Malloy: There Will Be New Information On Newtown By 3/29

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From Gov. Malloy\’s Office, responding to complaints from Republicans in the General Assembly about the lack of information about the police investigation into the Newtown massacre:

“Like many others, I was disappointed and angered to learn that certain information about the Newtown shooting had been leaked, specifically with concern for the victim’s families who may have been hearing this news for the first time.

“Today, my office contacted the Chief State’s Attorney.  I requested, and they have agreed, to release additional information relevant to the investigation and to provide a status on where the investigation currently stands.  This information will be provided by Friday, March 29.

“As to what information can reasonably be shared at this time – that is a question that must be left to the State’s Attorney and other law enforcement.  As a former prosecutor, I’m sensitive to the need for an independent investigation and believe that we must allow their work to continue without any undue interference.

“Having said all that, I will also say that I am bewildered by the demands of Mr. Cafero and others for a special briefing they claim is necessary in order for them to take a firm position on potential legislative responses to this horrific tragedy.

“To Mr. Cafero and those others I must ask: what more could you possibly need to know?

“We know for a fact that on December 14, a very disturbed young man took a military-style rifle with high-capacity magazines into a school and murdered 20 innocent children and six innocent adults.  We know he had access to that weapon and others, although they were registered to someone else.

“Today, more than three months later, the vast majority of people in Connecticut can agree on some simple, common-sense things we can do – right now – to ban the sale of the weapon he used, to outlaw the high-capacity magazines he used, and to put in place systems that will make it much more difficult for a weapon like that to fall into the wrong hands.

“I ask again – what more does Mr. Cafero need to know before he’s finally ready to take action?”


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17 thoughts on “Malloy: There Will Be New Information On Newtown By 3/29

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    We need to know the facts Governor. If that it to much to ask I am sorry to inconvenience you.

  2. chad

    If the shooter only used some of the bullets in each magazine as the New York Daily article contends, then it might poke holes in Gov. Malloy’s assertion that high capacity magazines were an issue. Also, the article implies that the shooter switched from rifle to pistol when its sling broke. An important detail if focus of legislation is aimed almost entirely at “assault weapons”. Glad Gov. Malloy wants to press for new laws passed by uninformed legislators. He’s showing his true agenda… Again.

  3. Jeff Wright

    I think Mr. Cafero, and every other legislator would like to have all the known facts. Why would anyone desire to make a decision otherwise? To do so, in my opinion, would negligent and foolhardy.

    So…….release what you have Governor and let’s move on.

  4. Seb

    Is he serious? Please tell me he’s being sarcastic. We are in the middle of a huge debate, guns, mental health, school safety, with MASSIVE ramifications for thousands of gun owners, businesses large and small, people with mental health issues, serious constitutional concerns – all because of a terrible, reprehensible incident brought about by a mad man, and HE DOESN’T THINK WE NEED ALL THE FACTS ABOUT THE INCIDENT AND THE PEOPLE INVOLVED? I have to sit down now. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take…

  5. Jake

    The “vast majority” wants to ban certian guns? It sure does not seem like it when there are public hearings at the state capitol and hundreds testify against new laws and only a handful ask for the ban!

  6. Paul Edward Zukowski

    Gov. Malloy’s statement is insulting we need not just about the attack but events leading to it. He just gun control which would not have prevented this.

  7. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Hopefully whatever the legislators learn at this meeting will promptly be released to the public as soon as the meeting is over. If not they invite everyone to speculate which also upsets them.

  8. The Conn-servative

    “Today, more than three months later, the vast majority of people in Connecticut can agree on some simple, common-sense things we can do – right now – to ban the sale of the weapon he used, to outlaw the high-capacity magazines he used, and to put in place systems that will make it much more difficult for a weapon like that to fall into the wrong hands.” Why can’t we just “ban” mental health issues and call it a day. Oh,that’s right.That’s that “private” HIPPA regulated garbage that no one has a right to know about. But let’s get them assault weapons out of the hands of Mr. Whitey in suburbia because he’s the one we really need to worry about.Those drug related homicides in the inner cities are acceptable loses. Move along,move along..

