Murphy To Hold Town Hall in Farmington

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy will hold a town hall-style forum on \”the looming budget crisis\” Sunday afternoon.


Murphy will talk about what a federal government shutdown could mean for Connecticut.

The forum will be held in the auditorium of Farmington High School, 10 Montieth Drive. It is slated to begin at noon.


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14 thoughts on “Murphy To Hold Town Hall in Farmington

  1. Kim

    Murphy will fall back upon his vast experience with ‘budget crises’, no doubt.
    ‘Looming’? When will these clowns accept that the crisis has been here for years

      1. Kim

        “Coming from the Weasel of the Blogs”?
        Whatever floats your boat, billy. Have you proposed to the Weasel? I’m sure he’ll appreciate it

  2. Candy Mark

    Murphy can’t keep his own fiscal house in order how could we expect much of him while in Washington? He’s a dud!

  3. Brian C. Duffy

    The shutdown will actually cost more money (100 million per day) than save. It’s not sequestration. But the 100 mil and ensuing economic slowdown is almost worth the price of watching the civil war within the Republican party.

    Boehner has the toughest job in D.C. No wonder he chain smokes.

    1. Connecticut is circling the drain

      Since when did you liberals care about pissing away $100m a day?

      You may be right about the civil war. Democrats have already been co-opted by the regressive wing of its party without so much as a whimper. JFK must be rolling over in his grave.

    2. Mr Bill

      Maybe a little medical marihuana might mellow him out. Yes indeed, watching one right wing nut stumble over a moderate right wing is a treasure to behold. Maybe the corpse of Barry Goldwater will be dug up to save the Great Party of Lincoln.

  4. The Conn-servative

    Another federal government so-called shutdown and I go about not noticing one change in my life. Government is so laiden with pork it’s not funny. I seem to recall under the Clinton government shutdown(s ?) that federal employees later got back pay for the time they had off: for not doing anything. Not that they do anything anyhow,but just the same. You can’t make this up.

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