New Murphy Ad Says McMahon Enriched Herself \”At the Expense of the Middle Class\”

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Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy\’s latest TV ad hits a theme he has been striking for several weeks now: That his Republican opponent Linda McMahon is a greedy CEO who doesn\’t care about Connecticut\’s middle class and is pushing an economic plan that would give her a $7 million tax cut.

\”I’m the son of a public school teacher. I was taught to work hard and play by the rules. But there’s a problem in Connecticut today. People like Linda McMahon – they create their own rules. Enriching themselves at the expense of the middle class,\’\’ Murphy says.

The ad cites McMahon\’s leaders at WWE, where, Murphy says, \”she hired lobbists to gut health protections for her workers.\”




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9 thoughts on “New Murphy Ad Says McMahon Enriched Herself \”At the Expense of the Middle Class\”

  1. cttom500

    Why is he so soft. “I paid all my bills even though late; she walked away from hers even the horse farm.” Bang, Bang!!!Pretty easy to answer her and then attack. Murphy can’t do it.

  2. Palin Smith

    Hey Chris…it’s called running a business and making a profit! You enriched yourself at the expense of the middle class too. But you worked against the middle class but they still paid your salary.

    Chris, you’ve been a Job Killer your entire political career. Linda McMahon has created private sector jobs her entire career. In this election it’s Linda McMahon who has ALL the class. Chris Murphy has NONE!

  3. rick baldwin

    Poor Murph,he was just looking for an excuse to print that awful picture of her to scare children.

  4. Palin Smith

    When Christopher Dodd was forced to retire, it set off a chain reaction that has benefited Connecticut. Richard Blumenthal was replaced as Attorney General. Chris Murphy voided himself from the 5th district. Joe Lieberman saw the handwriting on the wall.

    Now if only the celestial tumblers would click on the 3rd district and we could Dump DeLauro! We’ve got the man who can do it. Wayne Winsley needs TV time. His ads will be brilliant. You can depend on that. If you want to see him Disassemble DeLauro like she did to herself, dig deep and give him the resources to succeed. Watch this video clip and you will understand why Rosa is terrified of debating Wayne Winsley.

  5. MrLogical

    “…they create their own rules.”

    Uhhh, if anyone’s creating their own ‘rules’ it would seem to be our “Rule Maker In Chief” issuing Executive Orders at an unprecented rate – some of them arguably unconstitutional.

    I mean, really Chris, how can someone who’s not even in congress make their own rules? That’s so blatently false that it scarcely deserves comment.

    However, on reflection, as you were raised by a school teacher, perhaps that explains your lack of knowledge of how our government works. Don’t they teach anything about U.S. government and the legislative process in our schools anymore?

    Give it up, Chris.

    You’re making a fool of yourself.

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