McMahon Pays Stamford Property Tax Late; Was Charged $1,217 Interest

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Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Linda McMahon and her husband, WWE chairman Vince McMahon, were more than a month and a half late in paying the first half of their annual $54,110 in property tax on the multi-million-dollar condominium unit that they co-own in a building at 1 Broad St., Stamford, city records show.

The first half of the annual tax bill was supposed to be paid by Aug. 1, but was delinquent as of early September, with $28,272 due as of Sept. 4, apparently including interest, the city\’s website still showed on Friday.

A call to the tax collector\’s office Friday revealed that a payment for not just the first six-month installment, but for the full year — in the amount of $55,327 — arrived in the office on Friday. Of that amount, $1,217 was interest, records showed. Delinquent notices went out last week, an employee said on the phone.

McMahon\’s campaign has been slamming Democratic opponent Chris Murphy in recent days for being late on mortgage, rent and car tax payments.

McMahon\’s campaign manager, Corry Bliss, issued a statement shortly after 3 p.m. Friday:

\”The City of Stamford mailed the McMahons a bill on September 13th that reflected the property taxes due on their Stamford condo. This was the only bill received by the McMahons for this tax period. The bill was paid in full today through July 2013. Since buying the property in 2009 the McMahons had never been late on a property tax bill on this property.\”

The Murphy campaign slammed back at McMahon shortly before 3:30 p.m. Friday, as campaign spokesman Ben Marter said: \”The facts keep getting worse and worse for right-wing Republican wrestling tycoon Linda McMahon and her desperate campaign to lie about Chris Murphy and mislead Connecticut families. But McMahon can\’t lie her way out of this one. She\’s been caught red-handed skipping out on the taxes on her $4 million luxury penthouse at the Trump Tower and only paid it back today, after she was caught. The pattern with McMahon is clear: she will do and say anything to make millions of dollars for herself – mistreat her workers, ship jobs to China, use legal jujitsu to avoid paying back her debts, and now, skipping over $29,000 in property tax payments for her luxury condo.”

The McMahon campaign said between 2 and 3 p.m. that the city of Stamford would have a statement about the situation, and about 3:40 p.m. it arrived. In it, Bill Forker, the city tax collector, said he could not \”confirm or deny\” the McMahon campaign\’s claim that no tax bill arrived before Sept. 13.

Forker said: “In the past we have had complaints regarding issues involving property owners not receiving tax bills.  Although we cannot confirm or deny Ms. McMahon’s receipt of a tax bill we can confirm that the real estate tax bill in question has been paid in full through June 30, 2013, including any appropriate penalties and interest.  Further we can confirm that our records show no delinquencies since her purchase of the subject premise in 2009.”


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34 thoughts on “McMahon Pays Stamford Property Tax Late; Was Charged $1,217 Interest

  1. AndersonScooper

    Do you call this reporting?

    Why has there been nothing written about where these candidates stand on the issues that matter?

    And I’ve always held the Courant in high esteem…

    1. sherry

      Here is my comment…remember he last year…she could donate the money she is spending on her campaign…and help families…right now she is trying to convince us she wants to help us…but think with your brains…it looks like she wants power of politics…and she is going to do anything to get it…

  2. gslh

    No matter which way I look at this I can’t help but feel Linda has so much money there is nothing left to buy but a senate seat. I worry she is like Mitt just doesn’t get it. We can all relate to maybe forgetting a car tax but not in the numbers she is showing and how about stiffing the small guy with her bank. She wasn’t going to pay any of the “small people” until she wanted to buy a senate seat. Sorry but this bothers me An Ind. Female voter

    1. bill

      she is no different then any Politician who gets millions in donations from Hollywood from actors who put out some violent and questionable movies for their content, the Kennedy’s obtained their wealth from some pretty questionable ways, Kerry relied on his wife’s fortune.Murphy still hasnt answered his whole story from his problems either.Murphys has attacked Linda pretty bad and as some other poster here noted..its all linda attacking…very far from any truth.Murphy has been around politics over 20 years..part of Ct’s political mess and what we have been dealt has been while he has held office.This is a democrat state, the media has been pretty biased, and i swear they have MSNBC staff telling them what to repeat.

      1. Kristen

        i know your fingers must of lost there way when you were typing the letters that formed the words “Murphy has attacked Linda pretty bad” he can barely come up for air to try and talk about the issues she is slamming him everyday on non relevant issues.

  3. James J. Connolly

    Jon Lender, you’re an idiot! You missed the only significant financial history story of the 2012 Senatorial campaign in Connecticut: Linda McMahon’s bankruptcy. The poor little New London Day scooped the mighty Hartford Courant. Jon, next time do not rely on Linda’s opposition research folks for your articles. You and the Courant look really foolish right now!

    1. Sharon

      Where have you been for the last two plus years? This is not a new story since Mrs. McMahon has been out in public with this since she was running for Senate the first time. The only thing that the rag called the New London Day did was take it upon itself to dig into court records and publish something from 36 years ago. Had you been keeping up on the story you would also have known that Vince McMahon was interviewed years ago and took responsibility for the bankruptcy saying he got into trouble because he thought he was bigger than he really was and got in over his head. You are the one who looks foolish for thinking this is a new story.

