Murphy-McMahon Debate — UPDATE: With Video Reaction

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The first debate between Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon didn\’t disappoint: it featured 60 lively minutes of sharp exchanges, accusations and substantial differences over policy.

\"\"Murphy appeared to have the upper hand discussing policy differences while McMahon repeatedly jabbed her Democratic opponent over alleged ethical lapses.

The biggest differences between the two seemed to be over taxes.

Murphy opposes extending tax breaks for the wealthiest citizens, McMahon does not. McMahon would vote to repeal the so-called Obamacare law, Murphy would not. Both candidates promised to oppose cuts in Social Security and Medicare. McMahon pledged not to touch the defense budget, while Murphy said he would support some cuts in defense spending. Both candidates said they would oppose cuts in federal food stamp programs.

McMahon declined to indicate whether she would support increasing payroll taxes to help  pay for Social Security or Medicare — a fact that Murphy jumped on. \”That was a minute and 30 seconds of I\’m not going to tell you what I\’m going to do,\” he said in reference to McMahon.

McMahon repeated her support of the so-called Blunt Amendment, a Republican proposal that would allow private employers to restrict health insurance coverage for contraception: \”It was about the over-reach of government,\’\’ she said.

Murphy also pressed McMahon on Social Security, bringing up a statement from the spring where McMahon appeared to indicate she would consider phasing out Social Security.

\”I have never said I am for privatizing Social Security or Medicare. I will support continuing reform,\’\’ she said.

Some of the sharpest exchanges occurred over attack ads.

\”I think our campaign is being run very effectively with our messaging,\” said McMahon, who work a bright pink jacket in honor of breast cancer awareness. \”Shame on you … you are desperate,\’\’ McMahon said numerous times to Murphy. \”You thought this was going to be a coronation.\’\’

Murphy used some of his final comments to blast McMahon face-to-face for what he said are \”some of the most deceitful personal attack ads that this state has ever seen.\”

McMahon concluded that \”I can\’t be bought,\” with a pointed jab at Murphy and questions about a bank loan he once received. Throughout the debate, she repeatedly returned to her \”six-point\” jobs plan which features a tax cut for the middle class. Murphy said he supports continuing the portion of the so-called Bush tax cuts but not for the wealthiest taxpayers — and said McMahon\’s jobs plan was \”a bunch of tax cuts for the very wealthy.\”

In the debate\’s only major gaffe, McMahon said she would support \”America\’s law for same sex marriage.\” There is no national law on same sex marriage. Both candidates said they support gay marriage.






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76 thoughts on “Murphy-McMahon Debate — UPDATE: With Video Reaction

  1. John Steel

    Looney McMahon is running for Senate for two reasons – to fuel her narcissism and to slash taxes on her family and her true constituency – the 1%. She is upfront about the second cause. It is amazing that anyone in the 99% would vote for her. Or that any woman would. She wants to take away your access to birth control and abortion.

    It is a sad statement of our times that an utterly unqualified, borderline sociopath like McMahon can be a serious candidate for the Senate.

    1. Palin Smith

      John Steel is a squeaky hinge repeating a faxed set of rusty old talking points. Only a nincompoop would parrot such idiotic positions!

      Linda said she would not decrease her taxes, but the rates on the middle class would be addressed.

      As a pro-choice women, Linda is a strong advocate for that singular right. It was Democrats who injected the false issue of accessible birth control into a Republican presidential debate last year. Democrats are so devoid of substantial issues that they fabricate them.

      And leave it to a numbskull to keep repeating the 1% and 99% mantra. It’s 5% of tax payers who pay 60% of all income taxes. Without those entrepreneurs financing the federal government, the “leech” class would be 20% leaner and 100% healthier!

    2. Mike Robinson

      I agree with you John.

      The debate revealed the true facts about the wrestling lady. In her commercials we are seeing the best take out of 50. She does them over and over until finally one looks OK. Carefully scripted by the best media consultants money can buy.

