Money Train: Malloy Announces More Aid For Needy Schools

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday that he wants to increase funding for towns and cities under the Education Cost Sharing grant by $150 million over the next two years. Malloy said Tuesday that this will boost state appropriation for schools to 117 cities and towns and to the 30 additional needy schools.

With each day seemingly bringing an announcement of new state funding under Gov. Malloy, tomorrow we will learn how the governor plans to pay for all this.



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4 thoughts on “Money Train: Malloy Announces More Aid For Needy Schools

  1. willy lump lump

    Ole Dannell is sure good at giving away other peoples'(our) money. We already know how we’re going to pay for this, MORE TAXES !!!!

  2. Connecticut is dying too

    This budget unveiling should be interesting. So far, the Governor has leaked only the millions of new spending he intends despite a a projected $1B (with a B) deficit in each of the next two fiscal years.

    Smoke and mirrors comes to mind.

  3. Marie12

    The money is not going towards teaching and learning. Districts are cutting back on teachers to hire consultants, adminstrators, coaches to pull off the evaluation system. There will be money for training on the common core and the new testing system, SBAC, which is all on computers. There is a new drain on the money from eduvultures cashing in on the race to the trough. There are less services and class size is increasing. As teachers retire, position will not be filled and subjects not tested will soon be cut. The money is not going towards children and learning…don’t be fooled. Check how many new positions Pryor created at the SDE that never existed before and most were given to his buddies. The SDE is an employment agency for friends of Stefan. Windham just hired a communications director at $80,000 a year. What happened to small class size…more direct services: guidance, social workers, sped. Ed services. All this money is being sucked in the wrong direction. We are TOP heavy and bottom weary.

  4. wbrukie

    Year after year, or more often in some cases, government has been dumping hundreds of millions into something called “education,” while having never achieved the level of educational achievement promised or even hoped for.

    Perhaps it is time to start going after those who are doing the failing.

    That would mean vote smart and vote these pigs out; that would mean tying student achievement to their getting a driver’s permit or license or participating in extracurricular activities – and enforce it; that would mean tying welfare checks to parent attendance at parent/teacher meetings; that would mean doing away with districts like Hartford that believe a student who misses 50% of his/her classes and does no work, still deserves a score of 50 and a hand-holding to then get them to passing.

    Historical dumping of tax payer dollars into the classrooms of the irresponsible and clueless is like wetting yourself in dark pants – you get a warm feeling but no one notices.

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