Malloy Satisfied With Punishment For Hewett After Lewd Comment To Teen

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Jon Lender reports that House Speaker  J. Brendan Sharkey has decided to remove state Rep. Ernest Hewett from his position as deputy speaker of the house because of lewd comments he made to a 17-year-old girl after she testified at a public hearing last week. Hewitt, a Democrat, will remain as a state legislator from New London.

That\’s enough punishment for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, his spokesman Andrew Doba said Thursday night:

The Speaker\’s decision was appropriate and I\’m sure the Representative regrets the comments.

According to Lender\’s story:

Hewett was among lawmakers sitting at one of the wide desks at the front of the Appropriations Committee hearing room in the Legislative Office Building on Feb. 20, when a girl testified in favor of funds for the Connecticut Science Center. She said that her work as an intern there had helped overcome shyness and a fear of snakes.

As she finished testifying, the committee’s co-chairwoman, Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, told the girl that she didn’t seem shy. And that’s when Hewett chimed in. As he recalled it, in a telephone interview Thursday night, he said into the microphone: “If you’re shy, then I have a snake under this desk.”

No recording of the remark was available Thursday night.

Hewett said he meant no innuendo, adding that it was an example of “the kind of crazy analogies I use to try to make a point. Like, sometimes I’ll tell someone, ‘If you believe that, then I have an acre of land in the Everglades to sell you.’ … It came out the wrong way. … It had nothing to do with sex, in my mind, but I can understand how people would think that by hearing it. … In my heart I know what I meant, and it wasn’t that.”

 Courant editorial writers, meanwhile, also can\’t quite bring themselves to call for Hewitt to resign.

UPDATE: This morning, the CEO of the Science Center, Matt Fleury, released this statement:

A participant in one of the Connecticut Science Center’s youth programs volunteered to testify on the Science Center’s behalf at a recent public hearing.  I was in the audience with her and her mother and grandmother.

She spoke effectively, after which there were some affirming comments from members of the panel. Neither the student, her family members nor I clearly heard Representative Hewett’s comment and we were unaware that anything that could be perceived as offensive had been said until reading news accounts.  

Tonight I called Representative Hewett, who emphatically apologized. We believe him to be sincere. We have passed his apology on to the student, and she has accepted it.

We are honoring her desire to maintain her privacy.

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23 thoughts on “Malloy Satisfied With Punishment For Hewett After Lewd Comment To Teen

    1. Bill

      Would you make this suggestion of the rep was Republican? Answer: NO.

      I’ve said things I regret, too.

      1. Just Curious

        Bill, you don’t know Paul Edward Zukowski (neither do I), so don’t put words in his posts. I don’t know what version of CT you live in, but if this was a Republican, there absolutely would have been a hue and cry from the democrats for an instant resignation.

      2. CT

        Bill – you are ridiculous. Has the concept of “do the right thing” been totally lost on you?? This man should be forced to resign because of his remarks, regardless of party.

        And Bill – we can as easily as you, if this man wasn’t a Democrat would you be defending his disgusting comments? Smh

        1. Bill

          First, I only asked a question of parity. I happen to think he should be forced to resign. But that wasn’t what I asked. I asked all you country boompkin couch potato conservative repoplicans if you would call for resignation if he were republican.

          1. EddieM

            Regardless of party affiliations, he should at least be severely reprimanded. He forgot where he was and what he represented and blurted out what he thought was funny…to a minor…Funny line in a bar or poker game, just not there….P.S Lurn too spel

          2. Paul Edward Zukowski

            Bill…. . I am a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University and Trinity College. My degrees are in psychology. I have been in the past licensed by DCYS and DMR to administer medication in facilities with populations under 50. I worked with at risk youths including the mentally ill and with adults with developmental disabilities. I have been licensed real estate agent and licensed mortgage broker. I am a graduate of the Hartford Citizens Police Academy. I am the treasurer of my condominium association. I do not have a pistol permit or hunting license. I do research and answers question on , which is NY Times company. I have answered over 10,000 questions. All of this combines to give me unique perspective others may not have. Yes I write and perform country music. I been on the same bill with major acts that include Lynard Skynard, Sugarland, Gretchen Wilson, Hank Williams Jr. and 20 other national acts. If you wish to call me country boompkin couch potato conservative repoplican, fine. Just keep in mind people on I have fans on 6 continents and 190 different nations….. your petty name calling really carries no weight.

