Merchants Say Hartford Busway Hurting Their Businesses Near The State Capitol

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Merchants along Capitol Avenue in Hartford say that the permanent closure of key local street – prompted by construction of the new busway – is hurting their businesses.

They are criticizing Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra for dropping opposition to Gov. Dannel Malloy\’s ongoing plans for a 9.4-mile, 11-stop busway that is being constructed between downtown New Britain and Union Station in Hartford.

Courant reporters Jenna Carlesso and Don Stacom have the story as follows:

Virginia Iacobucci said business declined at her coffeehouse when busway construction in December blocked cars from reaching it by using Flower Street.
She now wonders if her business, La Paloma Sabanera, will survive if pedestrian and bike traffic from Flower Street is shut down, too.

\”It\’s as though we really don\’t matter,\” Iacobucci said Thursday, sitting at a table in her shop, visibly shaken. \”We\’re the ones here every day — running a business, living here, letting our kids go to school here — and it\’s as though we don\’t even count. The city leadership owes residents a better explanation for what happened.\’\’

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4 thoughts on “Merchants Say Hartford Busway Hurting Their Businesses Near The State Capitol

  1. walls

    This is the most ridiculous ‘union jobs’ project to come along in a long time. Leave it to the dems to waste public money. It makes no business sense. At least ‘Tommy’s Trolley’ at BDL was killed – but this monstrosity lives!

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Suck it up people. The busway is here to stay and we will all enjoy the waste and lack of utility. Democrats know what is best for all of us so get back to work and get out your wallets.

    That is all.

  3. Sharpshooter

    I’d like to feel sorry for these merchants but the real losers are the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut whose pockets have been picked for the sake of union jobs…

    1. Bill

      No, Sharpshooter, It is not the State that has coughed up. It is mostly being funded by the Federal government.

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