National Review Charges Deficit Cover-up In Connecticut

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National Review commentator Jillian Kay Melchior says the Malloy administration \”hid the ugly details\” of the state\’s ballooning deficit until after last week\’s election:

If you think that discrepancy is suspicious, you’re not alone. And consider this: Democrats, who hold the majority in both houses of the state legislature, voted to postpone the release of the fall consensus revenue forecasts, which revealed Connecticut’s rather ugly fiscal picture, until after November 6. Democrats say the delay was in order to give a more complete financial picture; Republicans say it was a political ploy. Come Election Day, Republicans failed to gain additional seats in either chamber of the legislature.

Roy Occhiogrosso, senior advisor to Gov. Malloy, responds:

This is like asking for a comment on one of Bill O\’Reilly’s rants.  For reasons I’m unclear on I actually spent 10 minutes on the phone with this “reporter,” giving her all the facts – none of which made their way into this piece.   It’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll wish I had back when it comes time for me to meet my maker.  The specific allegations she makes in this piece aren’t worth responding to because they are essentially Republican talking points

Any objective, fact-based, analytic comparison of Connecticut’s finances on the day Gov. Malloy took office v. today would find that the state is better off today than it was then.  The current year shortfall is 1/10 of what it was then, the conversion to GAAP is finally underway, the state’s pension fund and other long-term liabilities are finally being dealt with in a fiscally sound fashion, and the private sector is finally growing jobs.  That same analysis would also suggest Connecticut has a long way to go before it gets to where it needs to be – financially and economically – and that we face significant challenges. 

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9 thoughts on “National Review Charges Deficit Cover-up In Connecticut

  1. Richard

    This is the state of the Democratic Party:

    Dan Malloy: “We will cut Medicaid from 10,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable CT residents to protect my no layoff pledge to the state worker unions and my promise that they will never be a part of “SustiNet” or any form of “One Polcy to Heal them All” state socialism or any form of egaltirianism whatsoever.

    We CT Democrats are not egalitarians or neo-socialists. We are capitalists at heart.

    CT taxpayers, You work for SEBAC and my appointees and do not forget that fact.”

    I rank Dan’s Democratic values right up there with Obama’s “Frack Baby Frack” environmental policy; Obama’s Afghan surge and Libyan arms dealing Nobel Peace Prize; and Obama’s corn ethanol purchasing mandates that tripled the sales price of Iowa corn to be subsidized by the rest of America in food prices.

  2. Kim

    Ocho says “the state’s pension fund and other long-term liabilities are finally being dealt with in a fiscally sound fashion, and the private sector is finally growing jobs”

    Is he talking about CT? He calls this ‘objective analysis’

  3. JG

    My my. Does it not seem that good ol’ Roy gets pretty angry when anyone dares to criticize his boss? Sycophantic government at its finest.

  4. MrLogical

    “Big Eye” is a thin-skinned attack dog who relishes in baring his teeth and spewing bile at anyone who dares to challenge the integrity of the master he serves.

    “Stammerin’ Dan” would do himself well to relive Mr. Occhiogrosso of his duties and find someone who could actually try to put a kinder and more appealing face on the Governor and his administration, rather than continuing to inflame tempers by and make flimsy excuses for an administration that is hopelessly out of control.

  5. MrLogical

    Welcome to one-party rule where a mean-spirited and witless governor, aided and abetted by a veto-proof Democrat legislative majority – both of them bought and paid for by the state’s public and private unions – can run the state into bankruptcy with impunity and there’s not a damn thing the taxpayers can do about it.

    I hope all of the Democrats have an escape plan for the day when the last company and the last real taxpayer leaves the state. Trying to eke out a living by scratching each other’s back in a shoe shine economy ain’t gonna work.

  6. Truthiness

    The Republicans have yet to put forward any significant proposals on how to balance the budget; and a comprehensive plan? That isn’t even funny.

    All they do is complain and take pot shots at a governor who is actually cleaning up the mess created by his Republican predecessors, who committed the state to a ridiculous 20-year sweetheart deal with the unions (why try to elect a Democrat to the Governor’s office when you are getting everything you want guaranteed for 20 years?), who used debt to finance operating expenses, who failed to maintain (forget about improve) the state’s infrastructure, failed to constrain spending and cut taxes, failed to fund the pension – instead, structured a balloon payment of billions of dollars, and on, and on, and on.

    NRO was (once upon a time) a truly conservative publication that understood the importance of sound fiscal management and personal liberty, and kept things in perspective. No more. Now it is a political tabloid that prefers to titillate and inflame rather than inform and discuss.

    1. DaTroof

      While previous administrations weren’t choir boys and girls, your boy has doubled down on taxing ($1.5B historical increase), no layoff pledges to his union buddies (thereby tying his hands to cut spending in future budgets), and corporate welfare (busway idiocy, jackson labs $1M/job). Now we have one party rule with no way to stop the madness. Please take off your rose colored glasses and stop pretending Malloy is the answer. He’s a big part of the problem.

  7. Edwardo

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