Murphy Vs. NRA: NASCAR Edition

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Everyone should be able to guess Sen. Murphy\’s NRA rating. Nearly a third of the press releases the Senator has sent out since he took the oath of office in January have had NRA in the headline, as he\’s made it his mission to take on the powerful pro-gun lobby. The latest: Murphy Urges NASCAR to Reverse Decision To Name New Race NRA 500.

Murphy wrote to NASCAR CEO Brian France Thursday asking him to knock the NRA off the sponsor list for the Sprint Cup Race Series in April. NRA is the title sponsor of the race, which will be named the NRA 500. Murphy told France that post-Newtown, aligning yourself with such an extreme position on guns is insensitive to the people of Newtown and puts you at odds with the the \’overwhelming majority\’ of the American public.

\”Why take sides against the families of Newtown, Connecticut, by teaming up with the NRA in the middle of an intense legislative fight over gun laws?\” Murphy asked.

Then again, if the NRA keeps spending money on car races rather than Congressional races, the legislative fight may be an easier one for Murphy to win.

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26 thoughts on “Murphy Vs. NRA: NASCAR Edition

  1. sam

    I sure hope this Murphy is a one time deal here. Our economy is heading down the crapper and unemployment is high and all this guy seems to care about is the NRA and gun control. We have much bigger problems than gun control in this state. Of course they wont get these politicians as much media coverage. I am beginning to think our politicians are so out of touch that we are going to end up a 3rd world country by the time they are done.

    1. Liberty Belle

      Would you have been happier with Linda McMahan representing the interests of our state? If she spent another hundred million she might have been able to pull it off. Included in that amount would have been $10 million for Cris Murphy to drop out and be placed in a Cayman Islands bank account with his wife’s sister-in-law name attached to it.

        1. Liberty Belle

          None because I am new here. Why must you make such insinuating remarks? I only commented on McMahan and what she could effect with her money.

          Are you an angry man?

          1. bill

            Yes, Liberty, ole Libertarian John Galt is an angry man. If anything gets in the way of his shekels, he throws a major hissy as he did the day the conservative Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. That day, he said he was posting his last comment, then he said that he would close his practice and move to Costa Rica.

            He lied. but what could you expect from an angry Libertarian shekel grabber.

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        How about the $60m john corzine spent to buy his NJ senate seat several years ago?

  2. enness

    “Why take sides against the families of Newtown, Connecticut”

    Is this guy serious? They must be against the families because they gave recognition to a major sponsor?

    I have a solution: vote with your feet, don’t go to the race.

  3. sam

    “Why take sides against the families of Newtown, Connecticut, by teaming up with the NRA in the middle of an intense legislative fight over gun laws?”
    Is this guy for real here. This is “not” against the families of Newtown. What happened in Newtown was a horrendous tragedy no one denies that. “This is not about about taking side against the families of newtown at all. It is about the liberal fools that run our state taking sides against the legal gun owners in our state. This is an agenda that the liberals have been pushing for years without any luck. Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves for using these people to further their cause. these politicians need to start working on our states economy and our unemployment issues, I know that wont get them as much air time or as may photo ops but they were not elected to diminish the rights of law abiding citizens.

  4. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Hoefully the Senator has some friends who can find him employment after his term is fulfilled. It is almost as if he is kamikazeing his career on purpose. We will be calling him Mr. rather than Senator in a few years.

    1. Smoke Fire

      I would not be so sure of that. The voters of Connecticut are dumber than a bag of rocks.

      1. dc

        Not to mention, the unions OWN The elections and the legislative process here. CT is one of the worse examples of government collusion, they spend with reckless abandon and can NOT keep their budgets in order.

        This is what happens when bags and bags of votes are found after a ballot shortage!

    1. sam

      I think the lady with the grey hair in the You Tube video should run against him for office next time, I would vote for her.
      In closing he basically said he has to do what the people he represents want. I guess he doesnt feel he represents the “LEGAL” gun owners of this state. I am sure that not only Repulicans own guns in Ct. I wonder how his Dems that own guns that voted for him feel about this.
      He says he doesnt know much about guns yet he is going to make laws restricting their use. How do these people get elected?

    2. Liberty Belle

      Don’t you believe that a young man can learn his way into an esteemed position of leadership?

