Newtown Action Alliance Holding Town Hall Meeting With State Lawmakers

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\"NAA\"Newtown Action Alliance, the grassroots gun violence prevention group created after the Sandy Hook shooting, will hold a town hall meeting with members of the General Assembly\’s Bipartisan Task Force On Gun Violence Prevention And Children\’s Safety.

The educational meeting will give residents a chance to learn more about actions pursued in the legislature. It will be held at Newtown High School from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

Sen. John McKinney and Reps. Mitch Bolinsky, Dan Carter, Gerry Fox, and Lonnie Reed have all been confirmed to participate. McKinney, Bolinsky, Carter, and Fox are all on the legislative task force, and the first three of them represent Newtown.

“ This will be a great opportunity for all Connecticut residents to ask questions and discuss the critical issue of gun violence,” said Po Murray in a statement from the organization. \”I also wonder about the task force and I am grateful these officials are willing to help us understand what legislation may be in development.\”

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7 thoughts on “Newtown Action Alliance Holding Town Hall Meeting With State Lawmakers

  1. Sue Bassett

    Can I order green ribbons from the Alliance for anti-gun violence meetings next Thursday and Friday in Sacramento, California? Events are hosted by and Organizing for Action.

    1. 5,500 post rally Bill

      Bless your heart. This is truly a national movement – finally.

      I guess you could say that we have our Vietnam Nam.

  2. peter

    There’s a large external anti-gun focus within Connecticut now, with more than ninety bills submitted for committee review. The plan is to make Connecticut the model gun control state, then carry that across the country. The goal,to disarm the population by making it impossible to obtain, own, transfer or use firearms though a series of legal requirements, financial costs, gun features or magazine capacities. So when someone is facing a felony charge for possession of a high cap mag. Well, your guns are taken away, you can never own any guns again anywhere in USA, and we’ll be kind and not have you do jail time. That will be the model for disarming the population through the legal system. Time to relocate, maybe soon.

  3. 5,500 post rally Bill

    Peter: I want to stop being so snarky because this issue is such a sobering one. So I will limit my comments to you in sincerity.

    Can’t you understand that just maybe it’s concept of baning semi autos is a way of saving lives? Don’t you understand that no one wants to take your house protection from you as long as it isn’t the kind of fire power that can take out 20 or 30 people in seconds? Buy a double barreled 12 gage shotgun. And if that isn’t enough protection, get a 2nd one as back up. But we are now demanding that semi automatic rifles are simply too dangerous to have in circulation.

    Try to understand the bigger picture here. I know you can do it. Try. Take the human approach.

    May I rethorically ask you; Where will you relocate to? There is no place on earth that allows the easy access to guns as the United States does at this time. So where will you go?

  4. EchoSix


    Don’t be ignorant.

    All guns are semi-automatic, including double barrel shotguns.

    Semi-automatic means ~ One squeeze of the trigger = one bullet fired.

    Automatic means ~ one squeeze of the trigger = multiple bullets fired.

    Educate yourself before you speak. You look like far less ignorant after you speak.

    Try to understand the bigger picture here. NOTHING trumps the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    If you disagree with a country that was founded on individual freedoms, then I suggest you relocate yourself, to a country that has totalitarian control over its people, which it seems, is what you wish for most in this world.

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