      On stage it was just the tired old lady with no help from her handlers. It was like a job interview in real time. She is simply not all that bright and unable to even discuss the issues in an intelligent manner. It was shocking.

      1. Kim

        Sounds like you’re saying McMahon came off like Obama did in his debate with Romney. If you’re an Obama supporter, does that perception change anything?

  2. Victoria

    I don’t like Murphy, but he fared much better in the debate. He’s got to stop whining about the attack ads, however.

      1. robynware

        Agreed Mara. And can she please stop sending us all of those nasty, negative flyers. I am concerned for our forests. If this campaign goes on my longer, they will all be gone to provide Linda with paper for her mean, non-informative flyers.

  3. Mike Robinson

    Turns out politics is not a game anyone can play. Experience really shows. The wrestling lady seemed lost whenever she got off her canned script. Her 20 second answer to the gay marriage question was a hoot. She was in over her head.

    1. Mgkw

      Agree with you Mike…the intellectually capability and the lack of think on your feet answers by her speaks volumes….she does not have a clue…get ready for more attack ads and more personal attacks on Murphy’s integrity…

      1. MAGNUSSEN

        Integrity? Oh, getting a sweetheart deal that only the Political Class can get.

        That’s what the Leftist/Che’ follwers call “Integrity”…What a HOOT! LOL

        So quick to jump on the Class warfare as it pertains to Economic classes but the Socialist Class has no issues with Politicans getting Rich off our Tax dollars and parlaying that into Power.

        I’ll KgKw was a big fan of Chris Corrupto-Crat Dodd as well.

    2. Palin Smith

      In a sane world there would not be a question about gay marriage. Political correctness has run amok and threatens to destroy us from within.

  4. Palin Smith

    Now that the first Murphy-McMahon debate is history, let’s focus on the two arrogant incumbents who are too lazy to do the same in their districts. John Larson and Rosa DeLauro treat their constituents like pets, not real people. DeLauro shows up in parades and dispenses “band aid” solutions, but she never gets into fixing the causes of economic hardship.

    For example – Wayne Winsley, DeLauro’s opponent has sought a series of three debates with DeLauro for over a month. Rosa DeLauro has even ignored the prestigious League of Women Voters for nearly that time.

    Last Wednesday Winsley presented his case to the public:

    Wayne Winsley the Republican candidate running in Connecticut’s 3rd congressional district, held a press conference Wednesday evening, Oct. 3, 2012, just three hours before the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, planned to debate his challenger, Mitt Romney, in Denver, Colorado.

    Candidate Winsley chose as his backdrop the Amistad Memorial Statue adjacent to the front door of New Haven City Hall to deliver his statement to the press. Only two print media representatives attended. No TV cameras were present.

    On the eve of the first of four debates pitting Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy who are each running to replace retiring Senior Connecticut US Senator, Joe Lieberman, the complete video of Winsley’s press conference is now public.

    Rosa DeLauro’s hesitance to debate in public is becoming a story in itself. There has been speculation that DeLauro is unable to articulate clearly without notes or a script since her embarrassing performance upon returning from an Italian vacation after the hurricane one year ago. The following video clip is disconcerting, at best:

    Connecticut’s 3rd district voters have the right to know whether their incumbent representative is fully in control of her faculties. Debates would answer the questions.

    DeLauro’s obfuscation and delaying tactics increase speculation that she is hiding something serious!

    1. Moira

      Rosa DeLauro has been a tireless servant to the people of her district and ti call her arrogant or lazy is so disingenuous it is almost laughable. You are obviously on the staff of her opponent and it would serve you better to be honest about that fact.

      1. Palin Smith

        Prove me wrong! Let’s see her debate. If she’s so good, what does she fear? And what do you fear? Bust your bubble maybe?

