McMahon Comes Full Circle on Last Full Day of 2012 Campaign

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In September of 2011, Linda McMahon came to Coil Pro Machinery Inc. in Southington to kick off her 2012 bid for U.S. Senate.

On Monday, with the long campaign drawing to a close, McMahon returned to Coil Pro and made a final pitch for votes. Her stop in Southington was part of a busy day of campaigning that began before dawn in Groton and also included stops in Glastonbury, Cromwell, East Lyme, Waterbury, Fairfield and Norwalk.

\”It\’s been an incredible year for me,\’\’ the Republican from Greenwich told about 70 supporters on the factory floor. \”Now it\’s about getting people out to the polls.\’\’

McMahon was introduced by state Sen. Joe Markley of Southington, one of her most steadfast supporters. \”We\’ve…had the great good fortune to have a lady come forward who\’s willing to represent us in Washington, who\’s been willing to give up her time and her means and her effort and her life\’s blood on our behalf,\’\’ he said.

At one of her campaign stops over the past few days, McMahon was asked how she intends to win. \”I said, get \’more votes than the other guy,\’\” she said.

McMahon said she is proud of her campaign\’s get-out-the-vote operation and expressed cautious optimism about the results.

During a brief interview after her speech to supporters, McMahon was asked about her controversial strategy targeting Democratic voters who intend to support President Obama.

She has run a TV ad featuring Obama supporters who intend to vote for her as well as campaign literature encouraging people to vote for Obama and McMahon.

\”In many of our cities, people said \’I\’d like to vote for you but I have to vote for President Obama,\’\’\’ McMahon said. Some of those voters were under the mistaken impression that they could not split their ballot, casting a vote for a Democratic presidential candidate and a Republican senatorial candidate.

\”I am supporting Mitt Romney and have endorsed him,\’\’ McMahon added. \”He\’s my candidate but if President Obama is theirs [and] they still like my message better, they can vote for me.\”
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3 thoughts on “McMahon Comes Full Circle on Last Full Day of 2012 Campaign

  1. What is wrong with this picture ?

    We live in a world of precision instruments today.
    Very Competitive … We live in a world of specialists.
    You don`t see a foot doctor for a mental problem.
    Chris Murphy is a United States Congressman;
    Linda McMahon is an Old Carnival Barker, this is just the way it is.
    Linda McMahon clearly illustrates having nothing intellectually to offer Connecticut in terms of a United States Senator. This is nothing but an empty facade; Behind Linda McMahon’s eyes exists a vast void. Personally, I don’t think she has the capacity for the level of intelligence, or thought to perform as a United States Senator ; And I think her level of abstract thought and reasoning belongs on children`s television, Saturday Mornings. One day Linda McMahon is designing the next gimmick and theme of the next TV Wrestler; And the next day she`s discussing defense contracts and budget issues with The Department of Defense ? ! ? !
    You can put lipstick on an old Carnival Barker, and what have you got? An old carnival barker wearing lipstick !
    Is this the best the Republican Party can put forth in Connecticut ?
    Linda McMahon ? ! ? !
    What do the old Republican Stalwarts think of this ?
    Don’t show up to a gun-fight with a clown !

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