Markey Releases Ad That Mentions Newtown, Attacks Opponent On Guns

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Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass) has demonstrated in his campaign that he is at least capable of jumping into the Senate\’s divisive gun control debate after releasing an attack ad that targets his opponent, Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez, on guns.

\”Gomez is against banning high-capacity magazines like the ones used in the Newtown school shooting,\” a voice narrates. The ad then plays a clip of Gomez saying he does not support banning high capacity magazines.

\”Markey blames me for the horrific Newtown shooting,” Gomez said in response to the ad, accusing his opponent of \”exploiting a tragedy for political gain.\”

Whether the ad will result in a successful election for Markey is yet to be determined, but the fact that a candidate in a high-profile U.S. Senate race has paid for an ad on this topic does reflect a shift since Newtown. After the legislation itself was defeated, advocates vowed to make gun control an election issue in 2014 midterm elections. Ads like these suggest they have done so sooner.


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15 thoughts on “Markey Releases Ad That Mentions Newtown, Attacks Opponent On Guns

  1. Connecticut is Circlng the Drain

    Another day: check.
    Another article against anyone with another point of view on AWB: check.

    That’s how they roll in this blog. All liberal, all the time.

    PS- Gabriel Gomez is no schlub on the subject: He’s a Naval Academy grad and a former Navy Seal who knows a thing or two about assault rifles.

  2. MikeSteven

    To bad we don’t own Assault Weapons. We own semi automatic rifles with tac-cool accessories. Powerful guns sure, but so is any gun really. To band a particular weapon will not stop anything. All it does is change the way it plays out the next time. Mags of either 30 or 10 rounds doesn’t change a thing either if you put a little practice in reloading. I don’t mind better checks or even wait a little but we really need to focus not only on mental health issues but also on the new medication everyone is on (why did this start when Prozac came about and the such and has anyone heard the warning on the drug commercials? ) and finally we need to look at society as a whole in which this becomes acceptable.

    But none of that will be looked at till after 2014 if that. They are using this to further push their agenda.

  3. Brian C. Duffy

    I give a lot of credit to Ed Markey and Chris Murphy who basically are telling the NRA to stick it.

    At least on this one issue they can’t be accused of being spineless politicians.

    They are basically calling the pro gun folks’ bluff: “Come election day, I don’t want your vote, I don’t need your vote. If you gun nuts really have the numbers, make my day!”

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Gee, how courageous. Those two are in two of the bluest states in the country.

      Too bad the electorate around here consists of gimedats and liberal drones. We’re stuck on stupid.

  4. justme

    If one wants favorable press from the extreme left in the media, they should talk up more unenforced gun control while ignoring mental health issues. Democrats have become rather radical towards fire arms not to mention bad public policy on other pressing issues as well.

    1. MikeSteven

      Is it that people that own firearms scare you?
      I would gladly move south when the time comes. CT is an expensive state to live in which provides few services to the middle class who pay the majority of the taxes.

    2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Billy, you were doing so well and then you vomited that little ditty. Wha hapin?

      1. Midas Mulligan

        CT: Oh come on now, give it a break. I don’t go trolling around like you know who. Your remark is why I think you are… you know who.

        I’m not using his name because I offered to stop the bull if he stops. If he doesn’t, he and I are back to basics.

        And you? Comments like this me thinks that you are him. You want respect, then give it.

        1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

          You want respect after you call everyone who doesn’t agree with you a gun nut cowboy?

          You are a gun nut cowboy sans gun cowboy.

          1. Midas Mulligan

            CT Drain:

            Listen up and listen good. The above poster is not me. If you want me to stop thinking that you are someone else, then behave yourself or we resume name calling. Personally, I have no preference.

        2. Kim

          this is gollum billy once again ‘stopping the crap’. your compulsive lying is becoming more and more obvious to those who don’t already recognize it in you.

  5. kuma138

    these politicians seriously need to stop dancing on the graves of these dead kids. it’s freakin disgusting. the outcome is going to be the loss of all of our firearms manufacturing jobs in this state and that is very sad. that is our history and our proud heritage here in CT and we will now slowly start to lose it all and for what. because of a bunch of politicians in hartford who just wanted to put their names on a big bill. who are all fighting for one thing and one thing only….a better and higher paying job in POLITICS. Don’t worry folks, soon Malloy will have his job in D.C. and you’ll never see his face again. but in the mean time you lost some more freedoms and you’ll pay higher taxes yet again. i just wanna know one thing, how much longer is Malloy gonna keep wearing his GREEN TIE. lose the green tie big guy, leave it in the closet.

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