        1. Kim

          Palin: that’s what libs and Dems do – they attack, call names, divert the facts and avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

          I’m no Chris Shays supporter but Linda is acting like a lib/Dem with all her attacks and her impression of Obama in the Obama vs Romney debate. Even then, I’m in favor of ousting ALL incumbents (and former politicians) for fresh meat. Term limits is the only way

  5. Ct Resident

    Just watched the debate and Chris Murphy reminded me so much of Eddie Haskell of Leave it to Beaver-what you see is not what you get– I absolutely feel personal accountability is essential in choosing our next Senator- He was getting paid a salary of $170k a year, for one thing that is not middle class($36,000-$92,000 — and for him to not show up for his job 60% of the time is unacceptable– This is not attacks this is the truth. Also the Truth is 36 yrs ago Mrs Mcmahon filed bankruptcy & finally made good on that but that was 36 yrs ago.. Mr Murphy didn’t pay his bills (mortgage or rent) while representing us in Congress just 5 yrs ago–I believe Mr Murphy tells you what you want to hear– and his record shows what he really does. I know Linda was a little off on the debate today but I Trust Her.

    1. Mgkw

      Thank you Corey Bliss…

      This guy has no conscience and no memory….she declared bankruptcy to escape her creditors and had no intention of paying them back until a reporter dug up a list…she owed a $1 million…also, I find priceless on Republicans’ part that they rail against pornography (WWE is way in the past!)and adultery and how Democrats are loose and promiscuous but when one of their own uses it to make hundreds of millions dollars in “blood money” to finance a campaign they have no memory and no conscience.

      In Ignorance there is Bliss (Corey that is!)

      Where’s Vince??????????

      1. Kim

        mgkw: if you filed for bankruptcy, do you expect us to believe you would reinstate the debt later if you got back on your financial feet?

    2. Palin Smith

      I don’t choose a congressman because of how he or she debates. I choose one on his or her willingness to debate and how he or she would implement ideas that benefits me AND the country.

      Rosa DeLauro is afraid to make her positions widely-know. She has been an integral part of what’s been killing this economy. She will give you diapers and food stamps paid for by other peoples’ money but she doesn’t have a clue about fixing the economy. All that she does in conjuntion with the current administration is killing hope and killing jobs. That must stop!

      Her opponent, Wayne Winsley, the African-American Navy VET and motivational speaker, has his hand on the pulse of current economic trends. He has lived the American Dream. He’s not rich. He wasn’t born into a political family. But Winsley knows how to get things done. He is a doer, not just a talker.

      He’s trying to get Rosa DeLauro to agree to three debates so the voters get to see their choices and to be able to choose wisely. Apparently, Rosa fears a free and open debate. The voters should demand more from their elected representative. Does she earn her $170,000 a year salary? Make her work to retain it!

    3. Mara

      CT resident. Your facts are incorrect.

      Chris got into financial trouble but paid everyone.
      Linda declared bankruptcy 36 years ago and has made NO attempt to pay them back until this year when Chris called her on it…and they are not yet paid back, she said she would, not done yet. These were small businesses who got stiffed by the McMahons’ who less than a year later bought a mansion…and then took and took again. AND this fall Linda paid her taxes late, among the many times she has done that. So, she has nothing to day about Chris’ finances, as she is as bad OR WORSE than he is. How can you trust someone who only pays when they get caught? She is so hypocritical, talking about dishonesty while she is lying through her teeth.
      And the whole attendance thing is Linda’s millions buying people to cherry pick numbers out of the sky and twist them so she can use them to attack her opponents. Committee meetings often overlap or are scheduled when the congress is not in session and the candidates are in district. This effects ALL candidates. Do the research.

    4. Palin Smith

      Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) quit Hollywood and got a real job…as a cop.

      I wonder if Chris Murphy (Chris Dodd Jr.) has worked on his resume yet?

      Intriguing to think Dodd might get Murphy a job portraying Haskell in a future movie about Leave it to Beaver “25 years later”.

