Murphy Bringing Newtown First Responders To SOTU

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Murphy will bring Newtown first responders to Obama\’s State of the Union address tomorrow. Detectives Dan McAnaspie and Jason Frank are two members of Newtown\’s three-man detective squad. Their job required they undergo the awful task of collecting and combing through crime scene evidence at Sandy Hook Elementary following the shooting.



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3 thoughts on “Murphy Bringing Newtown First Responders To SOTU

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Am I the only one who is repulsed by liberals trotting out victims of a horrible tragedy to further their agenda?

    This has the odor of another liberal crusade.

  2. sam

    This Newtown massacre was a terrible horrendous tragedy no one is denieing that but this is all these politicians seem to be focused on lately is gun control. Look at the presidents state of the union, the whole audience is people who been affected by gun violence. Maybe the audience should also include some of people who have been effected by bad political decisions that have worsened our economy for those who have lost their homes and jobs. I guess that isnt a good photo op. I think the senators and congressman should also maybe spend some of their time working on our dismal economy here in Connecticut. All these politicians seem to care about is gun control now. I know this gun control gets these politicians more media time and their pictures in the paper but we really need them to work on our economy before it collapses and to work on creating “Good Jobs” for people who are unemployed. Its time these senators and congressmen stop show boating and start earning the nice salaries and amazing benefits our tax dollars provide them.

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