McMahon on Mourdock

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Add U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon to the list of  Republicans condemning Richard Mourdock of Indiana, whose comments about rape are making national headlines.

\”Richard Mourdock’s comments were highly inappropriate and offensive. They do not reflect my beliefs as a woman or a pro-choice candidate,” McMahon said.

She joins Scott Brown among other Republicans who have rejected Mourdock\’s comments.

Mourdock, a candidate for U.S. Senate, set off the firestorm when he said during a debate Tuesday night that \”life is that gift from God. I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen.”

Meanwhile, the campaign of McMahon\’s Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy, wasted no time trying tie McMahon to Mourdock.

\”When Republicans across the country continue to show complete disregard for women’s rights and rape victims, it’s a startling reminder to Connecticut women that Linda McMahon would join and empower far-right Republicans in Washington,” said Murphy spokesman Eli Zupnick.

  “McMahon will almost certainly continue to play politics with the issue, and might even denounce Mourdock’s comments to try to sound \’independent,\’ but Connecticut women don\’t buy her campaign rhetoric and will continue to reject her extreme policies to deny coverage for birth control and allow hospitals to refuse care for rape victims.”




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10 thoughts on “McMahon on Mourdock

  1. Mike Robinson

    Where do you Republicans find these losers? Are they in a big binder? You take a rash of sh*t over Akin. It finally quiets down. Then this guy open his mouth two weeks before the election. You gotta shut these guys up. They are ruining your party.

  2. Jerry Hersch

    What difference does it make what McMahon’s thoughts are on this matter–a vote for her will insure that Akin and Mourdock and other of that ilk are in control of the Senate..and thus appointments to federal courts where decisions will effect us for generations.

    1. Mike Robinson

      Yes, this is why she scares me. She might vote with the extreme right. She says she is independent, but I wonder what will happen when they start to pressure her to vote with them. Does she have the strength, wits, and drive to resist?

  3. Elect " Chaos Theory " McMahon

    Linda McMahon is nothing more than an old Carnival Barker.
    She will say anything to get people to play her game.
    The prizes offered … Chrome plated plastic trinkets.
    Come on people! This isn`t even funny!
    I don’t want to live in the state known for putting
    Linda McMahon on the floor of The U.S. Senate ! !
    She clearly illustrates having nothing intellectually to offer Connecticut in terms of a United States Senator. This is nothing but an empty facade; Behind Linda McMahon’s eyes exsists a vast void. McMahon doesn’t possess the capacity for the level of intelligence, or thought to perform as a United States Senator ; And I think her level of abstract thought and reasoning belongs on children`s television, Saturday Mornings.
    Vote for Linda McMahon and Jerry Springer on the Champipple Ballot Line.
    Kurt Russell and Michael Moore will be using
    Connecticut tax credits to produce a new movie for
    Monty Python Productions, called : ” Escape From Connecticut ” !
    Maybe this is all but a perverse and pathetic dream,
    and I’ll wake up. Heh – To think Linda McMahaon a serious contender to represent Connecticut, as a United States Senator!
    I gotta stop eating those Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs before bed.
    Rod Serling steps out from around the corner,
    And offers a Narrative :
    ” Submitted for your approval: Linda McMahon,
    Roller Derby Queen, or United States Senator?
    You decide your reality, when you cast your vote in
    The Twighlight Zone “

  4. rick baldwin

    Linda is sinking like a stone. If she had any sense at all she would have backed Mourdock’s call.

  5. Step Right Up, Hurry Hurry!

    If you put Lipstick on a Carnival Barker,
    What have you got ?
    A carnival barker with lipstick on.

  6. Is that all you've got ?

    Is this the best the Republican Party can put forth in Connecticut ?
    Linda McMahon ? ! ? !
    What do the old Republican Stalwarts think of this ?

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