  5. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Someone should tell the fine Senator that the NRA was not in Newtown on December 14 and did not commit the crimes he keeps referring to. NRA sponsporship of a race anywhere has nothing to do with a crime. Crimes are committed everyday all over the nation and we do not stop our lives for every crime that happens. Everyone feels for Newtown but this has nothing to do with it. We have enough problems without trying to gin up issues where there are none. Wonder if he has phoned into Washington today and found out that legislation on the federal level has just about petered out, maybe they will get increased penalties for straw buys but that looks like that is about it. Time for the Dems to move on. They have lost.

  6. ani

    this guy is an idiot. How dare he use the Sandy Hook,Ct tragedy as a political ploy. How low can he go?
    Low….People of Connecticut – get responsible, get behind the NRA’s rational approach vs a political weasel Murphy— that uses senseless deaths ( yours & my loved ones) to promote his (or any) agenda or as a political football to kick around. Wake the Heck Up!!!!!

  7. Shortround


    Stop standing on those graves, this is merely exploitation. NASCAR, Texas Motor Speedway, and the NRA are not standing against anyone. They are, however, standing WITH four and a half million member families and tens of millions of families who own firearms.

    The junior senator from CT is so full of bovine excrement, he could singularly turn all of the sahara desert into fertile growing land.

  8. Carolina Girl

    I guess Senator Idiot forgot about this:

    “A car owned by Swan Racing, which aims to raise money for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, qualified Thursday for Florida’s Daytona 500, the biggest and the first NASCAR race of the season.

    A Toyota painted green and white, the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary, and bearing the number 26 in honor of the 26 victims of the Newtown massacre, will be driven Sunday by Michael Waltrip, who has won at Daytona twice.”

  9. sam

    How did this guy get elected? Check out the link above in Palin Smiths post, he got over run by that lady he definately wasnt perpared for her. I hope this video goes viral it is hillarious.

        1. Bill

          Sam; I watched the video. It is a mini “gotch you” video. I have seen these things before. Curtain questions are thrown while another shoot a digital stream. I broke one of those ou 2 years ago at a town meeting with John Larson and someone was trying to goad his assistant into saying stuff but I intervened and threw them off with questions at the questioner.

          Anyways, it is an old trick. In a moment of getting throw off, he simply admitted that he wasn’t an expert. Look, grow up. He didnz’t even say anything. If that is all you have, go back to detective school.

          Cris Murphy is new. He will grow into his position. Perhaps he is not a major brain as is Blumenthal. But for my money, Murphy is on the right path.

          Sam, respectfully, and I am going to try and turn a new leaf and show more respect, at least as much as I am given, we Re simply on opposite sides. The heavier hitters don’t waste time on these posts. Just us doodle heads that enjoy a little jousting. Ya, and I one and so are you.

          Nobody will change their minds here. We just let off steam. I know most posters here are conservative . It doesn’t represent the percentages in real life.

          So look, I will never convince you or anyone else here about side of the dense. And you will not convince me. We will just enjoy the sparing and try to send a clever volley at each other.

          BTW; I have made a peace offering with Kim. We have taken it about as far as we can. I have enjoyed putting words in his mouth and watched how people responded to a false Kim. But is is about spent for now anyways.

          The last point I would like to make and this is important for me to say; as much as we are fiery about our positions, if we were all in person, I don’t believe the anger would be present. It would be much more civil.

          Perhaps we remain destine to duke it out on these posts. It is kinda fun.

          Done. Back to home activities.

          Good evening.

  10. Smoke Fire

    Once again, a Connecticut Legislator proves his stupidity. This time it’s the junior Senator, Chris Murphy. I do have to ask the voters of my state, that voted for this nitwit. ARE YOU STONED OR JUST STUPID? Like 2nd Congressional district Congressman Joe Courtney, who complained about the movie Lincoln, and it’s supposed mistake, Senator Dick Blumenthal and his disposable diaper bill, Murphy now has raised the stupidity of Connecticut’s Congressional and Senatorial delegation to a whole new level.

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  12. dc

    Its time for indelible ink and no absentee voting unless you’re military, that is the ONLY way CT will EVER get rid of these idiot politicians that can only find ways to intrude on our lives and spend our money as if it grew on trees.

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