New Poll: 53% Choose Gun Control Over Gun Rights

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The day Connecticut’s bipartisan gun deal goes to lawmakers in the General Assembly, a new national poll shows 53 percent of Americans say it is more important to control gun violence than to protect gun rights.

The Morning Joe/Marist poll, released Wednesday, said 44 percent of Americans choose gun rights as more important, and 3 percent are unsure. Among gun owners alone, 63 percent choose gun rights, 34 percent choose gun-violence protection, and 3 percent are unsure, the poll found.

Also, according to the poll:

  • 60 percent of Americans say laws governing gun sales should be stricter; 5 percent say less strict, 33 percent say leave them the way they are. (In January, a University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant poll  showed that  in Connecticut, 64 percent favored stricter gun sales laws, 5 percent said less strict, and 28 percent said they should be kept as they are.)
  •  59 percent support laws that would ban the sale of assault weapons; 37 percent oppose, 4 percent are unsure.
  • 87 percent want background checks for private gun sales and purchases made at gun shows; 12 percent oppose, 1 percent are unsure.

The poll, conducted March 25 to 27, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

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58 thoughts on “New Poll: 53% Choose Gun Control Over Gun Rights

    1. Scott

      I would agree except that none of the laws presented with control gun violence. Lord knows they don’t even enforce the laws that exist currently.

    2. himmler

      “The Communist party must control the guns.”
      ? Mao Tse-tung
      If that is a win you see what happend in china

    3. WantouttaCT

      Sorry Bill, you didn’t win. Nobody won, this was a loose/loose for everyone. The rights of citizens who have broken no laws have been trampled to appease a political agenda while nothing was done to effectively reduce gun violence. It’s a sad day for everyone. You may not see it now, but you will.

      1. Wildbill

        You are correct. There are no real winners here today. Until we fully ban all semi automatic guns, there is no victory. But my pragmatic side leads me to accept a limited win today.

        Senate in session. Too bad the fur trappers can’t keep their mouths quit during speeches.

        1. himmler

          The government needs to get more control over the media so we can get rid of all guns. If we get rid of freedom of speech no one will know when the DHS will arrive. Then when they start killing civilians the news wont be able to cover it. Then we will truly win.

        2. snickit

          Bill doesn’t get it, any ban on any weapon degrades our God given rights and Wildbill will appreciate that when we no longer have the right to post, own property or freely travel. This has happened before in other countries and while attempts to deny and place blame on other political parties seems to be the norm, if we do not fight for our rights (including the possession of semi automatic guns) we are deserve what we get.

        3. Nick099

          “Until we fully ban all semi automatic guns, there is no victory.”—-Like many Libs…dear Bill, you are delusional. There is no historical or empirical date to support your statement. The “poll” is baloney as the Media has been actively engaged in spreading misinformation and lies regarding the issues of crime, violence and firearms.

          Most of what has been passed, such as the ban on “armor-piercing” rounds are spurious. They have been banned in the nation since 86. There is no gun show loophole as many have lied about. Straw purchases have been illegal for years and bring a 10 year sentence in federal prison. The list is endless. But what is really ludicrous….if you had the ability to undertsnad the nature of the issues and the actual logistics involved….is the magazine ban. Requiring “registration” of magazines that number in the millions with no serial number presents and impossible task for the CSP.

          Not to mention…no where is there actual copies of the legal language. What about the police???? Are there exemptions or is it the same faulty piece of legislation that New York passed??? Does the law provide LEOSA exemptions???? Active and retired officers qualified under LEOSA may be in violation for just passing through the state with a firearm that has more than 10 rounds. Which begs another question; is that 10 rounds in the magazine or in total??? And of course nothing here will apply to the criminal, nor has any provision passed here will protect our children from the next whack job bent on mass murder….but hey as long as your happy.

  1. Richard

    No one cares about polls. Harry Reid wouldn’t bring forward an assault weapons ban as it would risk Yellow Dog Democrats in upcoming elections.

    1. Scott

      I think this is incredibly misleading. There is a big difference between expanding background checks for all weapon sales to restricting ownership rights. Of course this is always glossed over in their effort to prove they are right. Pathetic!!!

  2. sam

    I hope this bites these liberal fools that run connecticut right in the a** at election time and each and everyone of these poiliticians are voted right into the unemployment line.
    Only a fool would think that any of this “anti gun” legislation is going to have any effect on gun violence, because the people who commit these horrendous acts arent going to care if it against the law or not. Does anyone really think the next nut that attemps a mass shooting is going to stop and say” Oh wait this is Ct I cant use 30 round mags here I need to get 10 round mags” “Oh and hey my AR is illegal in Ct I cant use that either”. Lets be serious here these laws will do nothing to curb violence they actually may increase it because “law abiding” citizens wont have access to the same fire power criminals and the insane will. This state is run by some very naive people.

