New Technology Allows Gun Owners To Disable Weapon From A Distance

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The post-Newtown push for gun control has moved from Washington to Silicon Valley: a new technology unveiled Tuesday allows gun owners to disable a weapon from afar.

Yardarm Technologies demonstrated their new technology, \”Yardarm Safety First\” at a Las Vegas Conference Tuesday. Gun owners can install a sensor on any of their weapons that will notify them via mobile app if someone else picks up their gun. From a smartphone, tablet or computer, owners can then engage or disengage the trigger safety on the weapon.

“Suppose you and your family are on vacation in Las Vegas, and your firearm is back at home.  Wouldn’t you want to know in real time if an intruder or worse, a child is handling your gun?” said Bob Stewart, CEO, Yardarm Technologies.  “With Yardarm, you could immediately disable the firearm, notify local law enforcement, and maintain location awareness.  We want the gun owner to stay connected to their firearm, no matter what the circumstance.”

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One thought on “New Technology Allows Gun Owners To Disable Weapon From A Distance

  1. MikeSteven

    Why not buy a proper safe? I would never put a tracking device on my gun. I don’t like it on my phone either or having onstar in a car. I know it sounds paranoid but im old fashion.

    That being said, what you can turn off remotely from a distance also means someone else or some agency can do the same as well. Plus who is to say they can’t take the gun, strip out the parts and then put it back together with out that stuff. It is not like a gun runs on electronics.

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