McMahon and WWE Respond to Murphy Attack Ad

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In response to a pair of tough new attacks ad by Democrat Chris Murphy and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Corry Bliss, manager of Republican Linda McMahon\’s U.S. Senate campaign, lashed back.

\”In the six years that Chris Murphy has been in Congress, he’s certainly learned a few tricks of the professional politician trade,\’\’ Bliss wrote in an email to supporters sent Wednesday morning.

\”You can see exactly what Congressman Murphy has learned by watching his false, negative attack ads against Linda. He’s learned that his only shot at winning a seat in the U.S. Senate is by distracting voters from his own failed record in elected office. But you’re smarter than that, because you know that Congressman Murphy is wrong on defense, wrong on jobs, and wrong for Connecticut.\”

The WWE also weighed in with a lengthy fact sheet that arrived in my in-box hours before the ad went up. The Stamford-based entertainment company says it did lay off 10 percent of its workforce in 2009, \”due to one of the worst economic downturns in history,\” but says it has since hired and now employs about 700 people, 100 more than it did three years ago.

The company also fought back against charges that it does not provide health care to its employees.

\”All 700 full-time WWE employees have always had health insurance as well as generous benefits provided by WWE. All WWE in-ring performers, \’Superstars,\’ also have health insurance as a requirement of their contract with WWE. In addition, WWE pays for all medical treatment related to any in-ring related injuries and associated rehabilitation costs,\’\’ the company said.

\”Like professional golfers and tennis players or entertainers such as actors and singers, WWE performers are independent contractors and are personally responsible for acquiring their own health insurance. The average compensation for our main-roster full-time Superstar is $250,000/year and no full-time performer makes less than $100,000 easily enabling them to afford health insurance.\”

Meanwhile, McMahon released a new ad of her own Wednesday. Watch it here:

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8 thoughts on “McMahon and WWE Respond to Murphy Attack Ad

  1. John Vega

    Good for WWE! It’s about time someone set the record straight….Hey Hartford Courant, the ball is in our court. Will you fact check both ads and responsibly report what you find? or will you repeat the Democrats baseless fear attacks as fact? Your move….

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      I can answer that for you. The courant has no interest in truth or reality. They are soley agenda driven. So, they might fact check this, but there is no way it will be reviewed accurately. They will either find or make up something that they can classify as misleading, then, if their findings are unfavorable to murphy, the results will be buried deep in the paper.

    2. Kevin

      LOL. What’s baseless is your stupid assertion. Believe it or not, many of the “rich wrestler” have wound up broke after they quit the WWE. They include Perry Saturn, Kamala and Marty Jannety, just to name a few

      1. johngaltwhereru

        My bases for my statement are plentiful.

        First, The Courant’s long history of complete disregard for facts and accuracy if they are a hinderance to a Democrat Candidate. Secondly, the previous fact-checks which The Courant had to perform literary gymnastics to distort the accuracy of various ads. And finally, the blatantly overt support for all Democratic Candidates over all Republican Candidates The Courant puts on full display.

        I will provide examples of each, which you should not need if you read with open eyes. Bias is present in the fact that the employed editorial staff, journalists,(not nationally syndicated columnist they publish)opinion writers, and their main cartoonists are raging liberals, and none of them try to hide that fact.

        Their bias was at it’s most obviious when, in 2010 as the Country woke up and swept Democrats in a landslide election, The Courant endorsed Malloy, Blumenthal, and all 5 Democrats runnning for Congress.

        Their fact checking, along with the national media, on Obama gutting the work requirement for Welfare was repulsive, and flies in the face of the purpose of having a Free Press. Obama gave Governors, many of them who are very Liberal and can’t stand the work requirement, the power to choose whether they follow the law as written. So while Obama may not have personally removed the work requirement, the net effect is eliminating the work requirement if you give a Liberal Governor a waiver. Wasn’t fact checked that way though.

      2. johngaltwhereru

        And is your assertion that the wrestlers you mentioned are broke because of specific actions of McMahon?

        If so, please explain.

  2. Candy Popcorn

    Linda McMahon is nothing more than an old Carnival Barker.
    She will say anything to get people to play her game.
    The prizes offered … Chrome plated plastic trinkets.
    Come on people! This isn`t even funny!
    I don’t want to live in the state known for putting
    Linda McMahon on the floor of The U.S. Senate ! !
    She clearly illustrates having nothing intellectually to offer Connecticut in terms of a United States Senator. This is nothing but an empty facade; Behind Linda McMahon’s eyes exsists a vast void. Personally, I don’t think she has the capacity for the level of intelligence, or thought to perform as a United States Senator ; And I think her level of abstract thought and reasoning belongs on children`s television, Saturday Mornings.
    Vote for Linda McMahon and Jerry Springer on the Champipple Ballot Line.
    Kurt Russell and Michael Moore will be using
    Connecticut tax credits to produce a new movie for
    Monty Python Productions, called : ” Escape From Connecticut ” !
    Maybe this is all but a perverse and pathetic dream,
    and I’ll wake up. Heh – To think Linda McMahaon a serious contender to represent Connecticut, as a United States Senator!
    I gotta stop eating those Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs before bed.
    Rod Serling steps out from around the corner,
    And offers a Narrative :
    ” Submitted for your approval: Linda McMahon,
    Roller Derby Queen, or United States Senator?
    You decide your reality, when you cast your vote in
    The Twighlight Zone “

    You can put lipstick on an old carnival barker;
    And all you have is a carnival barker, with lipstick.

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