Newtown Action Alliance Launches New Site to Spotlight Senate Gun Vote

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The Newtown Action Alliance has joined with dozens of other gun control groups to launch a new website aimed at keeping the pressure on Congress.

\"newtownShame On Congress calls out the 45 U.S. senators who voted against universal background checks for firearm sales last month. \”On April 18th 2013, 90% of the American people were ignored on an important issue of public safety: universal background checks for firearms sales. The people were let down by 45 Senators, more than 95% of whom were paid by the representatives of the firearms industry to defeat this universally desired common sense safety measure,\’\’ the site states.

The site is hosted by the Newtown Action Alliance in cooperation with dozens of local gun control groups from across the nation.

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10 thoughts on “Newtown Action Alliance Launches New Site to Spotlight Senate Gun Vote

  1. justme

    I hate to break the news to the gun control zealots. The proposed gun control would not have stopped those crimes.

    1. bill

      Granted, you are correct. sometimes, we are unable to enact sweeping and effective legislation do to our all wise founding anal-retentive founders. So we must put forth legislation, compromised and watered down to ineffective levels, little by little, until we have 100 yards of law and then maybe the aggregate of laws become more effective.

      Little by little is the best we can get.

    2. Janice Brown

      We’re not looking for an answer to every gun incident. We’re looking to make it harder for people who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns, to get ahold of any! Period!

      1. Kim

        why aren’t you pushing lawmakers to enforce the laws on the books then, instead of attacking honest, law-abiding citizens and the constitution? Question mark?

        Let me answer that for you gollum: because your real goal is to dismantle freedom in this country

  2. peter

    Why don’t these Newtown people go away once and for all. Frankly, I’m tried of them. Like they’re the only ones to suffer in life.

    1. bkatz

      Rahm Emanuels’ law: Never let a crisis go to waste.

      Politicians and anti-gun zealots are raping the memory of the Newton victims for their own personal agendas. And many of the relatives/friends of those victims are spreading their legs wide for it

  3. Janice Brown

    Even if you get your wish, for Newtown families to go away–you still got me! And I’m not going anywhere. And even if one of you get to me, Lord know you want to, there will be someone else, after me. You will never be “rid” of people who know right from wrong, and aren’t afraid to do something about it, unfortunately, for you.

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