Malloy Concedes Car Tax Repeal Not Likely This Year, But Says He Wants to Continue the Conversation

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy conceded Friday morning that his controversial plan to scrap an annual property tax on cars is not likely to happen this year.

Malloy told reporters at a press briefing at the state Capitol complex that he has \”accepted the reality\” that the tax will not be repealed during the current legislative session.

\”Do I think it\’s going to happen this year? No,\’\’ Malloy said. \”Do I think I\’ve raised the level of the discussion and that we\’ll make progress on that? The answer is yes, I do.\”
Malloy and other critics of the car tax say it is extremely regressive because it is based on a municipalities mill rate. \”To be in Hartford and to be paying more than the effective sales tax on a car every single year you own it is terribly unfair,\’\’ the governor said. \”To be in Waterbury and be paying 45 mills or other communities and be paying greater than the 45 mills is abundantly unfair. A car\’s value is the same no matter where it is.\’\’
But municipalities vigorously fought the governor\’s plan, saying scrapping the car tax would drain untold millions from their budgets.
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4 thoughts on “Malloy Concedes Car Tax Repeal Not Likely This Year, But Says He Wants to Continue the Conversation

  1. Luciano

    Take a good look at our mayor in the city of Hartford and tell me that what he and some people under his administration did was fair taking or should I say using tax payer’s funds and going to town with lavish dinners and other expedetures and then tell me that’s fair.
    Wake up people and please do not tell me this is not curruption.

  2. Common_Tator

    Oh Peons! Why are you complaining about the government YOU VOTED FOR??? They just NEED MORE MONEY, at both a State and Town level, so if instead of whining you would just please DIG A LITTLE DEEPER, we can keep the car tax and add new ones so Malloy can brag of no tax INCREASES (on existing taxes)

  3. george pappa

    I can’t believe what a psychopath this governor is when it comes to tax and spend. The car tax sounds like steal from the rich and give to the poor. If you look at the cities they have the highest tax rates and the poorest people that require all the assistance. The cities seem to also have the highest amount of democratic voters. This car tax is not six of one a half dozen of the other. Cities and towns would have to put more taxes on properties resulting in adverse resale values.

  4. Diaz

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