Malloy To Biden: Ammo Clips, Assault Rifles, Gun Registration

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wrote Vice President Joe Biden over the weekend about gun violence and what Congress ought to do:


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One thought on “Malloy To Biden: Ammo Clips, Assault Rifles, Gun Registration

  1. The Conn-servative

    Although some of the Govs’ comments I agree with, I do disagree with the specific comment about 30 round clips and honoring the Constitution. Truth be told,the purpose of it is to defend against tyrannical government as outlined in the 2nd amendment. I know here we go with the age old counter question, “Does it give you the right to own a nuclear weapon,submarine,tank,etc.?” The answer to that is no. It refers to arms,not these kind of devices. Counter statement:”Well then ,you should only be able to possess muskets,since that’s what was utilized when the Constitution was written.” Um ok, then lets roll back in our society to EVERYTHING as it occurred when the Constution was written. No more internet,Facebook,texting or email: 1st amendment stuff. Lets go back to a rolling block printing press and a local town crier. How about abortion,voting rights,labor laws? Oh that’s right, once again the far left thinks its large and in charge and will define and set the precedent which has brought us to our current demise. Don’t let it happen. We will define the rules.

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