Groups Stand By Donovan In Wake of Arrests

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Three major groups that have endorsed Fifth District candidate Chris Donovan say they are standing by their candidate, after federal authorities arrested seven people this week in a probe connected to Donovan\’s campaign.

Lindsay Farrell, the director of the Connecticut Working Families Party, which is backing Donovan in the Fifth District, said the group is maintaining its support for the Democratic frontrunner.

\”We absolutely are,\” she said in a phone interview. \”Chris Donovan fired Josh Nassi from the campaign as soon as something became apparent that something was amiss. It\’s unimaginable that he had any knowledge of this wrongdoing.\”

Connecticut AFL-CIO President John W. Olsen also forcefully defended Donovan, saying that federal investigators have not shown that Donovan was connected to or knew about illegal activity within his congressional campaign.

\”I\’m not bothered by the indictments,\” he said. \”I think we kind of expected what we\’re seeing there. If Donovan\’s guilty of anything, he\’s guilty of having
a full plate doing the business of the people of Connecticut and didn\’t have time to notice this, I hate to say it, juvenile operation.\”

The AFL-CIO threw its support behind Donovan at a convention in Hartford late last month.

Earlier Thursday, national advocacy group MoveOn said it is also holding steady on its backing for Donovan, according to its national director of coordinated campaigns.

\”I don\’t think anything has changed,\” national director Daniel Mintz said in a phone interview. MoveOn is standing by Chris Donovan because he\’s the best candidate in the race.\”

Mintz noted that Donovan fired several campaign staffers in late may after his former finance director, Rob Braddock Jr., was arrested by federal investigators. He also lauded Donovan\’s campaign for commissioning an investigation into the campaign by former U.S. Attorney Stanley A. Twardy–even though Twardy found no evidence of wrongdoing and was unable to talk to several key witnesses.

Donovan picked up MoveOn\’s endorsement in late June when only Braddock had been arrested.

Mintz denied that the additional arrests weaken Donovan\’s candidacy less than three weeks before the state\’s primary.

\”I think what we\’ve seen, voters are by and large really quite happy with how Chris handled this,\” he said. \”And today doesn\’t change any of that.\”

Both Olsen and Mintz said they do not think the new arrests will weaken Donovan candidacy in the primary. Donovan is vying for the Democratic nomination on Aug. 14 against rival Democrats Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti.

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12 thoughts on “Groups Stand By Donovan In Wake of Arrests

  1. MrLogical

    So, Soros is going to keep backing the socialist thug – just like he’s sticking with Obama?

    Surprise, surprise.

  2. jim

    Wow – John Olsen thinks that efforts to bribe a potential Congressman are “juvenile.” Newsflash John, the feds don’t get involved in juvenile matters. If Donovan was “so busy” (in a part time position, mind you) he shouldn’t be running for Congress to begin with. I can’t wait to see the backpeddling when the inenvitable fingering of Donovan occurs.

  3. Count Pete

    “…Voters are by and large really quite happy with how Chris handled this,” he said. “And today doesn’t change any of that.”

    Mintz is exactly right–in fact, the more arrests, the better. When everyone on has campaign has been charged except Donovan, it will prove that he alone has the courage to stand up to corruption. Voters will be not just happy but delirious. It couldn’t work out better for the Democrats.

    (At least, that’s what I hope they keep telling themselves.)

  4. Terrapin

    So seven people have been busted off his campaign, but he didn’t know anything was amiss? Is this how he’ll run his staff if he gets elected? If he didn’t know, why didn’t he know?

    1. MrLogical

      “That guy that just gave me money? He didn’t give me any money. You didn’t see that. You didn’t see nuthin’, capisce?”

    2. Sharpshooter

      You learn corruption at the state level so when you get to the federal level you’re fully versed in the Washington mindset….

  5. David William James

    Let the investigation take it’s course. Those saying he should have known, do not speak from experience. Ever have a kid blindside you with bad behavior? This could well be the result of overextension, part and parcel of our money dependent political system.

  6. MrLogical

    If Donovan is indicted and convicted, is there any chance that any of the job killing and tax squandering legislation that passed during his watch could be nullified?”

    Just askin’. Just hopin’.

  7. Sharpshooter

    Wow….Connecticut Working Families, AFL-CIO and MoveON….sounds like wide based support until you realize these are all union backed ‘movements’…the very same corrupt public unions that are involved in the scandal….if he runs he better get every union vote in the 5th District….because that’s all he’ll get

  8. Dropkick still thinks Chris is the best candidate.

    What happened Elizabeth? Did you not send a Kwanzaa card to the MoveOn staff last year? How insulting is it that a walking conflict of interest is still a better candidate than you for the leftists?

    And what about Daddy’s Boy? Sure he’s an empty suit who owes his career to his lobbyist father. But at least HIS campaign hasn’t been caught with its trousers down!

    Wait…trousers down? Sorry for the metaphor, as I do remember why came into existence in the first place.

  9. Common_Tator

    Standard Union thugs Still Back Donovan! And you left out some other support, Republicans are starting to smile at the mention of his name, hehehehe…

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