Martha Dean Sends Her Love

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I\’m guessing Newtown and sane Republicans across Connecticut aren\’t interested in this creepy apology right out of the Lance Armstrong playbook.



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12 thoughts on “Martha Dean Sends Her Love

  1. Richard

    At best her decision to post that video was poorly thought out.

    I had the same argument wuth a former Courant blogger over her attempts to disown equally controversial material posted on her blog which was not always well thought out. The disavowal–I only wanted to provoke discussion and do not subscribe to those thoughts–is somewhat disingenious and lame particularly when deleting posts expressig how offensive a blog entry is.

  2. GOP Realist

    This from the same Martha Dean who left her husband Malcolm sitting in jail for over a month because of some more of her delusions. He just got released on the 15th. She is DONE in CT politics.

    1. Malcolm McGough

      At GOP Realist. You have none of thew facts. I made mistakes which I alone am responsible for. Apart from meeting and marrying Martha Dean, the time I had to reflect is the best thing that has ever happened to me (as much as it was very painful). I am blessed and very grateful to have a wife who had the courage and the love for me to follow through with what was necessary for me to get back to the person she married. As for Martha’s motives – My post on one of the face book pages follows. “Robin – You are spot on re your comments on Martha’s page. The GOP is nothing more than a bunch of self-interested people who seek a sense of importance/acceptance through association with, and support of, whoever has the reins of power or perceived influence here in Connecticut. I have never see from party leaders (and I use the term leaders very loosely’ anything that represents an intellectual engagement of ideas, issues or even just a conversation of what might be. Martha’s post represents her courage to raise issues, to engage all in a conversation, to attempt to clear the chaff from the wheat, to expose information that is presented as fact but, through the types of conversation that Martha promotes, are revealed for whom they are and what they believe – if in fact they believe in anything. Who else in this state has the courage to do this other than Martha Nancy Dean? She is a remarkable woman!

      1. Kim

        right. we need more liars like Chris Murphy who makes completely false and totally unsubstiated claims about gun laws and crime data.

        Do you support Chris because he says things you like to hear? Speaking of lunacy….

  3. GOP Realist

    @ Malcolm – Why doesn’t it surprise me that Martha would use both town of Avon and State of Connecticut resources to rehabilitate you after all of the years she has been wasting government resources in her personal struggle with her ex husband as well. Considering he had restraining orders against her and she had restraining orders against you and him, well you can guess the rest. It scares me to see her at a gun rally!

    1. Malcolm McGough

      @GOP Realist. You really aren’t making sense! Why not stick to the issue rather than making this a personal attack based on your perception rather than reality.

  4. Sean Murphy

    The left wing media, including certain “Republicans” have an ax to grind with Martha. I have had the privilege of knowing her for almost 3 years. She is a smart, successful, and attractive conservative female. The Left enjoys tearing down these type of women because it does not conform with their mold.

    I read the original post and saw nothing wrong with it. This is just more of attack the person instead of debating the issues.

    Cafero and McKinney are shameful on their response. Rumors are they want higher office. They will not get the conservative support, just like Roraback and McMahon.

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