Moms To Lobby For Gun Control On The Hill And In Hartford

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\"moms\"On Wednesday, a national advocacy group founded in response to the Newtown school shooting will hold a lobby day in Washington, D.C. The group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was founded by a woman in Indiana and has 80 chapters across the country, including one in Fairfield County. While some will be down in Washington advocating for federal reform, they\’ve asked Connecticut members to make their presence known in Hartford on Wednesday as well.

On \”Moms Take the Hill\” day, more than 200 mothers will be in Washington. They plan to meet with their representatives and hold an afternoon rally. Rep. Esty, who has been pushing for Congressional action on gun control, will speak at the rally. The group has also launched a social media campaign called \”Paper Dolls, Steel Resolve,\” and is asking members to tweet and email pictures of eight paper dolls, one for each child killed by gun violence each day.

In Connecticut, they\’ve asked members to contact Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey to voice support for stricter gun laws. \”The new deadline for the floor vote on Governor Malloys proposed reforms is 3/14,\” they wrote on Facebook. \”The gun lobby will be at the capitol on 3/11 making themselves heard. We must be the last (AND LOUDEST), voices our lawmakers hear before they vote.\”

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16 thoughts on “Moms To Lobby For Gun Control On The Hill And In Hartford

  1. Richard

    NYT reporting that the Pentagon and Obama administration are happily on board the sequester and to watch out for base closings. Groton is my bet. That and further EB cuts as the cut to one sub each for EB and Newport News smells like a consolidation move waiting to happen. I expect one or the other is certain.

    Lieberman as fence sitter is missing leaving Murphy and Blumenthal no bargaining leverage whatsoever in votes. They are kneejerk Obama supporters with nothing to offer in trade. No quid pro quo on any issues. There’s no reasons to kowtow to CT. It’s in the pocket.

    Then there’s Rick Perry and company luring of CT firearms manufacturers.

    Good News! CT may soon be out of the weapons business! Moms can celebrate that!

    1. Richard

      Time for the Moms to celebrate! Keep CT weapons free!

      Soon to be CT Expatriates!
      Colt’s Manufacturing Company of West Hartford. O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. of North Haven.
      Stag Arms of New Britain.

      Impending Sequester Closures
      Electric Boat
      Groton Naval Yard

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        We don’t need no stinkin’ military Richard. We have 1.6B hollowpoint bullets for Homeland Security. We have drones over NYC. We have printing presses to print more dollars. We have a well fed entitlement state of low information voters. We have everything we need in the Obamanation.

        Get with the program.

      2. Greg

        CT’s manufacturing base is built for death: war and violence; fighter jet engines, nuclear submarines, and guns. I do wonder if there is any other state in the country that actively legislates against it’s economic base, yet cries bloody murder when cuts happen or folks threaten to leave. How many of our CT congressional delegation were/are fervently anti-Iraq War yet continuously lobby for nuclear subs to stay here under some opaque guise of “national security”. Amazing.

        Think about it: Have Colt/Mossberg/Stag move to someplace like Texas and bring their people with them. Overnight it will be a 20% raise for the employees on cost of living alone, and they won’t have a state government trying to put them out of business.

      3. patriot

        Chicago and Washington DC are as “weapons free” as you can get. They also have the highest crime and murder rates in the country. That’s not something to celebrate.

  2. Liberty Belle

    The gun reform laws are intended to be for Connecticut distribution only. I don’t believe that the gun manufacturing industry needs to leave. We have a lot of talented machinists that make it attractive for the industry to stay.

    I can smell that gun metal grease from my home.

    1. Greg

      What a message and vote of confidence for the gun industry!

      “The product you make is legal right now, but probably won’t be legal for you to own in about a week…and everyone else in most other states can own it…but you can’t because we think your job is to kill children and what you make is evil. Oh, but you can stay here! Really! We want you to stay, but we’ll still legislate against you, your employer, and your product in the future. Now, pay some more taxes please…”

      Yes, real reassuring. Who is to say that some of these high skill machinists don’t want to up and move somewhere else?

    2. Coleen

      Why would a company stay in Connecticut if they are not able to sell to citizens of Connecticut. I would move my business where it was wanted too.

      1. Richard

        This put Dan Malloy in a position to say he won’t give gun companies incentives to stay if they expand and add jobs. Oops

        Or my favorite: increase taxes and fees on all guns, ammo and permits while offering major financial incentives for the manufacturers to stay put. That has Democratic policy written all over it. Find a new line of firearms you can legally sell, market the snot of it, and create jobs!

      2. Liberty Belle

        Maybe the owner of the company has children in the school system and he prefers not to interrupt their education?

        Most business owners don’t move because the state were they operate changes in-state laws on their product lines when their market is national and possibly international. They don’t move based on emotions but on other factors such as taxes and labor costs. While these other issues might in fact be the reason for a move out of CT, it wouldn’t be predicated on any gun restrictions. It costs too much to move an operation but the cost of distribution remains the same in CT or any other state.

        And just a note on the down country states with lower taxes and labor costs and where workers have a harder time meeting family expenses; they take in from the federal government more than they give back.

        Just a few things to think about if you can set aside your emotions for a moment, Coleen.

        1. Greg

          @Liberty: “It costs too much to move an operation but the cost of distribution remains the same in CT or any other state.”

          MetLife would disagree with that statement…

  3. Mike

    The number of people in separate unsolicited conversations that have reached the tipping point with Connecticut in recent days is really amazing but I guess should not be surprising? The high cost of living, high taxes, governmental anti business positions, lack of jobs massive amount of regulations, waste of tax dollars, legislators pandering to unions. Huge numbers of good tax paying solid citizens are preparing to leave the state! It may be with pending retirement or with an employer that can offer opportunities in other areas of the country. Enough is enough!

    1. Liberty Belle

      I can cite as a perfect example of waste the super bus lane being developed from New Britain to Hartford along the railroad lines. This false stimulas funding was set aside before Obama and before the Great Recession. Yet still, it is an example waste even in good economic times,of probably a state transportation director in collusion with labor unions and other state officials along for the ride, to concoct this total waste of capital. The town of New Britain love it. I guess they feel that Hartford make be a better employment option for those living in their city.

  4. enness

    Somebody should warn them about the potential for vandalism to their dolls. Oh wait, that only happens if they are showing victims of abortion…nevermind.

  5. Newtowner

    Guns are too high a risk, too high a cost to society. Open another business that is more useful. We don’t need them. Get rid of them. Ban them.

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