Murphy: Change Rules In Senate

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The New York Times reports that Chris Murphy will join other restless Democrats in a coalition to push for rules changes in the U.S. Senate in an effort to break the gridlock that has stalled legislation. The change could give the party in control more power and the ability to overcome the objections of Republicans. It would also alter the senate\’s long tradition of compromise, a habit that\’s been largely absent in recent years.

Read the Times story. Here\’s the part about senat0r-elect Murphy:

Around 40 Democrats — led by Senators Udall, Tom Harkin of Iowa and Jeff Merkley of Oregon — have indicated their support for a set of broader rules changes. Two incoming senators, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Chris Murphy of Connecticut, have also pledged their support. The filibuster would be prohibited on motions to take up legislation or nominations and motions to take approved legislation to conference with House negotiators. A simple majority could approve these motions, which would reduce the amount of time the Senate spends on procedural matters.


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5 thoughts on “Murphy: Change Rules In Senate

  1. Sharpshooter

    Does Harry Reid approve of this….be careful,lap dog, they don’t call him ‘Dingy Harry’ for no reason….hey Chris… how about pushing for a ‘budget’ in the Senate….something that hasn’t been done in 4 years of Dingy’s leadership….

  2. BobW

    Chris Murphy is a piker, poser and wanker. Isn’t it fitting the weeners don’t like the rules so they want to change them to fit their needs. What happens when the power is flipped?

  3. Da Troof

    With Senators like Danang Dick, Chris Murphy, Pocahontas Warren, and the clown Al Franken in the Senate, what could go wrong?

    1. Kim

      what could go wrong? we could elect a clown for president, who takes every opportunity to circumvent the legislative process without opposition. Oops, too late

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