McMahon: You Can Vote For Me — And Obama

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U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon has long positioned herself as a political independent but her latest TV ad showcasing Obama supporters who also back her is drawing harsh condemnation from her fellow Republicans.

The ad, which ran during Sunday\’s Patriots game, urges voters to support McMahon on the Independent Party line, saying it\’s OK for them to back her and the president she villifies.

\”It doesn\’t matter if you\’re a Democrat or a Republican,\’\’ says one of the people in the ad.

\”You don\’t always have to agree on everything,\” says another, \”but you agree on the most important things.\”

McMahon has embraced core beliefs of the GOP ideology — that tax cuts spur growth and that small government is better — while criticizing President Obama\’s economic policies and pledged to repeal his health care overhaul. In February, she called Obama\’s policy mandating that employers provide insurance coverage for contraception \”an all-out assault on the United States Constitution.\” McMahon and her husband Vince McMahon have also given $150,000 to Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney Super PAC.

Todd Abrajano, a McMahon spokesman, said that \”she is still supporting Mitt Romney.\”

But \”Linda is not going to win the race by getting every single Republican vote. She is going to need Republican and Independents and Democrats to win. We are going after all the votes.

The ad is \”good news for this campaign,\” because these Obama supporters have also decided to support McMahon.

As a Republican running in a state where Republican make up just 20 percent of the electorate, McMahon has to be pragmatic: she needs Democrats and unaffiliated voters to win. The ad isn\’t the first time she\’s set some distance between herself from her party. She was the first prominent Republican candidate to criticize presidential nominee Mitt Romney after his \”47 percent\” comments. She has repeatedly stressed her \”pro-choice\” beliefs, much to the consternation of social conservatives. And she has acknowledged giving money to Democrats in past elections.

To some members of the Republican base, the \”Vote for Me and Obama\” ad was the final insult and they lashed out on McMahon\’s Facebook page, with some demanding that she pull the spot.

On Facebook, the McMahon campaign responded. \”Linda actively supports Governor Romney. The ad is Democrats explaining that they are going to vote for Linda on the Independent party line,\’\’ McMahon\’s staff wrote. \”There are thousands of Democrats and Independents who are supporting Linda over Chris Murphy because she is a job creator not a professional politician.\”

Christopher Shays, the former congressman who lost the Republican Senate nomination to McMahon, said he is \”disappointed\” but not surprised by McMahon\’s strategy, including her decision to seek the Independent line several months ago.

\”It\’s unfortunate to see her running away from our presidential and vice-presidential candidates,\’\’ Shays said. \”I don\’t see how that helps our ticket or our candidates running for Congress or the state House and Senate.\”

State Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. declined to comment on McMahon\’s ad. \”I\’m working as hard as I can for the Republican ticket and I still believe Gov. Romney can win here in Connecticut,\’\’ he said.

Eli Zupnick, spokesman for McMahon\’s Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy, says the ad is one more example of McMahon trying to appear more moderate than she is. \”She is trying to hide her right-wing views\” from Connecticut voters, he said.

Kyle Kondik, a political analyst at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, McMahon\’s decision to go after Obama voters makes sense. \”Obviously if she\’s going to win, she needs people to do what people in the ad say they\’re going to do: vote for Obama and for her,\’\’ he said. \”The polls indicate President Obama is 10-12 points ahead in Connecticut.\”

Kondik compared McMahon\’s predicament to that of Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah, the only Democratic member of that state\’s congressional delegation. Matheson, who is locked in a tight race against Republican Mia Love, has gone out of his way to praise Romney, a strategy that makes sense in a red state where Romney is extremely popular.

\”When you\’re in hostile territory, you need to make a direct appeal to people to split their ticket,\’\’ Kondik said.

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89 thoughts on “McMahon: You Can Vote For Me — And Obama

    1. Bob Fortier

      I do not understand all the anger at Linda Mc trying to get independents and Democrats that they can split their vote. In reality, many more of us should be doing that. Both sides say that the other is partisan, then they go out and vote the party line. She didn’t say she was voting for Obama, just that the public could actually vote for Obama AND also vote for the first woman senator the State of Connecticut has ever had. I appreciate her willingness to take criticism from those who are too dumb to realize she cannot make it to the senate on Mitts coattails. She is a fighter and the state will be better off by having a hard worker who has proven she gives a damn about all of us.