    5. Saddle

      The only reason you think he did not show up 60% of the time is because that is what LINDA told you. Murphy has a 97% attendance record–that is a matter of the public record. Her claim has been refuted over and over. The responsible leadership of Chris Murphy is something that Linda has trouble refuting. Today’s debate certainly proved that. She was amazingly nervous, ill-prepared, and could not deviate from her talking points. We need people who think on their feet, and go to Washington to do the people’s business.

      Linda McMahon is not that person, and none of her “Shame on you” talking points and scoldings showed that she was capable of being a United States Senator.

  6. Giulia Gouge

    Its funny that CT Resident mentions that Chris Murphy is being paid $170K a year and is not middle class. According to Mitt Romney, $170K is smack dab in the middle of middle class. Another comment I found amusing was by Linda McMahon who’s line is “I can’t be bought.” Yet she can spend, spend , spend on Promoted Tweets, 4-page direct mail brochures and cute little refrigerator magnet. I just wish she had some substance and not canned lines. Another Etch A Sketch mold.

  7. Independent Voter

    Not into party politics or party lines, but this was no contest! Mcmahon showed her “true self”…little substance, devoid of intellect, and woefully unprepared to represent Connecticut in any capacity. You would have to have blinders on to miss this one. Slam….dunk for Mr. Murphy. Let’s hope our President or his surrogates watched this debate and picked up a few points on how to trounce their opponent.

    1. Palin Smith

      In style, Murphy did well. But I don’t vote for a person on how he looks or how she speaks. I look for issues that will save America. Chris Murphy has been a rubber stamp for a failed ideology. His ideas have failed in every single country on planet earth.

      Albert Eintein said on more than one occasion that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. We’ve clearly seen that socialism has failed world-wide. It’s killed over 100,000,000 innocent human beings. Social engineering kills! So why do we even consider the Chris Murphys as viable candidates? Are we on a suicidal sprint? I guess the non-thinkers are!

      1. Saddle

        My word! Socialist engineering?? Palin Smith needs to do some reading. You have a great deal to learn about Socialism, and about the positions of Congressman Chris Murphy, which have nothing to do with a Socialist agenda. Every time an uninformed potential voter feels threatened, he cries “Socialist”. Please look that up and understands what it means. Really, we need informed voters.

        1. Palin Smith

          Socialism, Agenda 21, liberalism, totalitarianism….all 4 horses of the same breed. Doesn’t matter how you Saddle them, the ride always ends in an apocalypse!

          Nobody knows Chris Murphy like I do. Believe me.

  8. Irene

    You trust her for what, CT Resident? You trust her to get rid of Medicare as we know it and to slash government programs that fix our roads and bridges, create jobs, and help people in need? To slash regulations, which means our air and water and food will be more polluted so businesses won’t have to pay for their toxic emissions? To repeal “Obamacare,” which ensures that we all have health insurance no matter what our employment status is? Because that’s what she’s gonna do.

    1. Palin Smith

      PPACA, generally refered to as Obamacare, has nothing to do with health care! It’s about social engineering. It’s about putting a price on your life.

      America was once a place where a single human life was valued above anything else. The magnificent complexity of a human being is something to be cherished and honored.

      But once the cold-hearted hand of government statisticians start turning the pages in the book of your life, fear that your final chapters may never be written!

      I had the privilege last week to witness the best educational presentation of Obamacare I ever saw in Connecticut. Everyone would be well-advised to learn something about details of the law before making bold statements of support. Take a couple of hours and use your God-given intellect for more than repetitive obfuscation of the facts.

      People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a degree in higher education. This is for free. It just might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, or it could save your life!

  9. NWCT Resident

    Congressman Murphy did an excellent job. Linda McMahon, was out of her league. McMahon was scripted, and rehearsed, always looking into the camera, clearly uncomfortable. Linda McMahon didn’t answer questions that were asked, just answered whatever her “script” was and frankly she doesn’t answer voter question. I saw her in person, asked her a question on the BLUNT Amendment and her reply was I have answered that….She will not answer questions unless scripted.
    Congressman Murphy, has won my vote and I am a registered Republican.