        2. Patrick_Henry

          Paul Edward Zukowski: His ‘petty name calling’ is all he knows how to do. He’s probably well-resptected in his personal group of simpletons – the ones who buy into his overinflated sense of self, and consider his ‘smart’

        3. Kim

          CT: To those like Bill, the ‘right thing’ is flexible and totally dependent on what THEY personally think is right, and whether or not it fits into their viewpoint on things. There are no moral absolutes to trouble their little brains with

        1. Bill

          Yo Paul, If I have ever read a case of much ado about nothing, I just did. I simply disagreed with the often stated comment that reduces every issue to partisan politics. Indeed, I agree with the feeling that the legislator should go. As for my remarks, it just shows my frustration with those who think there is always partisan favored handling of an issue like this.

          So I stand by my country bumkin + remarks. These opinion posts are not for the faint hearted. I would never express something like this to your face as it would show actual disrespect. Not because of my fear of a needless confrontation. You probably don’t understand what I am saying. The nature of these posts are frequently aggressive. I simply abide by the nature. Leaving comments here is not unlike getting in your car and driving more aggressively. Outside the car, everyone is kind and considerate. Inside that car, all hell breaks loose.

          Well I am humbled by all of your experiences. With one exception; your musical abilities are not that good no matter what you may think. I checked out the youtube stuff and I invite anyone else to do likewise.

          But you do have a nice guitar. I think mine is the same model. F-47 Guild.

          Have a nice day.

          1. Kim

            Paul, billyboy would never say anything to your face because he is a coward and a liar, case closed. It has nothing to do with disrespect or anything else – those are simply words used in an attempt to justify his pathetic mindset and outrageous behavior on these blogs.

            He is now using my name to post under – the ultimate act of cowardice. You would think that with all the censorship going on on these blogs, the Courant would at least make it impossible for someone else to your your name. The simple and obvious message would be: ‘this user name is already in use – please choose another’. Rick, if you want to control something – control that.

            But obfuscation seems to be big at the Courant.

          2. Bill

            Kim, Calm down. It isn’t me. But I know you won’t believe me. In fact, this post might not even be me. But who know.

            Only the shadow do.

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Brush it off folks….nothing to see here. Its just a Democrat who had a little boo-boo.

  2. jschmidt

    In the land of political correctness in means nothing how it was intended. It is only important about what the receiver of the comment felt. If the comment was ‘feel better’ and the receiver felt it was sexual in nature, than that is how it is reported. This the twilight zone world of sexual harrassment. I wasn’t there. I won’t judge. But an innocent remark can kill a persons career. The whole PC thing has gotten way out of hand.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Yep.Creepy ambulance chaser lawyers,secular regressive Marxist politicians, and the Gloria Steinham movement have facilitated this.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Isn’t it ironic how kids nowadays don’t know the old “sticks and stones” comment?
        I should re-word it for the 21st century version to include words like: lawsuit,settlement,and litigation

    2. Paul Edward Zukowski

      If this an adult it was directed at it would be bad behaviour. Having said this to a minor is whole different matter. He knew she 17.

  3. Patrick_Henry

    these legislators – and others like them – are responsible for all the politically correct laws and feel good rules currently in existence. Laws that cripple citizens and business alike. Perhaps if we force them to live by their own rules – and fully suffer the consequences – they’ll come to their senses and focus on things that really matter instead of all the nonsense.

    I vote for letting him go – without percs and pension. Let’s send a message to the holier-than-thou politicians that lord over us

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