        1. Sharon

          Importance to who? You? You sir are showing yourself to be the one hopelessly out of your depth attempting to bring out a story that has been said and done. The difference here is that McMahon got out ahead of the story being told by someone else and Murphy hoped his would not be found. Please explain why anyone would want a rehash of old news? If that is what you want I am sure that someone can dig up a story about the Titanic sinking or the Hurricane of ’38 for your enjoyment. Old news is old news. For the most part it does not sell newspapers or excite readers.

  4. D.G.

    Linda McMahon made it an issue in the campaign, not the Courant, and it shows that she has been hypocritical in her attacks on Chris Murphy. Apparently she’ll do anything, say anything, spend any amount to get into office. Kind of scary, if you ask me. This time it blew up in her face.

    1. Sharon

      Did you fail to read the whole story, you know the part where even the town admits to people having had problems with tax bills not being received? Yes everyone is responsible for the bills and it seems that not getting the bill in the mail did not trigger a memory that it might have gotten lost in the mail. Wow.

      1. George

        It is the responsibility of the real estate OWNER to pay the taxes on that property, whether the owner gets a bill or not.

        What, she didn’t know she was supposed to pay taxes on her luxury condominium?

        Ignorance is no excuse.

        It’s like speeding on small side streets in a town. There are no speed limits posts on those streets, but if you want to drive there you HAVE to make yourself aware of the laws.

          1. George

            Not important – she knew she had to pay taxes at that time (she bought the place in 2009 and had been paying taxes for 2+ years)

            As they say, “ignorance is no excuse”

  5. Kane

    So why not verify that this was or wasn’t the only tax bill that the McMahons received? What if it is not? That would be newsworthy.

    If it is the only bill then you can bury some insincere correction on the back page.

    Nice investigative report.

    1. George

      No matter – she knew she owed taxes on the condominium. Some towns only send one bill for the two half-year payments. They don’t send an individual bill for the second payment.

  6. JM

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you get a tax bill – your still responsible for the taxes on the property you owe. Linda and Vince obviously dropped the ball on this one, as did Mr. Murphy years ago…now, can we get away from the mudslinging and get on with the real issues please?

  7. VictorG

    Wow, you’ve spent weeks blasting Chris Murphy about his tax issues, and then bury this delinquent tax tidbit about Linda McMahon (who also filed for bankruptcy, although you wouldn’t know it from reading the Courant) on a Friday afternoon. Where are those headlines?
    What is this, Fixed Noise?

    I thought the Hartford Courant was better than that.

    Hopefully the voters of Connecticut are smart enough to see the vast difference in the two candidates and what they will be able to do if elected.

  8. Ken Meacham

    What I see coming to the surface is Chris Murphy is a lot like the average Joe who struggles with meeting all of his financial obligations whether he is working or not. Linda Mcmahon is the rich person who feels she deserves not to be held to the same standards as the rest of us. Now I’m reading she’s going to pay the creditors who she didn’t pay during bankrupcy. How many years ago was that?
    The question remains, who’s more qualified to speak for us and who will stick up for the little guy. It doesn’t matter what plan they have, Washington is not going to listen to a Junior Senator.

  9. George

    Unbelievable – the Courant splashes the trivial news about Murphy all over their home page, with background, side articles, etc.

    McMahon does the same thing? It’s hidden in a BLOG! Can you believe it?

    So, let’s see – Murphy’s total “delinquent” bills totalled about $2000. This one is just about the SAME amount AND she walked away from almost $1MILLION!

    1. Phil Hickey

      George – How come no one celebrates the fact that after filing for bankruptcy the McMahons battled back and became an American success story?

      1. George

        “battled back”? She took advantage of the system to make millions with not a thought about paying her creditors. Sure, it’s “legal”, but we should expect MORE from our government representatives.

        How come you don’t celebrate the fact that Murphy paid his bills off a few months after they came due, not 35 YEARS?

    2. George

      Sorry, the INTEREST was just about the same as Murphy’s total late bills, she actually owed 14 TIMES that amount, more than $28,000

  10. NoNonsense2012

    I seem to remember some old adage about glass houses and throwing stones. It’s a bad idea that often comes back to bite. This little tidbit made me laugh out loud. Thanks for printing it, even if it is buried in the blogs and not given the same prominence as the stories about Chris Murphy.

  11. Ex-GOP'er

    Ignorance of one’s tax obligation is no excuse. This is just the latest example of Dear Linda’s lack of accountability and personal responsibility. The “dog ate my homework” excuses don’t work in grade school, yet Linda still feebly tries to pass this foolishness off and explain away the facts of her deadbeat past and present actions. Once a deadbeat always a deadbeat.

  12. Sharpshooter

    I think we should all keep in mind that Linda was not an elected official when these matters occurred……private financial matters, incurred by a private citizen, have no government corrupting possibilities….

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