    2. Mike Robinson

      Her website says she wants to repeal ObamaCare. How could someone vote for Obama (and ObamaCare) and then also vote for the wrestling lady who wants to kill ObamaCare?

  1. Roger Bontemps

    The say anything spend everything candidate – go back to to wrestling – a proud Mitt supporter.

  2. Farley

    I saw this pathetic ad run over the weekend too, and was similarly perplexed. Is there any vote this witch ISN’T trying to buy?? Her greed knows no bounds.

    The fact that Murphy’s biggest knock is that he was late paying some tax bills shows he’s VERY much in tune with the problems we all face. Linda’s CEO experience is a prime indicator that she should be avoided at all costs. This GOP rhetoric about creating jobs is nothing but thinly veiled BS aimed at buying votes, and selling out the voters immediately after Nov. 6.

  3. grant

    This just goes to show how far she is willing to distort the truth to get elected. She will pay any price, spend her fortune, for this. She will do or say just about anything. And why? What can a senator do all by him or her self? This lady is possessed.

  4. James J. Connolly

    No limit to how low Linda McMahon will sink. In these adds, McMahon calls herself an “Independent” candidate with a capital “I” which is an outright lie, because she is the Republican nominee. With an unlimited advertising budget and no morals or political beliefs, Linda believes she can morph into anything, pro-choice, anti-choice, a Republican, an Independent, a Democrat, you name it, she’ll pretend to be it.

      1. Jeff

        And Romney isn’t?

        He may have Romnesia about his past positions, but Romnification will see major social changes in this country and perhaps cause civil unrest.

  5. Striking

    Rick, what do you mean by “split her ticket”? Are you asking if she’ll vote for Obama, too? I doubt it.

  6. Happy camper

    If you want another rubber stamp for every democratic issue then vote for Murphy. If anyone is going to be held accountable for their vote it will be McMahon. She has to understand it would be one and done in the blue state of Ct if her votes don’t reflect whats best for Conn.

  7. Former Linda Supporter

    I was supporting Linda and even had her lawn sign in my yard. I not only saw this disgusting ad, but another ad that she started running this weekend, and I can wholeheartedly and disappointingly say that I will NOT be supporting her. I removed my yard sign (I actually threw it away). Her bubble will be left blank by me on both the Republican line and the Independent line.

    1. Moondoggy13

      You obviously never ‘really’ supported her if this is how you feel. You are missing the point of how politics work in a blue state. A ‘Blank’ vote is essentially a vote for Murphy. She needs every vote to break the death grip of the democrats. Rethink your position.

  8. Jan

    Linda sees the handwriting on the wall – Ct. will go for Obama – so she wants to ride in on tail – but then she’ll vote against everything Obama/the Demos bring up. How dumb does she think we are?

  9. JB Carrier

    “Conservatives” aren’t ‘scratching their heads over this ad” – Republicans are. We intend to win the White House and throw the current administration back to Chicago – with or without Linda. It’s a shame she felt the need to air this but we are fairly well convinced that CT is so blue she wouldn’t win anyway. We are Stuck with Murphy and his absentee leadership. Maybe some day soon, after Mitt wins, this state will see “Success” and realize it’s not such a bad thing.

  10. JP

    Also, her Green Stamps ad is a bit bizarre – I think she just called me “poor” – we collected Green Stamps too – but not to “make ends meet” – it was a loyalty/premium program – you collected them and after weeks or months of buying groceries, you had enough of these things to get a plaid thermos – it was hardly a way to get the necessities.

  11. Lee

    What I’d like to hear Linda say is Barack Obama should resign over Benghazi, the most extreme public mishandling of an attack on American personnel ever, certainly in my lifetime. If I (or most people) had been president and something like that happened on my (our) watch — and then I had lied about it myself while urging others to cover up — I would be so ashamed of myself I wouldn’t be able to come out in public.

  12. Dennis Kane

    I see the logic here. If everyone in Connecticut voting for Romney also voted for McMahon she would have by latest count 45% of the vote. She would not win unless a substantial number of Obama supporters also cast there vote for her. The ad illustrates that there are actually Obama supporters (probably mostly Democrats and Independents) that believe in her message and ambition to put this country on track and will split there ticket. Think about it. If Romney was leading in Connecticut you would never see an ad like this.

