McMahon: Vote for Obama

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Remember Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon\’s TV ad telling Democrats it was OK to vote for Obama and for her? Well, her message is a bit more overt now.

\"\"\”Vote for Barack Obama for President and Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate on the Independent line,\’\’ reads a door-hanger McMahon left on some homes in Hartford. \”President Barack Obama and Linda McMahon will fight for us.\”

Lest anyone be confused, the Democratic president has made an ad urging Connecticut voters to chose his fellow Democrat, Chris Murphy.

McMahon spokesman Todd Abrajano said McMahon \”enthusiastically supports\” Romney for president.

\”This door-hanger is only going to known supporters of President Obama because Congressman Murphy is shamefully telling them that it\’s illegal to split their ticket,\’\’ Abrajano said. \”We are simply educating Democrats who may also support Linda that they can split their ticket. It’s well known that there are thousands of Democrats across Connecticut who will be voting for President Obama and Linda McMahon on the independent party line, and those Democrats are choosing Linda McMahon over Congressman Murphy because she\’s the only candidate in the race with a plan to create jobs and cut middle-class taxes. This door-hanger is clearly not an endorsement of President Obama.\”

McMahon\’s name will appear twice on Tuesday\’s ballot: on the Republican line and on  the independent line. Murphy\’s will also appear twice: on the Democratic line and on the Working Families Party line.

Some Republicans were outraged by McMahon\’s TV ad, which quoted Democrats saying they planned to vote for McMahon. Jerry Labriola Jr., chairman of the Republican party in Connecticut, said McMahon has launched an unprecedented voter turnout effort. \”The McMahon campaign is pulling out all the stops to win an election,\’\’ Labriola said. \”Some within our party may question that tactics but the fact is, Linda McMahon is putting it on the line to go to Washington to stop the madness.\”

Labriola noted that McMahon was \”an ardent and early supporter\” of Romney and, along with her husband, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to both his campaign and Super PACs that back him.

Labriola, who had not seen the flyer, said the McMahon campaign\’s message is targeted to voters in the state\’s largest cities who are already Obama backers. \”This is one of the first efforts by a major statewide Republican candidate to reach out to the urban areas,\’\’ he said.

Meanwhile, Murphy campaign spokesman Eli Zupnick called it a \”desperate and dirty 11th hour trick by Linda McMahon to try to pull the wool over voters\’ eyes and make them forget that she endorsed Mitt Romney and supports his right-wing Republican policies.\”

But Zupnick noted Obama\’s commercial for Murphy said Democrats are \”confident that they are not going to be fooled by McMahon\’s latest bizarre campaign trick.\”

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18 thoughts on “McMahon: Vote for Obama

      1. Kim

        hopefully, after the elections, you’ll go away Pam. then we won’t have to read your obvious liberal talking points with the blessing and support of the courant editors

    1. Kim

      dear Murphy supporter – thanks for your support even though you KNOW that I sold out my seat to the banking industry for a little help with my financial problems.

      Hope is not necessary – I KNOW you’re stupid

      Your friend, Chris

  1. mark

    Linda lost my vote with her commercial. I’m laughing at all these highly paid consultants who are bombing right now. Murphy is hammering her from all angles and this is how her six figure, seven in some cases, fight the fight. 19% of Republicans in the last poll won’t be voting for her.

  2. Joe Visconti

    Labriola will rue the day he gave “Any Cover” for Linda/Bliss et al. After Linda’s historic loss tomorrow and operatives, hacks, RTC Chairman, State Reps, State Senators,past CTGOP Chairman and Insiders have cashed their last installment payments from Linda’s consultants it will be our job (Activists)to show the CTGOP base how Linda’s 3 Year Tour de Fame lost many underticket candidates a win because Linda spent Millions on her GOTV effort for Obama and her on the Independent line. What’s next? Linda runs for Governor in 2014 as an independent seeking to win in a 3 way against Malloy and Foley, don’t laugh, her legacy cannot end with a loss because her narcissism won’t let it. Our GOP Brand is being more eroded this past 2 weeks than the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City boarwalk was by Sandy.Hey Jerry, Linda left the Party long ago, the Band can stop playing now!!! Writing in Benedict Arnold for CT United states Senate!!!!

  3. Kim

    to ask voters that you KNOW are going to vote for Obama, to understand that they can vote the Republican ticket in CT at the same time as they vote for Obama, makes a little sense. She doesn’t appear to be directly supporting Obama – simply stating that if you MUST vote Obama it doesn’t mean you can’t vote for her as well. This sounds like a good way to get some Dems to vote Republican in the CT senate race, but it’s a gamble that she’ll lose Republican voters who are misinterpreting the message

  4. Richard

    What’s next? Vince McMahon slapping Linda like a dog on the WWE stages for wasting $75 million of their money to become a RINO? Let’s hope Vince forces Linda to wear a pink Rhino horn and bark like a dog.

    I doubt anyone from the Murphy camp will call that porn or unfit for kids or misogony. It’s showbiz!

    1. Kim

      What’s next is Murphy winning reelction and selling his vote to even MORE and bigger financial interests, while selling his consituents down the drain.

      Now THAT’S what I call pornography.

  5. CT conservative

    Conservatives are not enthusiastic about Linda in the first place. Low rent tactics like this will cost her just enough conservative votes (they’ll vote third party) to cost her the election.

  6. DC

    I am SICK and TIRED of all these one-trick (party) people giving up their votes and their brains to vote straight party lines. The political parties are NOT what was meant to run the government – it is a government “FOR the people, OF the people and BY the PEOPLE.” PEOPLE, not party! We need to look at what the candidates are saying and vote based on their positions, not the letter after their name! SO WHAT if McMahon wants to remind people that they can vote for Obama AND her, regardless of the different parties they are in. It’s the TRUTH, ISN’T IT?

    Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me ONE BIT if the political workers for Murphy’s campaign were telling people that it is illegal to split their vote. He is a party man who cares only for the Democrats in CT since they can guarantee his job for 2/4/6 years… Everyone else is just the “Other 47%” to use a Romneyism…

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