New Demand Action Ad Targets \”No\” Votes, Shows Gun Lobby Spending

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\"Capture\"Demand Action has created a \”sales receipt\” for each senator who voted against gun control, showing the amount each received in direct contributions and independent expenditures from three different pro-gun lobby groups. None of the four Democrats who voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment received any money.

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36 thoughts on “New Demand Action Ad Targets \”No\” Votes, Shows Gun Lobby Spending

    1. bill katz

      Kim Jung Jerk: No it isn’t. It has only just begun. This is a movement that will not end until improvements are made to restrict guns in this country and improvements are made for the safety of citizens.

      1. Kim

        when you get rid of your shotguns, gollum, you’ll have a little credibility on this issue (just a l ittle). Until then, you’re simply a hypocrite

        1. Jeb Potchagalloop

          And when you, Kim Jung Jerk, stop using the men’s room as your social hangout, you still won’t have any cred.

          1. Kim

            Must be painful when all you have in life is me haunting your every waking moment, popping out of shadows to taunt you, dogging your every step. Boooo!! LMAO

            How’s your shrine to Kim coming along? Let me guess – it’s in the rest room that you are so obsessed with. What a perfect subject for Criminal Minds you are becoming – a patehtic little toadie consumed with someone he’s never met.

            Time for a fitting for a long-sleeved jacket

          2. Kim

            It works for me – that’s all that matters gollum. Unlike you, I don’t pretend to expertise in psychology and anything else you wish others would believe that your are capable of.

            Your fantasies are your own, gollum.

          3. America is Dying Gollum

            Kim Jung Jerk:

            Right, but I made you mad as hell and I got you to lay off the Professor. Do you remember? So my only purposes in creating a faux profile on you (although it would seem that I came a might close to truth) succeeded.

            Once again, if you out right agree to a cease fire, I will too. And we can both define the terms of the peace treaty. But I will not talk nice about you and hope that you will eventually reciprocate.

          4. Kim

            your selective memory is at work again gollum. Your memory – of course – is full of accolades and fond remembrances of your perceived achievements. The rest of us remember things quite a bit differently.

            But then, that’s what makes you gollum

  1. ben shapiro

    I’d like to know which lobby groups they are referencing, and how they got their numbers. Until that info is also made available, this is nothing more than a cheesy political gimmick.

    1. walls

      That’s irrelevant – dem lobbying is strictly allowed. Plus, it’s for the ‘chillen you know.

      1. Kim

        how quickly you decided you CAN speak for others, gollum. Just yesterday, in one post, you claimed to not be able to speak for others then reverted to the ‘we’ word immediately.

        Two words: compulsive liar

  2. peter

    Bill Katz is an anti-gun nut who should help the poor people in his city of Hartford, rather than rant this babble. Get a life Bill.

  3. frank

    Read the detail and see how quickly the regulators could expand restrictions and curtail gun ownership. goodby second amendment.

    1. Himmler

      I can’t wait for that day then we can be more like Chicago with 23 shootings in one day.
      Goodbye right to protect you and your family.
      Then the crime rate will start to go back up just like the UK and mexico.

    2. The Conn-servative

      Expanding restrictions and making more of an inconvenience for you is what they want. They know that eventually, you won’t be able to afford it and/or will simply give up ownership due to the excessive regulation.
      It’s amazing with these regressives on any social topic: if it’s something they believe in,Obamacare for instance,EVERYONE must participate. But something like gun control we will tax and regulate the legal,law abiding gun owner to oblivion. I don’t have the option of dropping out of Obamacare because I simply don’t like it. Or I don’t have the option of having my tax dollars to be not used for infanticide.
      You see with gun control, it’s not that they’re worried about the 500+ killed in Chicago and NY every year. Those are acceptable known loses.This garbage now with these inner city rallies and task force coaltions -it’s just tomfoolery.It will come and go.It’s mr. + mrs. white suburbia they are concerned with being able to overthrow an over-reaching,control grabbing,eliminate the 2nd amendment, government. This everyone, is what they are worried about.

  4. Johngaltwhereru

    Something very interesting is on that receipt, and is in direct contradiction to the Liberals’ position on the Ayotte story. Put more simply, Liberal fantasy is smashed by reality.