    1. Jim

      The legislation that is being voted on today was already a done deal before it gets to the floor. Why is that? Because Dannel Malloy, Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy planned it that way so Obama could use it to bolster his campaign to exert more control over Americans and trample the Constitution. Does anyone really think that Obama’s visit to Connecticut to promote his anti-gun agenda would have been scheduled and announced in the face of failed anti-gun legislation? What fool believes this wasn’t pre-determined in the back room politics here in CT. I wonder what Dannel will get out of this? A nomination to the Federal bench for life? Murphy & Blumenthal both are also getting something too. Don’t be foolish and think they aren’t.

    2. Nick099

      This state is run by self-serving Marxists…nothing more and the folks are just too dumb to know it. Take a good hard look at their political platforms, their language. If anyone ever studied Marxism formally, it would be obvious. The Dems are hard left now, taking orders from a centralized authority in Washington. The Repubs here in CT are a majority of nothing more than Dem-lite.

  3. Jon Hendry

    “Only a fool would think that any of this “anti gun” legislation is going to have any effect on gun violence, because the people who commit these horrendous acts arent going to care if it against the law or not.”

    Get a grip. The people carrying out these mass shootings don’t exactly have the social skills or connections to obtain guns illegally. If Lanza’s mother hadn’t bought her kid an arsenal, he probably wouldn’t be able to get any guns. Adam Lanza and James Holmes don’t exactly hang with the Crips.

    Keeping guns away from mass shooters is a different problem than stopping street gun crime. Measures against the former may not do anything about street crime. That doesn’t mean we just shouldn’t bother.

    1. sam

      @Jon Hendry
      Really where did you get that that these people dont have the social skills to buy illegel guns. Is that from one of these liberal polls? I think you are the one who needs to get a grip if you are so easily willing to just give up any of our rights. Dude you really have your head in the sand this is just the beginning.

    2. enness

      And what if one was in a gang? You assume that because things have hitherto gone one way, they always will.

    3. batcavenc

      chance of dieing in a mass shooting, 1 in 340,000. chance of getting killed in a car 1 in 100. 1000+ die d on NC roads 2012. Where is the outrage????? If we slowed cars to 40mph tope lives would be saved. But we don’t want to be inconvienced. So this is about applied ethics, not saving lives.

    4. Nick099

      Getting a grip???? Your statement belies your ignorance on the subject. Mass murder over the last 2 and half centuries has involved a lot more than a semi-auto rifle with an appearance package. A dedicated criminal gets their hands on weapons or makes them. Take a look at the Anarchist’s Cookbook, available online and then talk. Up until Newtown, the most serious mass murder in Connecticut was done in the 70’s with a tire iron. 9 people killed…including children. No one went nuts regulating auto equipment. Grow up. You know nothing about the subject.

      BTW: Would you feel as equally satisfied if the state started naming who had 1rst Amendment rights and who did not??? How about which books are allowed to print and which are not??? Video games??? How about 4th Amendment rights….who has protection and who does not??? Mob rule and legislating according to polls and emotion is the first step towards tyranny. Libs really are just children masquerading as adults.

  4. Marcus Porcius Cato

    The Constitution was designed to protect individuals occasionally in the minority against majority tyranny, persecution and abuse. If the majority can tell you what god you can worship, what gun you can own, or what colour hat to wear, that’s not much of a country, and certainly not Amwerican.

    1. Wildbill

      Nobody is doing that. But we are saying that we too, have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      1. himmler

        “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
        A great quote for the Future, The father of gun control.

        1. The Conn-servative

          Just remember what happened to the Nazi’s. Maybe you’ll take the cyanide like your hero.

      2. snickit

        and because we have the ability to defend ourselves, we can pursue life, liberty and happiness!

      3. Nick099

        Except the unborn…they do not have rights eh??? Yes, everyone has a right to life…but even there your side has presented a different argument…so I find your comment ridiculous. Again you are delusional if you really think anything in this law will stop another mass murder. It will not. The only solution to protecting our children and soft targets…such as schools is to place armed guards there. And that one quick, direct solution is the one issue NOT addressed by anything in this law or any of the commissions. That would have been the solution that would not have attacked the 2nd Amendment and not infringe on the lawful firearm owner but instead the Legislature chose to attack the 2nd Amendment, create a logistical nightmare, and drive business from the state. Grow up Bill, this was never about protecting children or violent crime prevention. It was an opportunity to attempt an assault on the Bill of Rights. By attacking one Amendment all of the Amendments become vulnerable in the future.

  5. himmler

    Those who wish to use firearms should join the police or the military. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”

      1. The Conn-servative

        You’re despicable. To respond about this Nazi leader this way. An individual who had a major role in the ELIMINATION of hundreds of thousands of people.You can party with him in hell.

        1. enness

          Conn, I could be wrong but it seems to me that himmler is an ingenious troll and satire is his m.o.

        2. Nick099

          Well Nazis were and are…Marxists. Today’s Progressive Lib has a lot in common with their ideological cousins. A truth , no doubt you are ignorant of.