  10. Rhonda

    How many times did Chris Murphy actually said the word JOBS during the debate? He presented no clear plan for creating them. The only job he is concerned about is his own.

    Also — Why is cutting taxes and cutting government spending all of a sudden a bad thing? What person in Connecticut has said recently that they don’t pay enough to the government? I think more people in Connecticut would be better off with a job, less taxes, and government that didn’t overreach to pay for pet projects, which seem to be Murphy’s favorite part of public service. I am tired of Malloy and Murphy thinking they know what is better for us.

    We need change that is why I support Linda.

  11. Kimberly

    All you have to do is look up Murphy’s voting record to see how much he has screwed over the people of Connecticut AND the country. He has never met a regulation he didn’t love even if it KILLS JOBS. He is about growing government and raising taxes.

    Don’t believe me? Read his atrocious record for yourselves

    We cannot afford to keep people like Murphy in Congress. He is part of the PROBLEM ($16 TRILLION debt), not part of the solution.

    1. Palin Smith

      I’m going bald prematurely because I keep pulling out my hair when Republican candidates are served-up softball questions and fail to connect. One prime example:

      The scheme about raising taxes $1 for every $10 of spending cuts is a free homerun. Then why don’t any Republicans ever score on it? The answer is so simple, perhaps that’s why I understand. I’m not an elete over-educated Ivy League snob!

      If it’s such a great idea to raise taxes $1 for every $10 in spending cuts…..


      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand simple math. People like Barack Obama, Al Gore and Chris Murphy think they are rocket scientists. They even get prestigious awards for nothing. Are we all really that stupid? I hope not. We’ve got a chance to show that we are not on Election Day. Shame on anyone who would vote for a Democrat!

      1. Tom

        Your math is wrong.

        surplus or deficit = revenues – expenses

        (revenues + $1) – (expenses – $10)
        = revenues + $1 – expenses + $10
        = revenues – expenses + $11

        The overall budgetary impact of 1:10 revenue increase to expense cuts would be $11, not $9. You could say “HOW ABOUT JUST CUT SPENDING $11?” but if someone already doesn’t want to cut spending by $10 without some consession, you’ll be hard-pressed to get them to concede $11.

          1. Palin Smith

            I’m willing to learn, however I now write digitally. They always put it out of reach.

            How about just hold the spending until revenues catch up. That’s what they did in the mid 1990s. Worked then.

        1. Palin Smith

          I remember when Reagan was scammed by Congress in 1986. Democrats always lie.
          That’s why we must erradicate them from any chance of winning elections.

  12. Owen H.

    As an independent, i can say I am fed up with both parties in our congress. Thats why i choose not to affiliate myself!!! Chris murphy is part of that congress. Linda asked for honest answers from Mr. Murphy over and over. We didnt hear any honest answers!!

  13. Jameson "Eternal Vigilance" McSweeney

    Murphy is a slimy career politician, the very definition of a hyper-connected Washington insider who does nothing but network with an unending cavalcade of lobbyists, special interest groups, PACs and partisan groups. His daily activities as an elected U.S. Congressman revolve around the relentless pursuit of political power and are fueled by his seemingly bottomless supply of personal ambition, pride and vainglorious ego. All the while, applying a thin veneer of concern for the middle-class, a group Murphy condescendingly views as “little people,” to be broken up into victimized and neatly-sorted groups of those pesky folks who actually need to follow rules and pay their bills on time while making an honest living.

    Chris Murphy’s personal biography lies on several fundamental mistruths: growing up in a middle-class household (I.E. his wealthy attorney-father paid his way through Williams College and Oxford); fighting for the middle-class (I.E. voting to raise taxes on middle-class families three times, voting to close Connecticut’s sub base and cutting close to three quarters of A TRILLION dollars from Medicare); and passing pro-jobs legislation (I.E. championing Obamacare and restrictions on American energy production).

