Malloy: Whitnum Is \’On The Fringe Of The Fringe,\’ Shouldn\’t Be Included In Debates

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy told reporters Monday that little-known Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Lee Whitnum of Greenwich should not be included in debates with other candidates seeking the party\’s nomination for the Senate this year — saying that she \”is on the fringe of the fringe,\” and has not run a \”real campaign.\”

Malloy also said Whitnum \”confirmed why she shouldn\’t be included\” in a televised debate last Thursday, when she called the widely acknowledged front-runner for the nomination, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, a \”whore\” and said Murphy has his \”head in the sand.\”

Meeting briefly with reporters at the Capitol Monday morning, Malloy was asked about Whitnum\’s \”whore\’ comment, a couple of hours prior to another debate among the five Democratic Senate hopefuls, Monday at 1 p.m. at the University of Connecticut, sponsored by CT1 Media.

\”Listen,\” Malloy responded, \”you’re talking about somebody who’s on the fringe of the fringe, and, quite frankly, should not be included in these debates. She has almost no support. if any.  She has not run a real campaign, as measured by the other primary candidates’ performances — going to lots of city committee and town committees across the state, raising money, and that sort of stuff. By any objective test she shouldn’t be included. And  now she’s confirmed why she shouldn’t be included — and that is that she really is on the fringe of the fringe.\”

The  soon-tostart debate at UConn will be live-streamed from 1-2 p.m. and will air on Fox CT Monday night at 7. Participating candidates are Murphy, Whitnum, former secretary of the state Susan Bysiewicz, state Rep. William Tong and another little-known hopeful, Matthew Oakes.

Whitnum, a former software engineer, made her controversial remarks during Thursday night\’s debate on the topic of Israel.

\”Elect somebody who is not pro-Israel,\” Whitnum said during the debate at NBC Connecticut. \”I\’m pro American. Elect somebody who doesn\’t drink the [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] Kool-Aid.\”

Murphy responded that Whitnum\’s comment was \”out-of-bounds.\” \”Israel needs friends today more now than ever,\” he said. \”Israel is our ally, Israel is our strategic partner. We need to stand with them today and there\’s not going to be anything that makes me apologize for that.\”

Whitnum, who said she believes the U.S. should stop all aid to Israel, said after the debate that \”I probably came on a little strong.\” But she said it is important for \”politicians [to] speak to us honestly.\”

Thursday\’s debate was the first that featured Whitnum. She sued the organizers of a similar forum in Norwich last month after she was not allowed to participate.

Whitnum has a slander lawsuit pending against Malloy. She filed it in May 2010 but the issue dates back to the summer of 2008 when Whitnum was running for Congress in a primary against Greenwich Democrat Jim Himes, who later was elected in the general election. During a news conference on the day before the primary, Malloy said that Whitnum had made anti-Semitic comments, according to her lawsuit. Whitnum maintains that she made statements about Israel that were truthful, not anti-Semitic.


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5 thoughts on “Malloy: Whitnum Is \’On The Fringe Of The Fringe,\’ Shouldn\’t Be Included In Debates

  1. Jeanette Smythe

    We have too much of this kind of crude, thoughtless discoures without adding to it by electing Whitnum. Good for Malloy for calling her to task.

    Every American should thank God that we have Israel as an ally. Imagine Iran without Israel.

    1. David Evans

      So you, Jeanette, are upset with what you deem crude descriptive language of what members of our House and Senate do when they take bribes from lobbies, and lobbies affiliates, but you apparently aren’t upset about what Lee Whitnum called one to task about; that he is doing the bidding of the lobbyists instead of what is good for Americans.

      Lee Whitnum is what we need in our Congress, as she knows the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. For far too long, Israel’s agents within both Houses, and within the Executive branch have had too much say in US foreign policy, as Israel continues to defy scores of binding UN Security Council Resolutions and other tenets of international law, including Geneva Convention IV, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aggressive, even murderous policies of Israel have cost the US allies, and made enemies of former allies, while our Congress continues to send billions of US tax dollars to Israel.

      Zionism is a political movement that has created a racist, apartheid state with yet undeclared borders, as Israel’s leaders continue illegal colony building on Palestinian lands:
      Judaism is the original of three monotheistic major religions on our planet. Zionism and Israel have no place in the great Judaic religion, according to the Jewish Holy books. They are abominations, and these good people and Lee Whitnum know this:

      But Zionist propagandists have so successfully conflated Zionism, Judaism and Israel, that many of us don’t know this, and we allow our legislators to be unduly influenced by the Zionist Lobby, and send money abroad to defend Israel’s illegal acts while our infrastructure and social programs go lacking at home.

      Electing knowledgeable and courageous legislators like Lee Whitnum is the only way we are go solve this problem, and the only way we are going to help Israel’s citizens save themselves from suicide-by- continuing-belligerence in a part of the world that is rapidly changing.

  2. Michael Carroll

    As a lifelong Democrat who is sick of having the common man consistently betrayed by both parties over the last four decades as the worker works more for less as all the money goes to the top 1%, I appreciate actually hearing a candidate who says what she really feels–rather than the line prescribed by the corporations, banksters on Wall Street, AIPAC and the Likud Party, and the privileged few in academia and corporate media, who have brought us United Citizens and the best Congress money can buy. I am also sick of the loss of our freedoms under the NDAA, the USA Patriot Act, and the latest Congressional assault on freedom of expression, designed to suppress the Occupy Wall Street movement. As for Governor Malloy, I thought I lived in Connecticut, not Wisconsin. Censure any Democratic candidate for the Senate, and this lifelong Democrat will, in the November election, abandon the Democratic Party and vote for an independent candidate or a third party candidate worthy of the names “democratic” and “freedom-loving,” meaning someone who actually cares about the ordinary citizen and who will preserve our liberty, including freedom of speech and equality before the law.

  3. Michael Carroll

    I made my comments regarding my aversion to censorship (and the loss of liberties requisite to democracy) without having decided the person for whom I intend to vote in the Democratic Primary. To date, I have been favorably impressed by both Representative Chris Murphy and former secretary of the state Susan Bysiewicz. I am not familiar with the rest. I thought the purpose of the debates was to give Democrats a complete picture of pertinent candidate views so as to make an intelligent and informed choice.

  4. David Evans

    There was nothing wrong with Lee Whitnum’s performance, in fact her courage and outspokenness is just what is needed in a House and Senate full of double-speaking equivocators who avoid uncomfortable truth for political expedience! For far too long OUR Representatives have been pandering to and cowed by the Israeli Lobby, sending billions of OUR tax dollars to aid Israel in its numerous war crimes and land theft operations:

    Lee Whitnum, when elected, will cease allowing Israel to continue making enemies for the US, while she, unlike most current US legislators, puts American interests ahead of the interests of a foreign state.

    She has my vote!

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