  9. Don Pesci

    Let’s see what they release. All updated information should be released to legislative bodies considering relevant bills. It is insane to expect reasonable legislation from legislators not in possession of the data they need to write the legislation. If it is determined that the information – including Hippa information – will compromise the investigation, that information may be received by relevant committees in camera. Legislators – and the governor — should have been insisting on briefings and updated briefings all along. It is the lack of hard and accurate data that has slowed the legislative process. No more dawdling! The people of Sandy Hook deserve better than this.

  10. Don Pesci

    By the way, would it not be proper for U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and other Democrats on Connecticut’s all Democratic U.S. Congressional delegation to direct some rhetorical fire aimed at the NRA towards Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Senate leader Harry Reid could not muster enough votes to pass an assault rifle ban: We have one in Connecticut. Were the members of Connecticut’s U.S. Congressional delegation even asked to comment on the withdrawal of the assault weapons ban bill? these are the very people who stood shoulder to shoulder with groups in Newtown that were demanding an assault weapons ban from Congress. What flower pots are they hiding behind now?

  11. Johanna Galt

    This Governor is a real piece of work.. he can’t understand why legislators, and the public at large, need to know the truth behind this horrific shooting… perhaps the truth will reveal that magazine capacity and a ban on semi-automatic rifles and their cosmetic attachments have nothing to do with what Adam Lanza did and why he did it. Maybe we should learn the truth that certain classrooms that Lanza entered were unlocked during a lockdown, or that Lanza did not fully use the magazine he had, or that Lanza had planned this for a long time knowing full well that a “gun-free” zone would be an easy target allowing him to “rack up his own twisted version of video game points” or maybe the Governor doesn’t want the public to know what medications Lanza was on or perhaps was not taking to control his unstable mind. This Governor wants to keep the facts hidden so he can ram gun-control nonsense down the throats of CT citizens! If he is indeed giving orders to keep information hidden then he is obstructing the work of the CT State Assembly and seeking to disarm CT Citizens and doing that on the graves of children and teachers. What an incredible disgrace to the citizens of this state!

  12. jschmidt

    No we wouldn’t want any information to make a sensibile decision. Let’s just make anyone with a gun and enemy and jail Mr. Malloy. Malloy is got to be the worst governor ever. He acts just like Obama. Make rules without need and keep pushing until your stopped by the courts.

  13. harold douglas

    Gov. I can’t speak for anyone else but I want as much information as possible, yourself the white house and every anti-gun group have made this horrific event your personal soap box to ban the black rifle,and now 3.5 million lives in Connecticut will be effected after this legislative session so YES Gov. I want to know every bit of information.

  14. Ian

    The “tragedy” was created by a kid who was not given the psychiatric care he needed.

    The human was the assault weapon, the gun was a tool.

  15. Mopar

    I dunno about Cafero, but I can think of plenty of unanswered questions that could impact the current gun control debate:

    ? Were the weapons used properly secured, and if so, how did the shooter gain access to them?

    ? I don’t believe the CSP have ever said what weapon was used to murder his mother. What weapon was used, and how did the shooter obtain access to it?

    ? How many rounds were fired, out of how many magazines of what capacity? If the shooter only fired 10-12 rounds per magazine, how would banning those magazines prevent this from happening again?

    ? What type of ammunition was used, and how was it obtained?

    ? What specific feature(s) of the Bushmaster AR-15 contributed so greatly to the death toll that banning it is the only possible solution?

    ? What kind of treatment was the shooter getting for his mental illness, and did it involve drugs? If drugs were perscribed, what kind and was he in fact taking them.

    ? And lastly, if all your proposed gun restrictions were law on December 13, 2012, how would they have prevented what happened in Newtown?

  16. Jebro Potchagalloop

    Hey Charlie, ya he did ask good questions. Finally someone making brainy points.

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