    It’s as if someone watched the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” taking the most admirable traits of the average American, and turned them completely upside down: Murphy is the very essence of all that is wrong with Washington, D.C., and the sooner we can rid the city of professional deadbeats like Chris Murphy and vote some adults back into office, the better.

  14. Richard

    The best question on the Bush Tax cuts is this: Why do so many Middle Class workers think that extending the Tax Cuts for the wealthy will do more to stimulate the economy than putting the money into Dan Malloy’s hands?

    Will the several of thousands of self-directed wealthy investors in CT receiving those cuts spend the money more wisely and in more creative and more productive ways than through Dan Malloy directed programs?

    Think of it as a game show? Will those earning over $250,000 spend the money better than Dan and Barrack? Which approach is more ‘populist’? Where do you put your money? Polls will be open until Nov 6th.

    1. Palin Smith

      Malloy doesn’t get his hands on that money. It would go to the National Treasury to be pissed-away by Congress or the president.

      I wouldn’t be surprised however, that Malloy could be talked into building a series of subway terminals across the state.

      1. Richard

        Only if the Fed kicks in 80% and Malloy promises to pick up the operating costs of mowing the grass between the yet-to-be-built stops.

    2. Dee

      Here’s the problem with your premise, Richard, as has been proven time and time again. Those wealthy people DON’T INVEST THAT EXTRA MONEY IN THE ECONOMY. They ferret it away in an offshore bank account. Just look at the GOP presidential candidate.

      1. Todd

        You nailed it, Dee. Romney has not created a single job with his tax cuts. All he did was horde his savings in offshore accounts. If you need a prime example to debunk the “job creator” myth, look no further than Willard Romney.

  15. Concered ct

    Murphy is no different then Chris Dodd career politician. Who needs his salary because he cannot or never held a job in private industry to prove himself. Special mortgage deals like Dodd. Special interests and he needs this job. Plus he will vote along with the dems his record shows it he didn’t attend meetings he was supposed to and voted with nancy pelosi every single time. His record on politics sucks plain and simple and is planning and making his alliances as a long term politician.

    1. Kooky McKookerman

      And Linda McMahon is no different than any narcisitic business owner who think becasue she made millions exploting women and making popular the phrase “suck it”, that she is qualified to lead. She showed today she could lead her way out of a paper bag.

    2. Palin Smith

      Dodd would have been a great waiter at La Vita Gustosa Ristorante in East Haddam. It’s only a short walk down the hill from his home.

  16. lisa

    Typical boring debate. Let them fight it out without a strict timeclock. They should sit at a table with a moderator who keeps things flowing but allows candidates enough rope to hang themselves. I am sick of “public servents” serving for their entire careers writing laws and regulations that do not effect them. Lets keep flushing these career types out until the bowl gets clean. Wake up people, SS and Medicare will not work for much longer. Wanting it to work will not change the fact that there are not enough babies being born to support the baby boomers who are going to be retiring in the next 15-20 years. Maybe the death panels are the current admins answer.

    1. Kim

      lisa: are you implying that ‘hope’ is not a viable, workable solution to anything? Traitorous talk

  17. mick

    McMahon continues to say that she is beholden to nobody since she has financed her own campaign. Murphy’s campaign is financed by contributions from thousands of voters. So it’s fair to say they will both work for those who supported them, Murphy for the voters of CT and McMahon for all of her supporters – herself.

