Malloy \”Decided To Head The Whole Thing Off\’\’ on People Magazine – Washington Controversy

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Thursday that he \”probably shouldn\’t have\’\’ allowed People Magazine to pay for his recent trip to Washington, D.C. that has caused days of controversy at the state Capitol.

\"danMalloy reimbursed the magazine by writing a check for $1,234 for travel and other expenses for a 22-hour trip to Washington, D.C. that included attendance at the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner on Saturday night.

\”I just decided to head the whole thing off rather than take away from the important work, for instance, on education reform that has to be done,\’\’ Malloy told reporters in comments that lasted less than two minutes outside the state Capitol early Thursday evening. \”So we\’re pretty much done with it.\’\’

The remarks were the first that Malloy had made publicly since paying the reimbursement.

When a veteran reporter noted that his office\’s written statement earlier Thursday had been \”defiant\’\’ and not apologetic, Malloy said, \”It\’s not defiant. Listen, I work really hard, and I gave you a snapshot of some of the work I did. … This has taken on a life of its own, and I just thought it was better to end it.\’\’

When asked if he had made \”a bad political call,\’\’ Malloy said, \”My staff makes a lot of decisions about where I go. This was thought, because of what we were trying to do on digital media, as well as public policy on other issues that were referenced in the press release, that this was a good opportunity. In retrospect, you know, probably shouldn\’t have done it. Pretty straightforward.\’\’

When asked by a television reporter if he would be asking for a formal opinion from ethics officials, Malloy said,  \”No, I don\’t think so. I decided to cut the whole thing off. I wrote out a check. That\’s what I did.\’\’

\”Listen, there are important issues out there, really important. … This was becoming a sideshow, and I thought it was better just to head the whole thing off. OK? Thank you all very much.\’\’

He said he could not talk long because he was headed to an event in Stamford, which he noted had been mentioned on his public schedule.

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9 thoughts on “Malloy \”Decided To Head The Whole Thing Off\’\’ on People Magazine – Washington Controversy

  1. Concerned Citizen

    “I just decided to head the whole thing off rather than take away from the important work” IN OTHER WORDS, I DID WRONG, BUT LET ME PAY IT AND MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY!

  2. bill katz

    In anticipation of the avalanche of criticism about to be expressed, I would simply acknowledge that the governor has admitted his mistake and he paid for it. He wasn’t accused of accepting bribe money. He didn’t receive improvement gifts on his house in exchange for state contracts like former mayor Eddie Perez who will soon be paying the ultimate price for his folly by a sentence to state prison.

    Governor Malloy made an innocent mistake and he paid for it. I ask any critics to first ask yourself the question, “did I ever make a misjudgement” and if the answer is yes, then I suggest you give the man a break before you go running your mouth.

    Go and cast the first stone if you have never sined.

    1. Kim

      spoken like a true ‘siner’ (whatever that is) – and a tried and true liberal who simply cannot find fault with ANYTHING done by liberals even when he would raise the roof if it were a non-liberal doing these things.

      5 years into Obama and he STILL blames Bush for everything, is a perfect example.

      And to pretend that the governor is going to ‘pay for it’ with anything other than taxpayer money reflects a level of naivete and/or ignorance that only gollum could muster

  3. Lynne

    I heard Convicted Felon ex-CT governor John Rowland excoriating Malloy for a lack of ethics on this issue on the once-proud WTIC Radio station at drive time yesterday.

    I’m no fan of Malloy’s but man….the audacity of Rowland knows no bounds!

  4. ccbeachcomber

    Comments supporting the governor’s actions are hilarious. Now we see editorials how the governor, a career politician no less, should learn a lesson from this. Like rats, where one infraction is found, likely there are hundreds more under the surface. Likely, a weak kneed, cowardly press has turned a blind eye. Shame on them. Then we read $1234 amounts to nothing compared to the other problems of the state, except we are no better off. This miserable governor has done nothing but exacerbate the problems. And now we are to believe the governor drove himself in his own car to DC and back; there were no other expenses incurred and paid for the by the once great state of Connecticut? C’mon. No one is casting the first stone but when there is a bull in the china shop as this governor has proven time and again, certainly any sane person wound think “just $1234″ is symptomatic of a larger problem.

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