost of living increases. He should also explain how borrowing to fund operations puts the state on a sustainable fiscal path.

  3. Greg

    Malloy promised GAAP, railed against borrowing to plug the deficit, and loudly bashed his “republican predecessors” for using gimmicks in prior state budgets.

    Malloy, now, is not using GAAP, using borrowing to plug the deficit, and proclaiming from atop Asylum Hill that there are no gimmicks in his budget.

    The best thing to come out of this sham budget are the Mayors pushing back, but where is the legislature ex the Republicans? And where is the Courant? The recent editorial on this budget was “Malloy’s Budget: Choices Painful, But He’s On The Right Track”. Right track?!? No challenge on a 9% increase in spending? Municipal gimmicks? Reneging on GAAP/Don’t borrow to plug the hole?

    Does nobody in this state challenge this administration?

  4. Warren Levy

    This budget is an irresponsible proposal. The governor must know it could never be adopted as proposed. Not a city or town in the state could pass the cost of? this budget along to the taxpayers. The elimination of the automobile tax by it self would break the backs of most town budgets. The 9% budget increase would be on the backs of the middle class.

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