  18. Starrzy

    It was really uncomfortable watching Linda McMahon debate this morning. She was so negative and rehearsed, unable to think on her feet or portray the slightest bit of warmth or humanity. I think the bright lights and cameras must have confused her… she seemed to think she was there to film her next campaign ad instead of engaging in a debate. I appreciate that repeating your message is generally an effective and useful strategy for ensuring it’s heard, but doing so word for word from one question to the next without even the slightest rephrase rings of senility… or Stepford wifery. Both her off topic response to the question of how had the economic crisis impacted her personally and her totally insensitive “get a job” solution as the universal answer to poverty revealed her as completely out of touch. Her fumbling, inarticulate answer to the question posed regarding gay marriage particularly exposed her as a fraud. An elephant in a so called “independent minded” woman’s clothing. Also, she and John McCain could have a blink off.

  19. Kooky McKookerman

    Chris Murphy wiped the floor with Linda McMahon and her canned republican dogma. Her lack of vision and leadership means she will be a pawn for the radical tea bagger agenda. Chris Murphy has been a tireless voice for the working people of Connecticut. His buy American bill is a key piece of legislation for the manufacturing base in the state. Even the Great Lowell Weicker sees McMahon for what she is–another wealthy narcissus looking to buy a Senate seat. She has no record or past ability to run on. The sooner she goes back to running the soft core porn business of WWE the better for us all.

    1. Palin Smith

      ” Even the Great Lowell Weicker”?

      You mean the 5th Horseman of Connecticut’s Apocalypse?


    There was a sharp contrast between Linda & Murphy.If you listened to Chris Murphy’s answers regarding homeless veterans Obama Care for all, you will hear the same clear theme,”WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT AND WE KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU”.If they keep squeezing the middle class for more money to pay for MORE PROGRAMS then the middle class DISAPPEARS !!!All you are left with is the 1% super rich & the 99% super poor,at that point THE CHRIS MURPHY’S IN CONGRESS WIN!!!you no longer have control of you’re own destiny,THEY WILL MAKE ALL YOU’RE DECISIONS FOR YOU!!! WAKE UP!!! Take back control of “OUR” country.LESS TAXES & LESS GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS = Our freedom back & BOOMING ECONOMY FOR EVERYBODY ,not just for the “CHRIS MURPHY’S IN CONGRESS” WHO COINCIDENTALLY HAVE HEALTH & PENSION BENEFITS THAT ARE NO COMPARISON TO WHAT OBAMA & MURPHY has planed for us,the little pee ons.WAKE UP!!!DON’T BE FOOLED EVER AGAIN!!!Less taxes & less government spending,puts the money back in” OUR POCKETS WHERE IT BELONGS”.The economy will recover at such a rapid pace we will have a hard time keeping up with the growth of new jobs & business’s opening up!!!Remember not that many years ago ,when no matter where you went all you would see where “HELP WANTED”signs,walk in fill out an application, be interviewed on the spot,& most likely get hired!!!We always had money in our pockets to buy what ever we wanted,when ever we wanted it!!REMEMBER???We can have those BOOMING TIMES BACK…Vote out those TAX & SPEND CHRIS MURPHY’S & BAROCK OBOMAS’ that say they “KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU”!!! What they really mean is,” WE WANT TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE”.That is not a free democracy,that is at the very least,socialism or communism,like what is taking place in CUBA,NORTH KOREA & VENESUAILIA…LET’S NOT EVER BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!GET RID OF OBAMA & ALL OF THE PEOPLE WITH THE SAME MIND SET & we will have control of own destiny & HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!GO TO THE POLLS & VOTE THEM OUT,OUT,OUT…REMEMBER,IT’S OUR COUNTRY & THEY WORK FOR US & THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!VOTE,VOTE,VOTE,” LIKE YOUR LIFE & FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT!!!BECAUSE IT DOES.”GOOD LUCK TO US ALL…

  21. Lee

    Looks like Democrats like to blame and whine while offering no solutions. Linda likes Capitalism and Murphy does not. Capitalism offers prosperity and freedom while the anti-capitalists offer big government and bondage.