    In the story where Erica Lafferty ambushed Ayotte with lies in an attempted gotch you moment, Billy, Jean, Bryan and othe Liberals whined about Ayotte being a shill for the gun industry.

    But wait! Isn’t that a $0 next to Ayotte’s name on the receipt of attempted shame? Now why would Ayotte be a shill for an industry that does not donate anything to her campaign? Could it be she is acting on principle?

    If they were smart enough, the Liberals who attacked Ayotte as a shill would be embarrassed by this obvious dismantleing of their argument.

    1. Kim

      Nice catch, johngalt.

      Embarassed? Humble? Contrite? Not liberal qualities and certainly not gollum-like

      1. johngaltwhereru

        Thank you Kim,

        And you are correct. Liberals do not care about being proved wrong about anything. That is because truth does not matter to Liberals. The only thing that matters is the advancement of their agendas regardless of the means required to reach their goal. Billy has admitted as much.

        If it wasn’t Liberal propagandist Jenny Wilson remarking on Liberal Propaganda group Demand Action, Liberals would probably accuse Fox News of fabricating the receipt to show Ayotte being uncompensated by the gun industry.

        If Jenny Wilson decided to become a Journalist instead of a Propagandist, she could include the political donations made by Demand Action and other anti-gun groups made to Liberal Senators. By why balance a story when there is an agenda to advance.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          And by the way Kim, when are you coming to Costa Rica? I would love to have you over for dinner.

          1. Kim

            that’s a very tempting offer John. I thank you for it and if I can talk my wife into leaving the country I’ll be sure that CR is the first place we go

          2. Jeb Potchagalloop

            Johngalt: Only invite him if they have a bunch of men’s rooms in costa rica.

        2. Truth Teller

          Good catch Doc. More liberal hypocrisy on display.

          I have Costa Rica on my list to see. Has our Dear Leader visited down there yet? I saw a picture of him burning in effigy in the major city down there.

          If I get there I’d like to look you up.

        3. Midas Mulligan


          Nice try but I must applaud you for trying. But no cigars. I have never called that sweet little shark Ayotte a shill for the gun industry. Never. I simply think she fell in line with the fur trappers of NH and thought this was her best option for staying in office. It is just a theory. No, she simply thinks that a little extra paper work at the gun stores was more important then calling for more background checks that could weed out dangerous applicants for guns.

          That is all, Johnny boy. This is why I have a diminishing respect for everything you stand for. I have never heard you once talk about the great things medicine has done for humanity across the globe. it is always snipping about some liberal cause. it is you who has the problems. We liberals, though, love to poke fun at you. Why? Because you are such an easy target. As well you side kick, Kim Jung Jerk, who sniffs around drainpipes.

          BTW: Ayotte is attractive enough to be dating material.

        4. Midas Mulligan

          Kim Jung Jerk:

          Johngalt didn’t invite you to Costa Rica. That was me masquerading as he.

          But he did invite me. ha ha ha…

          You’re such an easy target. Oops, wrong terminology.

          1. Midas Mulligan

            Kim: You are lying again. it was you. Honest question; Your married and did your wife know that you were issuing repeated invitations to Carl Solomon to give you head? Just wondering.

  5. Brian C. Duffy

    “None of the four Democrats who voted against…”

    Actually, there are only 3 Dems on the list. Ayotte is the only Repub who got $0.

    Maybe she is hoping the NRA will now move her into the money column on the next list.

  6. jeb

    Face it, this won’t end until we end up in a civil war. This country is heading for a complete meltdown. The fed is printing in excess of $85 billion a month. The Kenyan in chief is doing everything possible to jack up the welfare rolls including advertising our welfare programs to the hordes south of the border. Anybody who denies the unsustainability of our current system is delusional. People are buying weapons because they know, at least on some level, that things are breaking down. The little display in Boston was a test of the marial law that is sure to come.

    1. Jeb Capoblappo

      “I have not yet begun to fight.”
      John Paul Jones

      Me too.

      Captain Capoblappo, Commandant, 1001st Liberal Wing of the United Progressive Armies of North America

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