Mayor Segarra Featured in New Gun Control Ad

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Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is among 30 municipal leaders appearing in a new ad promoting gun control produced by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.



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8 thoughts on “Mayor Segarra Featured in New Gun Control Ad

  1. sam

    The problem is they are only addressing gun control against “Legal” gun owners. The criminals that the cities have problems with dont care what laws they pass. They will still have and use “illegal” guns. This whole gun control issue is a joke. They arent going to curb gun violence by penalizing legal gun owners, they should start by bringing back the death penalty and make any crime where a gun is used in the commission of said crime and someone is shot or killed a capital offense punishible by death. These liberals did away with the death penalty but now they want to infringe on the rights of legal gun owners. I guess the criminals have better representation in this state then the law abiding citizens.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Danny-boy Malloy,Mike “Lawless” Lawlor,and virtually every Democrat in the House and Senate got off the hook when Adam Lanza took his own life. Had he not,could you imagine them trying to defend the recently abolished death penalty sentence? Even for them to have passed it in the face of Dr.Petit and all of the other families whose lives had been impacted by those currently on death row, is an absolute disgrace and shame to all. To think that greater than 50% of the people are generally satisfied with this governor in recent polling. Are the people of CT this stupid?

  2. tired of hate

    I agree cause if we had the death penalty there would be 26 more survivors in Newtown. Oh wait no they would still be dead

    1. sam

      @ Tired of Hate
      The threat of the death penalty may not of helped here with Newtown but it is still a good place to start if you want to pass laws to punish people for gun violence.

      Tell me then, do you think passing laws against legal gun ownership when not uniform in all states will? Do you think if Ct passes all these laws that these types of guns will not be brought here by the criminals in our society from other states? These laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals only law abiding citizens.

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