  13. mark nati

    This shows her true colors after spending all this money and been speading all these lies that have not worked like she had planned, now she says vote for me and Obama this is the biggest sell out I have ever seen during a election. As far as I am concerned she justed indorsed Obama over Rommey for President. She will say and do anything to get elected.Which shows she can not be trusted at all. We know what Chris Murphy stands for the middleclass and that will ever change.

  14. GDMIller

    Almost fell out of my chair when I saw this. She has officially lost my vote. And I am a HUGE Mitt guy. I personally don’t align with such obvious flip floppers in order to land a vote. This is one of the smartest states in the Union and she thinks we’re gonna buy this obvious pandering? Linda is a disgrace and has officially gone over the line.

    1. Mike Robinson

      I have to laugh. She probably did not figure on alienating Mitt people. So there are those who will vote for Mitt and against her because of this TV ad. Priceless.

    2. BRubble

      “..don’t align with flip floppers in order to land a vote.”.. hmm.. then why are you such a HUGE Mitt guy? He flips on issues more than an airport wind sock.

      1. CT Taxpayer

        BRubble – you took the words right out of my mouth….Mittens will be whatever you want depending on the wind that day….

  15. Don Reder

    The first time I saw this ad, my head whipped towards the TV so fast that I had to go take some ibuprofen…didn’t believe what I thought I had just seen and heard. Fortunately, the fact that LINDA has bought every available second of broadcast time provided the opportunity to see the ad again…several times…in the next hour. I’m a fairly articulate, college-educated guy but found myself rendered almost speechless at this particular piece of political slime and could only utter “What the Hell?” Is this the same LINDA who, in the debates and on the few ads of hers that actually dealt with substance, has been skewering President Obama’s fiscal, health and international policies? Since her ceaseless attack ads on Murphy don’t seem to be doing the trick, I guess her strategic approach has shifted to the “If you can’t beat them, join them” approach. And in her desperate effort to buy a seat in the Senate, she’s now thrown Mitt Romney under the bus. One has to think that there are phone calls flowing in to McMahon headquarters this morning from the national Republican folks who may be using stronger words than “Hell.”

    1. Jeff

      She just threw her presidential candidate under the bus…a minor sacrifice to satisfy her ambitions.

      I’m glad she’ll “fight for me”…unless something else comes up.

  16. John Steel

    How appropriate. Looney Linda has gone the route of the weasel she seeks to replace – Joe Lies. Remember when Lieberman became anti-war for four months when he lost the Democratic nomination? And how fast he flipped back once he was re-elected?

    There is a difference between Joe and Linda – he actually had an agenda. The only thing McMahon cares about is fulfilling the demands of her mental illness – an interesting mix of narcissism and histrionic personality.

  17. Mary

    I agree with “ick” above–she makes me sick. It would be such an embarrassment for CT if she is elected.

  18. Disenfranchised

    I will not waste to gas to vote for either of the muckers in this senate race. This has to be the worst campaign in CT. history. All dirt, no substance from either.

    1. Sharpshooter

      You sound like a Democrat to me… can all stay home on election day….it’s in the bag for the Dems…

  19. Jay

    Her apologists will find excuses for this ad. I am still astounded she garners any respect as a legitimate candidate considering her history with the WWE.

  20. Del D. Gomes

    Hasn’t she just given the Republican Party the naked bird and simultaneously thrown them under the steroidal bus? And hasn’t she, as the Republican Standard Bearer, just demonstrated her failing moral and ethical standards? There is nothing quite like a sharp knife in the back and Linda is sure to apply a twist (much like these ads). Perhaps the Republican Party will attempt to re-enlist Say-It-Ain’t-So-Joe. I now feel sorry for Republicans.

  21. Linda lost my vote

    I was disgusted when I saw that commercial last night. She just lost my vote. I am not voting for the other looney either. Both of them make me sick. Can we have real candidates please that stand for their values?

  22. Ger

    Up until she said to vote for her and Obama, she had a chance. He is a liar, phony and amateur at his position. Do you know he has not, even one time, called a former President for advice on any single situation. Arrogant dope. Before you question if I contact past Presidents…look it up.