  6. enness

    25% of American teenagers don’t know who one of the most murderous men in history was. A significant number don’t know that the government can’t censor the press. You want to know what I think of polls? There you go.

  7. sam

    @Jon Hendry
    Really where did you get that that these people dont have the social skills to buy illegel guns. Is that from one of these liberal polls? I think you are the one who needs to get a grip if you are so easily willing to just give up any of our rights. Dude you really have your head in the sand this is just the beginning.

  8. Norm Scott

    If a poll had been taken throughout the, “Jim Crow” states the day before the Civil Rights Act had passed in the US Congress, do you think the majority of southerners would have said they supported segregation? Of course they would have.

    Why? Because they were afraid of the black minority. Pure ignorance.

    The majority of people who support gun control think it reduces crime. Again, pure ignorance.

    The advocates of top down State control of everything heip perpetuate that falsehood. They are willing to lie to do so. Because they know gun control laws don’t work, and the public has a short memory.

    So, when new gun laws fail to reduce crime, gun haters will simply demand more gun laws. Eventually, by continuing to blame the remaining guns in private hands, the last gun in private hands will be banned.

    And the advocates of State control of everything will have their version of Australia and the UK. Two nations with rampant violent crime; where the police and criminals have most of the guns.

  9. Jim

    If these polls were actually true, the federal government would have enacted all kinds of gun control measures. The fact that they haven’t only supports the theory that the polls are skewed for an agenda. No politician would vote for something that would get them voted out. If you think they would, you are deluded.

  10. David

    This poll is a perfect example of the GI – Go theory. (Garbage In – Garbage Out)
    I am shocked that the response to the question of are you in favor of controlling gun violence is not 100% in favor. Everyone should want to control gun violence the $64,000 question is how.

    They might as well have asked who likes puppies? and then said that anyone who likes puppies is in favor of gun control.
    Poorly constructed polls like this do nothing to further a true and honest debate; but then truth and honesty seem to be in short supply when it comes to our political leadership.

  11. A Great Day

    MSNBC is far more accurate then FAUX news. We are the majority… sorry tea baggers turn in your guns. When Governor Dannel Malloy is reelected then we can start to ban all and begin confiscation. Don’t like it move to Texas with the other gun nuts.

    1. batcavenc

      Wrong. According to PEW research msnbc is more bias than FOX. But most people know that.swing an a miss.

    2. batcavenc

      So what happens with all the gun manufacturing workers in YOUR state? You guys make lots of guns, then get all sacntimonious. I guess it’s cool for people to lose their jobs with you.Texas gun nuts buy from Conn gun nut makers.

      1. A Great Day

        Hopefully they take their killing machines that cause all the carnage and move south. Take as many tea baggers as they can with them. We need neither. What are you compensating for you need all those guns. If you need thirty rounds you cant be a very good shot. Go South with all the other right wing homophobes and chill with Billy Bob and Cousin Sister brother. PLLLease….

        1. Norm Scott

          Like I was saying about bigots who supported Jim Crow laws to also end run the Constitution…

  12. batcavenc

    Take this how you want, I don’t care. Women are the majority, and they typically know nothing about guns or how they pertain to the constitition. So is the poll really valid? In my opinion , lamer than lame.

    1. Nick099

      There is a technical term for it. It is called a “push-poll.” Designed to get a desired result and influence the person polled.

  13. johngaltwhereru

    Talk about asking a question in a manner to get the answer you want.

    How about asking a legitimate question like: Protect Gun Rights or Eliminate Gun Rights?

    Or the reverse of the ridiculous question asked by MSNBC :
    Restrict Gun Rights or Protect Freedom and the Constitution.

    The only difference between the question above and the question MSNBC asked is that killing this bill actually would protect freedom and the Constitution, whereas the proposed bill will do nothing to control gun violence.

  14. himmler

    The great soviet union got gun control right in 1929.
    They were able to control the people and only had to kill around 20 million. That seems ok if in the long run only crimialsand the government have the guns. Because criminals will only attack civilians and not the government.

    1. Nick099

      True…and that is 20 million that we know of. Estimates go as high as 50 million. They did not keep very good records. They also sent many to the mental hospital as the sham courts felt anyone who disagreed with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics must have a mental illness. Sound familiar???? This is the language and method of many of the Progressive Libs of today.

    1. A Great Day

      Children were butchered. I am offended you are so callous and disrespectful to their surviving parents.

  15. Quinte West

    To “A Great Day”–nice try changing your name from the one you used yesterday in a different article, but your limited and unimaginative writing style is too easy to spot…
    Since you like to tell folks to leave their home state of CT ,go to Texas, go away, or anywhere else,how about you get out of this conversation until you can be civil in your discourse?

    1. Baba Tunji

      Quinte: You bring up an interesting point. Civility on the blogs. Maybe we should all try a little.

      Naw. It won’t work. A man without an opinion is well liked. and no one is well liked here.

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