Murphy, Blumenthal Push To Revive Gun Control In Congress

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At a press conference outside city hall, supporters pushed for Congressional action on gun control Friday. Here\’s Sen. Chris Murphy, who joined Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra and others.

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23 thoughts on “Murphy, Blumenthal Push To Revive Gun Control In Congress

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Thye can push all they want but there will not be any new legislation in the Senate. The rest of the country just witnessed the middle of the night hijack here in CT and they are wise to these tactics. It will die in the Senate and if it does not the House will finish it off. The President and our two Senators are just grandstanding for their base. He will never sign any or even get the opportunity to pick up a pen regarding any gun legislation.

    1. walls

      ‘Middle of the night hijack’ reminds me of what Mayor Daley did to Meigs Field. He did NOT notify the FAA. He left planes stranded there. Let’s see …. he was a Democrat, too.

      Do I see a pattern here?

    2. Bo Dega

      The legislature didn’t wait until the middle of the night to pass this bill. Both houses debated all day and evening and the debates lasted into the next morning. You obviously don’t understand how the legislature works.

      Read up on it my man. These guys were exhausted by the time the final vote came.

      1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

        It would have been helpful if they had followed normal legislative procedures and not gone the e-cert route. That is why the hijack and middle of the night comment. They had to ram it thru before people could read, understand, debate and comment back to their Senators and Reps. That is not how honest people operate.

  2. A Great Day

    Chris Murphy will one day run for the Presidency. He has felt the pulse of our state post Newtown so quickly. He is going to do great things in the Senate. The Fascist NRA fears him.

    1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

      @A Great Day – LOL, thanks I needed that but on a slightly more serious note I think Governor Malloy will have to be come Pope Pompous the 88th first before Senator Murphy could become President. In the meantime Harry Reid has said that Senator Murphy now qualifies to get him his coffee when he comes to the Senate floor everyday.

    2. Joey

      That’s top secret information! How were you able to get that inside NRA information or did Chris Murphy tell you that? You must work at some government agency!

        1. kuma138

          wanna know what a true “Great Day” will be?
          when all the manufacturers including ours leaves this state and all you suckers have to have your taxes raised to make up for the 1.75 billion dollar hole we leave behind. good luck with that.

          1. Alexander Hamilton

            Hey, you know what, that 1.7 number is some kind of goofy “economic activity” cooked up by the gun group NSSF. They also give a ridiculous 7,340 total employment that includes gun makers, suppliers, and a nebulous “induced” category. If every single company leaves, and every single supplier leaves, and every induced employee leaves, and nobody ever buys a gun or ammo or accessory, or goes to a range, or ships a gun or part, or takes a class, or goes hunting – then you get the entire loss. In this absolute worst case where everyone leaves, the tax revenue loss would then be only about $80 million. This is only about 0.40% of our 20 billion budget, no big deal.


          2. Betrayed Democrat

            According to Alexander Hamilton (probably Bill): “the tax revenue loss would then be only about $80 million”.

            Note the word ONLY – this is a true socialist/libertarian/politician. It’ only other people’s money.

            Of course, it’s the honest taxpayer that would have to make up that difference. ‘Let them eat cake’.

          3. Alexander Hamilton

            Betrayed Democrat, seems you are not very bright. If taxes went up 0.40% and you paid $5,000 in taxes your taxes increase $20. What would you call that? A huge increase? Here on planet earth this is known as a “small amount” hence the word “only” you idiot.

        2. Joey

          I wouldn’t say anbody is crying. However, I think your choice of words reflects our concern.


          The other side agrees with you on “us”. It says our voices were excluded from the process. The bill SB 1160 was passed without public hearings. This can be done with Emergency Certification when appropriate.

          Emergency certification bill, or “e-cert,” which can be passed on the floor without going through committee first. The e-cert is generally reserved for use during times of crisis, such as natural disasters or when deadlines are approaching too quickly to delay action.

          I apologise, but I was not aware of ANY crisis, such as natural disasters. If there was ANY crisis, such as a natural disaster the news media missed it competely! There was a mass shooting in newtown over 100 days ago. This was not a wide spread recurring event. It is clearly a tactic to circumvent the domcratic process. Emergency Certification was challenged in the Senate. It may have been Senator Kissel. It’s just a matter of time before the citizens challenge Emergency Certification for this bill?

          1. Alexander Hamilton

            Betrayed Democrat, you are incorrect. I used the word “only” because that nutcase keeps spreading the ridiculous 1.7 figure that is 20 times too large.

          2. Betrayed Democrat

            Sure alexander, that’s why you ended your post with “This is only about 0.40% of our 20 billion budget, no big deal.”

            I rest my case

  3. kuma138

    anyone here remember when our Federal Government past the NDAA in the middle of the night which allows them to arrest and dissappear americans without warrant, without trial, and without jury. yeah, they love to pass bills through in the middle of the night. know who else did his best work at night, a guy by the name of Richard Ramirez.

  4. CTtax13

    Does anyone else find it amusing that the people sent to washington as representatives from this state have no experience in economics? All of their time is spent on social issues without common sense. Each issue has economic consequences. I also find it amusing that no media outlet will ask the tough questions. Larson is on the Ways and Means committee and what does he understand about economics? It’s time we qualify the people we send to Washington. murphy and blumenthal have nothing to contribute to this country and walk all over the Constitution.

    1. Joey

      At one time I actually liked Blumenthal as Connecticut Attorney General. In sort time I realized he was like most other politicians, quick to step into the spotlight. Point him in one direction and watch him go like hell. Just hope he is going the right way, because I’m not sure he has as much common sense as he has education. Maybe it’s all the bright lights and microphones just over stimulate him a little. He does do well speaking in public and usually sounds convincing. Just hope he gets the facts straight if there are any.


    You can’t revive the dead…though our esteemed politicans would have you believe differently…

    1. The Conn-servative

      Sure you can revive the dead. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at 3:30 at the local state Dept. of Social services!

  6. Otto Phil

    The lawmakers need to examine the family. The Lanza’s lifestyle and lack of responsibility to care for children with special needs. Take a look at the Newtown culture. Are there many affluent families trying to “make normal” and fit into a culture that focuses more on style than substance? Within the affluent communities is there a need to arm themselves and wall themselves in due to faults identity and fear of being exposed of who they really are. Is the reality that gated communities are arming themselves as we have learned about the Lanza’s did? Are the off spring of the wealthy privilege people the types that are playing violent video games, drinking energy drinks and being neglected by their parents the ones that are stock piling assault weapons?

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