  23. Vincent

    This is a breathtakingly dumb comment. It is sure to turn undecided voters against her. If, or probably when, she loses the election by a relatively small margin, she can look back to this blunder of epic proportions. I was going to vote for her. Now I am unsure.

  24. Marc Romanow

    This commercial makes no sense to me and could turn into political suicide for Linda. There is an exponentially better chance of her getting elected as a Romney supporter because there are more partisan voters out there than ever. Most of Linda’s campaign platform is rooted in Romney-Republican values, so why is she even suggesting that we may vote for Obama? I think I know why. Linda talks down to voters like we don’t understand the issues and lack a grasp of current events. She is either getting poor advice about the demographics of CT voters or truly believes we are all morons who would actually vote for her and Obama at the same time because we have been hopelessly brainwashed.

    1. Jeff

      If she is elected, you can be sure that the Romney White House will remembers her “support”.

      She’ll have more luck talking to the staff in the Senate cloakroom about “her plan” than any other group in Washington.

      Perhaps she can run incessant ads on the local TV stations to introduce the members of Congress to “her plan”. It ain’t happening any other way.

  25. Israel I. Gordon

    It is approriate to contrast a great american Senator we lost yesterday wether you agree with his policies or not. Senator McGovern stood by his convictions no matter what the political cost. Mrs. McMhon you are no George McGovern.

  26. NoThanks

    I find it hilarious all you people are basing your votes on TV ads. I just wish all you people wouldn’t vote becuase obviously you are not educated on the candidates, otherwise, a TV comercial wouldn’t change your vote. It’s good she can show she will vote for what she believes in not just what the party wants. All you people ask for bipartisanship, but at the first sign of it you call out liar and “lose your vote.” Awesome job everyone. Bravo.

    1. Don Reder

      I don’t’ think the criticisms of the most recent ad (hard to keep track of what is most recent and what isn’t since her ad mill is grinding them out at an alarming rate) are relative to whether one is partisan or seeking bipartisanship. I think they relate more to the fact that she has spent her entire campaign up until about 36 hours ago, trying to eviscerate any value from everything that Obama has done the last four years. And now she’s running ads that say, ‘sure, vote for Obama but also vote for me on the Independent lever.’ That is a head-spinning 180 that obviously has not been lost on the majority of people. Believe me when I say that John Boehner is not coming to Connecticut to stump and raise funds for LINDA because she’s an independent.

  27. rich poole


  28. Mike Manchester

    State Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. thinks Romney can win here…despite a 10-12 pt deficit.

    Linda McMahon isn’t the only Republican that is delusional.

  29. Lee

    It is amazing to me how anyone who remembers how our country became the greatest power in history can vote for Obama. I think it is “stuck on stupid.”

  30. Already voted...

    I have already voted absentee, as I attend college in Alabama. I voted Murphy, but honestly, if she thinks she will get Obama supporters she’s on crack. She never should have entered politics. CEO’s= bad for America. They are “job creators”, well Linda you spend over 60 million in two campaigns basically destroying their personas, when that money could have been used to CREATE JOBS or DONATED TO CHARITY. So happy she will lose to murphy, my guess? 51-47, 4% going other

  31. masterblaster

    Linda, You had my vote until this commercial.
    Now there is nothing you can do to get my vote.
    Hopefully Romney gets in and you are history!!

  32. Ian W. Bain

    Vote for Lina McMahon and P.T.Barnum;
    There’s a sucker born every minut.
    Linda McMahon is nothing but a Glorified Carnival Barker.
    I don`t want to live in the state that is known for
    putting the likes of Linda McMahaon on the
    Floor of the United States Senate!
    Come On People, this isn`t even funny!

    1. Just A Carnival Barker

      OMG !
      Worse than fantasy, this alt. Universe reality. This has got to stop!
      From the land of steady habits,
      and intelligent thinkers … This ? ! ? !
      Linda is grasping at straws,
      and offering us only chrome plated,
      plastic carnival trinkets.

  33. Americal

    I support Governor Romney…and Linda. Whatever it takes to beat Murphy in this blue of blue states, I say go for it. We are delusional if we think she can win without the support of Obama supporters. We need her to win…and she needs to use political savvy to do so. Let’s not be too harsh on her…go Linda!

