Massachusetts\’ $1 Billion Science Research Investment Paying Dividends

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A report by the Boston Foundation finds that a $1 billion investment in life sciences research in Massachusetts is starting to pay dividends. The study will be released this morning in Boston.

The Boston Globe has the report and says:

… the effort has helped stimulate a key sector of the state’s economy, creating more than 8,000 jobs through capital grants, tax incentives, and business loans.

Connecticut\’s nearly $1 billion investment in bioscience at the University of Connecticut was, in part, a response to the investments that Massachusetts and other states have been making in life sciences research. The Globe quotes Northeastern University\’s Barry Bluestone, author of the report:

“Here is a sector that grew right through the recession,” Bluestone, the director of Northeastern’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy, said in an interview.

“If we’re competing with all the other life-sciences regions, the question is, ‘Has the life-sciences initiative succeeded in getting us to the top of our game?’ And the answer is yes.”

Massachusetts\’ investment has helped it overtake other state in competition for life sciences-related jobs.  In one recent notable example where Massachusetts snatched high-paying Connecticut jobs, Pfizer, Inc. moved hundreds of research jobs to the Boston area from Connecticut.

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6 thoughts on “Massachusetts\’ $1 Billion Science Research Investment Paying Dividends

  1. Thomas in Pain

    Investment in science is an investment in the future. Those who criticize this investment as a foolish liberal waste are very narrow-minded, indeed.

    1. The Conn-servative

      And those who support it are nothing but big government swine.Jackson Labs is a big joke.Look at the return on investment. 200 jobs for 300 million after 10 years – r u for real? We shouldn’t even be debating this. It’s not governments job to buy jobs. Rather it is governments jobs to facilitate a growing private sector via decreased regulation and taxation. But those as yourself who still feel attached to the government nipple are screaming for more milk(taxes) from the private sector person to support this crap. I SEE IT often with a neighbor of mine who works at the UCONN health center. Leaves the house at 9:45 after dropping kids off at school at daycare,then is often home during same days at 3:15 to pick them up.My math shows that at less than a 6 hour day.These positions often end up being politically appointed so to speak.I look forward to the day of massive government layoffs in CT,while I’m down South enjoying a cold one. Am I bitter? Damm straight.

  2. Cromwell Democrat

    Those who voted against this in CT have no vision and shouldn’t server in office. Those such as the State Rep for Cromwell & Portland.

    1. Jeb Potchagalloop

      Let’s hope they vote against the gun control bills so that they can be targeted for removal.

  3. Joe

    Here is a idea: Dont put any more restriction on guns, 3000 + Jobs saved, Lower Taxes, another few thousand jobs saved at Metlife possibly, not hire any more state workers, and through attrition cut payroll spending, cut the workers comp back to 26 weeks, cut completely any wasteful or redundant programs (and get rid of the staff). Got you to that 8000 mark pretty fast, or at least same net effect!!!

    1. Jeb Potchagalloop

      I got another idea. give out free guns to every male and tell them their neighbor has screwed his wife. the population is reduced. costs of medical go down. more food and energy for the survivors. the nation grows.

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