  22. Elliott

    Chris Murphy was avoiding answering the questions. He is the problem in Congress. Let’s get some fresh blood in there. As an independent, I don’t care for either but McMahon brought up a good point saying Murphy thought this was going to be so easy since he’s a dem in CT. I think he’s surprised he’s actually having to fight for the open seat. His record leads me to vote for McMahon, I don’t want Murphy to continue rising up the political ladder. He doesn’t understand what I – and the rest of CT – go through.

  23. Joe Visconti

    Judging from the negative comments on Linda here from Dems and Union hacks using ficticious names they are petrified of Linda winning and the GOP ceasing the US Senate.Romney might just take CT without dropping a dime here. Its great to see the GOP Team bleeding Dems on ground they control and are soon to lose. Its called Karma baby, get used to it.

  24. Mike Robinson

    That query led to a nasty, profanity-laced, off-the-record phone call from McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss to Terkel on Saturday afternoon.

    But Bliss’ behavior, from beginning to end, went far beyond what we’ve seen from political actors on either side of the aisle. It’s little surprise that his Senate race has become such an embarrassing, chair-throwing affair.

  25. Kendall Svengalis

    Congressman Chris Murphy wants a promotion. But promoting Chris Murphy would be akin to promoting an employee who shows up late for work, hangs out at the water-cooler while his team members are in conference, takes an extended three-martini lunch, and leaves early. That, in capsule, is Murphy’s record of participation in Congress. We could get an empty chair to do that—the Obama model.

    But it’s far worse than that. Murphy does show up for scheduled votes, just as directed by Nancy Pelosi. He voted for the $787 billion “stimulus” of, mostly, non-existent “shovel-ready” jobs, cap and trade (which would have raised per family energy costs by $4,000 per year by 2032), cash for clunkers (that took perfectly good cars off the road at a cost to taxpayers of $75,00 each), Obamacare (that will bankrupt us while stealing $716 billion from Medicare), “card check” (which takes away the secret ballot in union organizing elections), Dodd-Frank (that places excessive and poorly crafted regulations on the financial sector), while supporting billions in crony capitalist grants to major Obama campaign donors in the “green” energy business, at least a dozen of which have gone bankrupt. A promotion? No way! He’s a failure at the job he has now.

  26. Mike Robinson

    Kendall, thanks for listing all the important legislation worked on by Chris Murphy. Sounds like he was right in there doing the job we sent him to do in Washington. I salute him for getting so much work done and voting on 97% of the bill presented. You might not agree with the details of each plan, but there he was, present and voting. He’s a Democrat. He voted with the Democrats. No surprise there. Connecticut is a mostly Democratic state and we need him to go back to Washington and do even more as our new Democratic Senator.

    1. Kim

      is it ironic that you praise Dems for being Dems and supporting Dems, but excoriate Repubs when act the same way? All you posts about contributers and such amount to a hill of beans – your subjectivity is as obvious as is possible

  27. Kendall Svengalis

    It is impossible to examine Murphy’s actual voting record and vote for this loser. He repeatedly sticks it to the taxpayers and votes just as Nancy tells him. If you want to pay $4,000 more annually for energy, Murphy’s your man. Or if you want to abolish the secret ballot in union organizing elections, Murphy’s your guy. He’s a tool of the radical left and his union handlers. Linda McMahon offers a chance to escape from the lunacy we’re already getting from the air-headed Richard Blumenthal and the rest of the CT Congressional delegation.

  28. Kendall Svengalis

    If you want to comprehend the mentality of Chris Murphy’s handlers, read Mallory Factor’s brilliant expose of the rotten public sector unions, “Shadowbosses.” I talk to more and more public sector union workers who hate their unions and resent the way in which their pockets are picked to suppport the far-left agenda of Richard Trumka, Andy Stern, and the rest of the union thugs. Murphy, of course, is fine with union members getting ripped off, because that’s what fills his campaign coffers. The unholy alliance between organized labor and the modern Democrat Party is the greatest corruption in our current political system, which is why they want the clueless to focus on the “rich.”

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