  34. RevLem1

    My, my – some people are soooooooo sensitive that their candidate would have the audacity to air an ad of this type to try for votes. There is no law that says one has to vote a straight ticket – I vote for who the person is and what that person stands for – which means I could not vote for either her or Mitt the Clueless. Do you really want a president who claims to have acute business acumen to run this nation? We already had that with these 2 presidents – Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush, and we all know how that turned out!

  35. Jeff

    With only a couple weeks left before the election, I expect Linda will be taking off the kid gloves any time now and bringing in the heavy artillery.

    If I hear “my plan” one more time before the election, I may explode. It would take a fairy tale and a miracle to make anyone believe that a freshman senator from ANY state could possibly get “their plan” approved in Congress. More likely, Linda will be appointed to the Cleaning Committee, where she and the other freshman class can bake brownies for the senior senators. Maybe if she delivers the brownies wrapped in “her plan” they will notice it. Otherwise, she has to play by the rules that it takes time, friendships, schmoozing and lots of legwork to get ANY ideas accepted into the mainstream chatter of the Senate. As a total outsider, it seems futile to me unless she can use her WWE training to rappel into the senate chambers dressed as a superhero and change the rules.

    1. Popcorn With Butter Please

      Linda McMahon just lost any shred of
      credibility she may have had within
      her own party; Begging for votes accross the isle.
      Please see that she is a carnival barker, and nothing more; A flim-flam man.
      Someone who puts forth this level shoddy
      sales approach clearly does NOT belong
      on the floor of The U.S. Senate .
      No matter what you thought of Joe Lieberman,
      Does Linda McMahon look like she belongs in the same league and arena ?
      Submitted for your Approval :
      This is “The Wizard Of OZ – 2012″

  36. JonGaltWhereAreYou

    Romney is a better choice of the two but he doesn’t go far enough to reduce taxes. The Libertarian method has more robust economic potential for success.

  37. John

    When is Vince McMahon going to put his foot down and tell Linda to stop pissing away all his fortune to gratify her oversized ego. she needs a WWE “slapdown”, vince!

    1. RevLem1

      Not tonight, that’s for sure – Vince was just on WWE Raw, playing right now in NJ. Seems he needs the bright lights also – to feed that giant ego AND keep funding Linda’s delusional desires to buy a US Senate seat.

  38. Jeff

    If Linda had injected her $77 million (and counting) into the Connecticut education system, she would be forever considered a superhero benefactor responsible for a dynamic change in education outcomes for decades to come. The standard of living would rise throughout the state for everyone.

    Now, that’s a “plan”.

    What will her legacy really be?

    1. Real Reality

      Linda McMahon`s legacy will be
      Chris Benoit, slamming his head
      on stage for years, until
      finally killing his family.

  39. Dr. Aki Bola, Esq.

    It’s too funny to read these replies claiming they were going to vote for Linda but for this ad. You aren’t fooling anyone, your democrat vote is secure. I bet you voted for the guy who lied about serving in Vietnam and made CT the least attractive state for business. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for that one.

  40. Stephen Patrick

    The innocents among you are surprised at
    this from Linda? She’s a garbage truck
    with an Ask Me About My Grandchildren

  41. George

    “McMahon endorses Obama!” Let’s see the size of THAT check- then we can all breathe a little easier about campaign ad quality in 2016. Although- maybe she’ll put her “campaign experience” to work on the Governor’s office. Maybe by then CT Republicans will hear the alarm clock and smell the java…

  42. John Carroll

    Similar tactics used in WWE. Wrestlers often change sides for a variety of reasons. Villians become good guys and visa versa. Anything to put the fannies in the seats or in this case the ballot box for Linda. Leopards don’t change their spots. She’ll do anything or say anything to WIN !

  43. Are you Serious?

    Contrary to popular belief, Government is not a Carnival.
    Linda McMahon is nothing more than a glorified Carnival Barker. This ad makes it very clear.
    She will say anything to get people to play her game.
    The prizes offered … Chrome plated plastic trinkets.
    Grade-school children are attracted to small, shiney objects. Come on people! This isn`t even funny!
    I don’t want to live in the state known for putting
    Linda McMahon on the floor of The U.S. Senate.

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